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How to get a National Insurance number in the UK


How to get a National Insurance number in the UK

How to get a National Insurance number in the UK The UK National Insurance number has been an obligatory part of working in the UK since it was introduced as part of the National ...

How to get a National Insurance number in the UK

The UK National Insurance number has been an obligatory part of working in the UK since it was introduced as part of the National Insurance Act in 1911, and ensures that every employed citizen over the age of 16 provides a regular contribution to welfare, healthcare and state pension services. While it may sound a little complicated, the process is actually relatively straightforward. Read on for all the information you could possible need on the what, why, when and how to get a National Insurance number in the UK, for both EU Residents and Non-EU residents.

What is a National Insurance Number?

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Also referred to as an ‘NI’ number, a National Insurance number is the unique code (made of numbers and letters) given to every UK citizen who is eligible to pay contributions. Residents automatically receive one just before their 16th birthday, and your NI number remains the same for life, even if you marry, change names or move abroad. The National Insurance number records your personal National Insurance contributions and taxes, for every job you have during your lifetime. It also allows you access to NHS services, benefits, and to register to vote in the UK elections.

When do you need one?

You can only apply for a National Insurance number once you’re in the UK and have a postal address and phone number. However, it is possible to start your new job in the UK before your National Insurance number has arrived. It’s a relatively common situation and your employer can provide you with a temporary number, but you will need to organise your permanent NI number as soon as possible (see below for details on how).

Who needs one?

Everyone over the age of 16 who is either employed or self-employed in the UK, needs an NI number. As soon as your income rises above a certain threshold, you are eligible to pay taxes and National Insurance contributions. For the 2015/16 tax year, this threshold is £155 per week to pay National Insurance contributions, and you’ll be required to pay 12% of your income as a contribution.

Process for European Citizens


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Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a National Insurance number online. Applicants must call the  Jobcentre Plus – National Insurance number allocation service to request one. Phone: 0345 600 0643 Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm During the call you will be asked a few questions about your residential and employment status, and will be given an appointment at your local Job Centre Plus, depending on availability. You’ll then be sent a text and a letter to confirm this appointment. On the day, make sure you bring all your identification documents such as:
  • passport/identity card
  • residence permit
  • birth/adoption certificate
  • marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • driving licence
  • work contract
  • proof of employment/studies
  • proof of address (rental agreement, letter or bill)
You’ll be asked a few questions about your reasons for needing a National Insurance number, and if everything is in order after filling out a few forms, you should be sent your number within three weeks.

Process for Non-European Citizens


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The process of applying for a National Insurance number is the same for Non-EU citizens, although you must have the right to work or study in the UK to obtain it. However, if you come from a country that has a bilateral agreement on social security with the UK (and a certificate to prove it), you do not have to pay National Insurance or obtain a number. These countries are: Barbados, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Isle of Man, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Guernsey, Republic of Korea, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Philippines, Serbia, Turkey, and the USA.

What if you lose your National Insurance card?

If you lose your National Insurance Card but have used the number for any previous or current employment, you should be able to find it on your tax return, payslips or P60. If not, you can either phone the National Insurance helpline and answer a few questions, or fill out form CA5403 on the official government website and send it to the National Insurance Office to get written confirmation of your number. HM Revenue and Customs are unable to tell you your National Insurance number over the phone. National Insurance Helpline: 0300 200 3502 Download form CA5403  

