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Must-Have Apps for Letting Agents

14 August 2018 Amy McKechnie Read time: 6 min
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Amy McKechnie

Being an agent in London nowadays isn't as simple as just answering the phone and taking renters on viewings. Renter's expectations for customer service and expert knowledge are higher than ever before. Those agents who are really moving with the times and embracing new technologies to enhance their work lives, are ultimately the ones who will succeed in this business. We thought, why not put together a handy list (crowdsourced from our very own 5* tech-savvy partner agents) of the must-have apps that you'll need in your pocket! Read on to find out what you need to get downloading, to be on top form and advance to full agent ninja status 🀘




Mastering timekeeping and travel πŸš€

Ok, so we don't expect you to travel by rocket to your viewing appointments, but no one likes an agent who is always late... or even worse, misses the viewing altogether. We get it, London traffic is pretty crazy, but we all live here, and we manage to make it in time when we get prepared. Check out these apps so you can tick off your timekeeping ninja badge!

Waze Waze - avoid all the traffic if you're driving

We love a bit of crowdsourcing, and this is exactly what Waze does. You can report traffic jams, incidents and anything else that's blocking the road, and what's even better... you can see what others have reported too! Waze will take you around the houses to avoid the big jams, and make sure you get there fast.

Recommended by Yasser Tazi at New Space, Claire Bobie at Ludlow Thompson, Jack Bones at Ideal Locations and Zanardi Bahi at Keating Estates as "better than google maps" because it "cuts out the traffic on the way to viewings". 

CityMapper Citymapper - if you're using public transport

This app is pretty awesome, and I don't know many people who can completely avoid it on a daily basis. Pop in your destination and Citymapper will show you the fastest route, and then help you on your way. You can see up to the minute departure times too, so don't stand for 10 minutes waiting (because yes, that's a long time to wait in London!) at the bus stop when you could be finishing some last minute admin in the office!

Recommended by Gary Noone at Chestertons... and the team at Movebubble! This app is great for London life in general, not just for work.

Moovit (1) Moovit - not dissimilar to Citymapper

Ok, I'll admit that I hadn't actually heard about this app until it was recommended by one of our agents. You should check it out for yourself, but you might prefer the interface on this app to Citymapper. It only has 200 million users... 😲

Recommended by Andy Moutari at Network Agencies.

Google Maps Google Maps/Street View - ideal for when you're almost there

Not sure that Google maps needs any sort of introduction, but one cool feature that we've seen popping up is real-time events showing up on the map. A great example of this was when Pride was happening in London, we searched a location nearby just the day before, and Google maps showed us the Pride parade route and date/time that route would be busy. Just to be helpful. We loved it! I imagine it will work for marathons and other city events that cause road closures in the future. 

Recommended by Nadine Warnakula at JLL. And probably most other internet-using humans!


Communication is key πŸ–

It's no coincidence that people nowadays spend half their time with their heads down, in their smartphones. Many young people will do everything possible to avoid speaking on the phone to another person. Today's world is instantaneous, streamlined and always-on. Nail your communication skills, millennial-style, with our lovely agent's recommendations.

Whatsapplogo Whatsapp - chat to renters anywhere in the world

Some of the best things about Whatsapp are being able to see who you're chatting to, call them via the internet if you need to, and most importantly, you can see when your message has been read! If you're living in the dark ages, the message has been read by the recipient when you can see 2 blue ticks next to it. Another cool feature is being able to flip the app straight to your desktop, so you can continue chatting there. We've linked the web version so you can have a play with it!

Recommended by Jack Bones at Keatons and Nadine Warnakula at JLL. These guys both said that it was their go-to app for communicating with renter who are currently abroad. 

Movebubble Partner Movebubble - handle new enquiries 24/7 and build your reputation

You'd be crazy not to have the Movebubble Partner app. Movebubble lets you run your whole business from your pocket, so you no longer need to miss out on the 57% of renter enquiries that are sent outside office hours! Tech-savvy agents are loving that they can work their way to the top of our agent leaderboard, by competing to get the best rating and fastest response time! If you want to get in touch with a friend, do you pick up the phone and call them? I bet you don't! You know they're probably busy, so you'd send a chat message. Renters want this too, and Movebubble enables you to connect in this way, the way that renters want. Find out more about the Movebubble Partner app here.

