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Can Technology Drive Faster Lets?

12 September 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

As a letting agent, you’ve probably heard the technology drum banged more times than you care to count. Technology is the grand saviour, coming to revolutionise the lettings industry and render letting agents needless.

If that sounds a bit dramatic, well, it is. The world of lettings is a people business, and it will need great agents providing a stellar people service for as long as it’s around (forever, hopefully). There’s no doubt about that.

But technology can act as an excellent enabler for lettings, driving faster lets while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job (like winning more clients). That’s why we’ve put this guide together, detailing how technology can help drive faster lets. Read on, and learn which tech can help to get renters in your properties in no time at all.

Appeal to tech-savvy renters

Millennials and Generation Z will make up the core of renters in London by 2025, at which point over 60% of the housing market will be consist of those privately renting. These demographics don’t just prefer using tech; they expect it. Agents that embrace technology will appeal to a larger pool of renters.

Tech savvy renters

Online banking, hailing a ride, consuming an entire season of Tiger King while day turns into night and back to day again – these are all tech-led experiences that renters think of as second nature. And now they expect their moving experience to be more digitised too.

Some aspects of lettings have transformed into the digital sphere, such as e-signatures for tenancy agreements. But renters expect more – they want instant access and a seamless lettings experience that can be handled with clicks and taps, rather than phone calls and emails.

Video viewings

So how do you techify aspects of renting? Start with the most laborious part and make it easy. No one likes arranging, rescheduling, cancelling and going to viewings, especially in this post-Covid world that we find ourselves in. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could facilitate the entire lettings experience without leaving your office?

Video viewings enable renters to see their potential next home without needing to visit the place in person. It saves time for busy renters and for yourself, as you don’t need to spend a large proportion of your day trudging from one property to another.

Using a video viewing to see a home is especially helpful if you’re coming from overseas or another town or city. Video viewings are more cost-efficient, super easy to set up and provide unfiltered access to what it’s really like to live in an apartment.

Centralising your chats

We’ve all known that email has been broken for a while now. No one likes having to search through multiple email chains to find a specific conversation with a renter or landlord. It’s messy, time-consuming and just a general annoyance – for agents, landlords and renters.

Centralised chats

Think of email as the old world of tech and centralised in-app chats  as the new world. Having an app where you can see all your conversations with renters in one handy space provides more transparency while making it easier to keep track of who has enquired about what.

Pre-verify referencing

Referencing is one of the most important parts of renting, but why wait until after the renter has viewed a home to see if they’re suitable? Technology can drive faster lets by pre-qualifying renters before they view a property, and it’s all so quick and seamless [that] renters won’t have any issues going through pre-qualifying.

You can also be more confident that you have serious renters looking for a home, ones who have intent to move and find a new place as soon as possible. Pre-qualifying a renter speeds everything up and moves an important part of renting to the start of the process.

Instant lets

If a renter is pre-qualified, there’s no reason why they can’t secure a place as soon as they’ve viewed it – especially if they’ve used a video viewing. Having the ability to find, view and secure a home without going there speeds up the entire renting process.

Let via an instant booking on Movebubble

It also lets you focus on other aspects of the job, like sourcing new landlords or advertising your services to renters. Renters can then get on with finding and securing their next place with ease while you're on hand to support where needed.

Embracing a smarter way to let

Technology can add a new dynamic to the letting process, making it more seamless – especially when you partner with a renter-friendly platform like Movebubble. We help agents by offering easy-to-upload video viewings, pre-qualifying our 700,000-strong renter base and providing an instant book feature that lets renters secure their new home with ease.

Just think of us as your handy companion that enhances your brand. And if you would like to know more, fill out the form below and see how we can connect you with modern-day renters who are looking for their next home.

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