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  1. ReplyMCM
    Would you be able to advise if you can apply for a UK job that is not physically located in the? I would like to become a examiner for a school exams board but live abroad.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, unfortunately this isn't our area of expertise. If you do move to London, we can help you with all things related to renting a property!
    • Kate
      Hello. I live in Croatia. I got job offer they told me i dont need work permit because Croatia is part of EU. But i am not sure is that true.
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Kate, Croatia is part of the EU but you may need to apply for a registration certificate - please see for more information.
  2. Replynina
    hi, I am from Moldova, and I want to know if I get resident card I can apply for NI?do I get national insurance if I get resident card?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Nina, I think you'll need to apply for a resident's card first and then you can apply for the National Insurance after you've got that. Does that help? All the best, Amy
  3. ReplyMaria Cristina Balatucan
    Hi, I would like to ask an advise on applying for a NI. I live in UK for 2 years now I'm 18 and I am looking for a job but I heard I need to have it. What to do?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Maria, All you need to do is apply for a NI, you'll need a UK postal address and phone number. All the best!
  4. Replydajana
    hello,can I apply for NI because I am Croatian?I asked everywhere,but I can get any normal explanation!My partner has one and we tried to apply for some benefits,but we can't because I don't have NI!Thanks...
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Dajana, Yes, if you have a postal address in the UK and a phone number you can apply for a NI number. All the best!
  5. ReplyCtuiepie
    Hello I've got a question, I'm married a Italian Citizen and he's living in london (UK) we have a company together in the UK. My quesion is Am I able to obtain my NI just being married to a EU Citizen and because I'm canadian. Thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hiya! Yes, if you're working in the UK you should apply for a NI. You can call the Jobcentre Plus - National Insurance number allocation service to request one. Phone: 0345 600 0643 Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  6. ReplyPat
    Hello, My son is coming to the UK to study in September. We are UK citizens ; but live in France. To get his Student Loan , he needs an NI number. Speaking to the Job centre plus people , they said that he has to be physically in the UK for at least 24 hours, before he can even ask for an appointment. Then you have to wait up to a few weeks for the actual appointment at the Jobcentre, you get the appointment and then wait again for the NI number which can take several weeks.. The Student loans company say they need 4 weeks after receiving the NI number to start paying the University the loan. So that is a potential 12 weeks from asking for an appointment to getting the loan paid. Do you know of any way to speed the getting an appointment up at least? As I can see us paying the first instalment of the tuition fees, and trying to claim this back from the loan company. Any advise would be nice to hear, thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Pat, Is there any chance he could come over to the UK in August to organise the NI number? You may be able to take proof of the address he'll be living at and where he'll be studying etc. This seems like the best option, otherwise it may be that you need to pay the fees and claim them back. Have you asked the loans company how this would work? All the best, Amy
  7. ReplyGabrielle
    Hi there, I am moving to the UK next month (June 2016) and am being sent over by my currently employer in Australia. I do not have a permanent address yet. Can I still apply for a NI or do I need to wait until I get an place to live? This may take me sometime, however I start work straight away. Thanks for your help
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Gabrielle, You'll need your permanent address, then you can apply for the NI number. All the best!
  8. ReplyUK
    Hi - Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking to arrange my evidence of identify meeting at a Job Centre inorder to obtain a temporary national insurance number but keep being denied an appointment unless I provide a 'Certificate of Application'. Can you shed any light on what this is? Informed it was a certificate in relation to right to work. Thanks.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Matt, I'm not sure I do understand the Certificate of Application. If you've got a UK address, you should be able to get a full NI number. Sorry I can't be of more help right now!
    • daisey duke
      you get a Certificate of Application when you apply for a uk residant card
  9. Replyjoanna
    hello, I would like to apply for a National Insurance Number but it looks more complicated than I first thought ... Since I am from Romania and I don't have an address here , not permanent anyway ... I only have my passport. Do I need to apply for a permanent address , before I apply for NI nr ... do I need a Uk Residence Card (proof of permanent residence ) before proceeding forward ? that would give me a postcode . any advice is much appreciated Thanks , Joanna
    • Amy McKechnie
      hi Joanna, It does look like you'll need a permanent address to apply. Here's the list of what you'll need to provide: passport/identity card residence permit birth/adoption certificate marriage/civil partnership certificate driving licence work contract proof of employment/studies proof of address (rental agreement, letter or bill) All the best, Amy
  10. ReplyDinu