Recommended by Zanardi Bahi at Keating Estates, Keith Choruma at Keatons, Jack Bones at Ideal Locations, Thomas Izod at Kallars, Wikki Shafi at Completion Sales and Lettings, Claire Bobie at Ludlow Thompson and Anil Vural at David Key. 


Information is power πŸ’₯

We loved these recommendations, because they are amazing examples of agents going above and beyond to help renters. Did we mention that we are here to make renting better? πŸ™Œ If you're up for going the extra mile for your customers, then check out these apps. Ok, maybe they're more mobile-web that mobile app... but we'll count it for now! 

Magicplan Magicplan - create floorplans for your properties

This app looks pretty cool, you can just take pictures of the corners of each room, magicplan will work out the dimensions for you, then you just arrange them like a puzzle! We know that properties in London don't stay on the market for that long, but agents who go the extra mile for renters to make sure they've got a floorplan too, are pretty awesome!

Recommended by Matteo Donna at Oliver Jacques

GOV UK council tax Council tax checker - does what it says on the tin

Not sure you need an explanation here, but it really does work pretty nicely. Renters need a little guidance on what they can expect monthly bills to cost, so they can budget. Why not help them out? Doesn't cost you anything, in fact it could save you time later by making sure they can definitely afford the rent before they're committed to that place. Works on mobile, so you should definitely 'add to home screen' on iOS. 

Recommended by Liam Reilly at Keatons - nice one Liam! Currently the 4th highest performing agent in London... #justsaying 

TFL Journey planner TFL Journey Planner - Renter asks: "how long will it take to get to work?"

Again, I'm not sure there is a specific app for this, but I loved the sentiment of how it can help renters. Often, one of the key deciding factors for renting a new place is the time it will take to get to work. I totally get this as I just moved much closer to work and wow, it makes a difference! Many renters will also be new to London, so helping them plan their route and explore their options for travel is super helpful. 

Recommended by Shahid Miah at Chase Evans, for helping renters see what their journey to work would be like from their new home 🏑


A smooth move-in πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Finding the perfect property for the renter is just the start. Then the experience really begins, and this is where many agents fall down unfortunately. Paperwork is boring. There, we said it. But you know what? The deal's not done, til it's done - so let's get this part organised too, and make sure it's smooth sailing from offer accepted, onward! 

Goodlord Goodlord - streamlining the process from offer to move in day

Make the most of this tech, it could save you 8 hours per mover! Goodlord streamlines the process from getting the tenancy agreement put together, signed, referencing completed, and the fees paid before the renter moves in. We believe that this paperwork is just as boring and stressful for the renter as it is for you, so why not be part of the change to make the process better?

Recommended by Thomas Izod at Kallars

EchoSign Echosign - send and sign documents from anywhere

This was recommended as a tool enabling agents to send out tenancy agreements and offer forms, from anywhere! As an advocate of the new 24/7 lifestyle, don't be restricted to the office to get your admin done. Arrived early for a viewing? Great! Get that offer form out to the renter while you're waiting. 

Recommended by Bed Fidler at Keatons, we're loving the opportunities for multi-tasking here! Ben says: "This is brilliant as it allows me to get really important documents out to customers at any time and from anywhere"

Smarter Inventories Smarter Inventories - smooth check in and check out

We love this because it's something not many renters will know about, and many get caught out on later down the line. Support your new renters in their move and ensure they complete a proper check in and check out process at the property. This app works on your phone, iPad, laptop, wherever you like, and you can quickly and easily upload photos and make professional looking inventories.

Recommended by Jack Bones at Ideal Locations

Fixflo Fixflo - property repair and maintenance software

If a renter has a problem in their new home, it can be one of the most stressful times. I recently experienced the stress of a broken boiler - and it confirmed my suspicions that cold showers are NOT fun! Fixflo makes it easy to report and manage repairs, promoting clearer communication and faster repairs. All good for renters, great for building your trusted reputation too!  

Recommended by Thomas Izod at Kallars


Got another recommendation for us? AMAZING! Get in touch with us to let us know what should be added to the list πŸ‘ 

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