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Association of Residential Letting Agents: WTF is ARLA?

1 October 2018 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

The first rule of ARLA: you don’t talk about ARLA. No, wait, that’s Fight Club. You don’t talk about Fight Club. ARLA, on the other hand, is okay to talk about. Which comes as a relief, otherwise we would be left with nothing to say. 😬

So, let’s talk about ARLA, otherwise known as The Association of Residential Letting Agents. You might think that every agent is aware of ARLA, but you thought wrong. And if there are agents who are uninformed, you can be damn sure that not many renters are aware of The Association of Residential Letting Agents and what dealing with their certified agents could mean for them.

But fear not, because we’re here to bring you the juicy facts about ARLA, why you should consider joining (if you’re not already) and what the benefits of having a membership holds. This is SPARTA... Sorry, ARLA. 

ARLA demystified - WTF is ARLA?







Picture the scene: it’s 1981, and a group of property professionals are sat round a table listening to Phil Collins, It’s in the air tonight. Halfway through the drum break, they realise the private rental market is booming, but there is no regulatory body to govern best practices.

Ok, so it might not have gone down exactly like that. But ARLA was founded in 1981 and has gone on to become the largest professional body representing letting agents. It was designed to act as its own company, noting that a separate organisation was needed to keep standards up in a growing sector (rentals) of the property market.

Basically, ARLA makes sure that practices run fairly and smoothly in the wacky world of lettings, acting as a form of protection for both the agent and the consumer. It’s also part of the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP).

Why Should I Join ARLA?


You’ve got all the juicy facts, but why should you sign up to ARLA, and what benefits does it provide? For starters, joining is a little bit like that tick on Twitter accounts. Membership acts as a verification, giving credibility to your status as a letting agent. ✅

Renters also have the added security of knowing they are dealing with someone that has a seal of approval. Members are also given free and unlimited legal advice, while consumer advertising from ARLA is estimated to reach 30-million viewers, helping consumers and landlords find a local property expert easier. Oh, and you get a shiny new copy of the Property Professional magazine each month.

You’re already smashing it, exceeding all your targets, right? So you might as well get that stamp of approval that joining ARLA offers.

How Do I Get On the ARLA Train?


Now that you are chomping at the bit to join, you’re probably wondering what is required to get a membership. There are four routes into Fight Club. Sorry, ARLA:

  • Student Grade - Even if you’re not a letting agent yet, applying is still possible as long as you are studying towards a residential lettings qualification.
  • Associate Grade - Qualified employees already working in the industry can apply for Associate Grade.
  • Member Grade - The most common membership, Member Grade is open to anyone working as a letting agent. Principals, Directors and Partners must also make sure their company meets ARLA standards.
  • Fellow Grade - The Granddaddy of membership, Fellow Grade is for those with at least five years’ experience in the industry and is working for - or owns - ARLA Propertymark Protected company.

Student Grade costs £90 for an annual subscription, while Associate, Member and Fellow grades cost £230. There is also a one-off application fee of £50. All in all, the membership fees are pretty fair. We’ve paid more for annual subscription box, so in comparison, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

ARLA You Ready to Win?


Terrible heading aside, it’s fair to say that a membership to ARLA looks rather appealing. Having that extra certified status will give you a boost with renters looking for properties. Landlords will also be more inclined to work with ARLA qualified agents.

And that’s what it’s all about: taking on more instructions and providing a tip-top service to renters, boosting your overall profile and rising through the letting agent rankings. Being a member certainly won’t do any harm to become the best agent in your area.

Other Ways to Show that you're a Great Agent

Using Movebubble app also just so happens to empower you to be the best agent you can be. It saves a ton of time by asking renters all of those qualifying questions, and you can simply tap on their profile and see the details in an instant.

Also, by being on Movebubble and booking viewings through the app, you'll get the chance to receive lots of renters' feedback... and become a 5-star agent! Your star rating is crucial in order to secure a place in the top ten on our landlord page, where landlords can find the best agencies to collaborate with in their area. Make sure to check out our guide to the chat on Movebubble to make the most out of it!

We also believe that your online reputation is key to your success, so make sure to take care of it to maximise your chance to be contacted by plenty of landlords and renters!

Together, Movebubble and ARLA act as the perfect tonic to build your reputation and become a tip top letting agent. 🥇 

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