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Improve your letting negotiator skills

How to Improve Your Lettings Negotiator Skills

25 August 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

There’s no magic formula to being a great salesperson; it takes a set of processes that, if performed consistently over time, will lead to favourable results.

It’s the same for lettings negotiators, whose primary role requires them to convert. But there’s more to it than that. The best negotiators, like salespeople, are the ones who have a knack of balancing the art of listening with knowing when to pitch.

Whether you’re new to the world of letting agents and are looking to brush up on your skills, or perhaps you’re thinking of starting a letting agency and want some advice on how to hire negotiators, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re bringing you the lowdown on how to be a great lettings negotiator.

It’s all in your personality

Lettings is a people business. Much like being a salesperson, you won’t get far if you don’t possess people skills. It’s not just about having the gift of the gab, however. The best lettings negotiators are personable and, above all else, honest and listen to their clients.

You’re building relationships with landlords and renters, juggling two different personality types at the same time. This requires you to be adaptable and provide a balance. Being yourself (with a professional spin) is an excellent way to start and will go a long way to fostering positive relationships with clients from all backgrounds.

Understand client personas

Renting out a home is more about matching it with the personality of the renter. It’s unlikely that a young city slicker who loves the latest tech will be into the idea of renting a charming period home with a rustic setting. They'll likely want a modern home in an apartment building with all the trimmings. 

Having the right skills in lettings means finding the perfect homes for all the great renters out there. Marching personality types with properties requires an understanding of the renter, as well as knowledge of the local area, which is a vital component of the rental market.

Know your postcode

Landlords and renters want to work with negotiators that know the local market like the back of their hand. Being a great negotiator means fully immersing yourself in the neighbourhoods that your agency covers.

King's Road SW10 postcode

This is beneficial for landlords as it will give them confidence that you understand their property and where it’s located. They’re more likely to trust in your valuation too.

For renters, they’ll expect you to answer their questions about the local area, from transport options to places to eat. Being a local area expert is key to excelling in your market.

Driving forward

Any sales-based role requires drive and ambition – and it’s no different for negotiators. It takes commitment and willingness to get things done to be a successful negotiator. You will need to be open-minded and ready to learn too.

Whether it’s implementing new tools to improve your skills or staying up to date with the latest marketing methods, experiment with different tactics and strategies to help you evolve. The best negotiators are the ones who are ready to try new things and learn from the results so they can drive forward.

A willingness to learn

If you’re starting out, there’s every chance that the letting agent game is new to you. Having someone you can look up to and learn from is always a great help, so try and pick a letting agency where senior team members are open to helping you improve.

Letting agent learning

Listen to what negotiators have to say and always take notes. A desire to always be learning will help you improve your skills quickly. And even if you’re not new to the game, you can still learn a new thing or two.

The best around

Being a successful lettings negotiator is a balancing act that requires you to be a people person, know the art of a deal and always be on top of the latest trends. With the right commitment and dedication, you can become the top negotiator in your patch and find great homes for renters.

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