    Hello I`m Dinu and am living in UK for 8 years. Recently I took my mother ( 78 years old - can`t live alone at this age) from Romanian and I don`t know , how can apply for her for NI no . What I need . I did phone to job Centre but they deal just with people who are working , not pensions Can you help please Thank you Dinu
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Dinu, You need to get a NI number if you are working, which your mother is not, so I don't think she will need one. All the best, Amy
  11. ReplyKathleen
    Hi, I moved to the UK from Belgium last year with my husband and 2 kids, as my husband got a job in London. I am a housewife, so my question is, as I am not working, do I need to apply for a NI-number? Thanks.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Kathleen, You only need a NI number if you're working. Thanks, Amy
  12. ReplyAbdul Khalil
    Shall I apply for housing benefit without Ni Number, but I have temporary one.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Abdul, You only need a NI number if you're working. All the best, Amy
  13. ReplyNickname ( required )
    Hi. I have appointment for me NI but don't now where? What I must do? I have reference number
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, Did you get an email confirmation or a letter through the post? Perhaps check there! Thanks, Amy
  14. ReplyBrunoS
    Clockhouse mead 3 Oxshott I have little problem. I am Croatian citizen but married for citizen of Republick Franch, and I have wright for work in UK. What Ishould do for pick up my National I. N.??? Thanx
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Bruno, Once you've got a permanent address in the UK, you can go and apply for you NI number :) Thanks, Amy
  15. ReplyTamsin
    Hi, my boyfriend is coming over for 2 and a half months in hope to find a job. He is polish, and I wondered whether because the duration of his stay is short and now we are out of the EU, is he eligible for a national insurance number? And because he really won't earn enough to pay tax, is there any point of getting one? Would a UK employer provide him with an emergency NI number to cover him for 2.5 months?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Tamsin! The EU referendum has been confusing in many ways, but I can assure you that the UK is still a member of the EU today! The vote was advisory and the UK will not leave the EU until the government makes a decision which could be months or even years away. We suggest that your boyfriend continues to do the normal things he would do as before the vote. In order to work in the UK your boyfriend will need to apply for a National Insurance number. You can see more information here -> Hope this helps!
  16. ReplyEmily
    Hi Amy, I am an EU citizen who has studied in the UK for 3 years. During that time, I got a NI number. For the last two years, however, I have lived in a different EU country (Sweden), but I want to move back to the UK with my British partner. Do you know if my NI number will still be valid (as I currently do not have a permanent adress in the UK)? Thanks, Emily
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Emily, I think this should be the case but it's probably worth double-checking. You can see the government page here and their phone number to call is + 44 191 203 7010 Good luck!
  17. ReplySonja
    I am from New Zealand and arrived in UK 2 months ago- Have a temporary NI number, but still waiting for Full NI number. I haven't had an interview- do I need one? Any idea how long it takes to get the full NI number through or who to call- Have tried lots of different phone numbers- with no joy!??
    • Freddie fforde
      Hm, sorry to hear the difficulties Sonja. The government website ( advises that you are ok to continue using your temporary number for a while as long as you tell your employers. I've found some phone numbers here, perhaps they are helpful? Good luck I hope this helps you get on
  18. ReplyAlina
    Hi, I would like to bring my dad to london, is it still possible to get the National Insurace number? Is it still possible to work here since Uk is still in UE? Thank you!
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Alina, The UK is very much still part of the EU today. You can see more information on how to apply at the government website here -> Best wishes,
  19. ReplyOndra
    Hi Amy, is there any time period, when you have to get a letter with an appointment. I have applied NINO five business days ago, and I am still waiting for the letter. Thank you for your response.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Ondra! There is not much guidance on how long this can take, however you can tell you employer that you have made an application which should enable you to work whilst you wait for confirmation. We've had others on this blog say they are waiting for months! You can see more advice on the government website here Good luck!
  20. ReplyFJK
    Hi, my son is a British Citizen but was born and has always lived in Italy. He turns 16 this July and next summer I'd like him to try and get a summer job in the UK. Does he have to apply for an NI number when her comes over next summer or can he begin the process before he arrives?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey there, He should be able to apply by calling the relevant department - see here for a link, including numbers to call from abroad I hope that helps!
  21. ReplyDivya
    hello, Can I apply NIN online?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Divya, Unfortunately no, you need to make an appointment. All the best, Amy
  22. ReplyAprilK
    Greetings. Useful info, thanks! New US citizen, UK resident (spouse is UK citizen), but employment is US based and currently US taxed. Do you have a source for the info regarding the UK-US bilateral below? "However, if you come from a country that has a bilateral agreement on social security with the UK (and a certificate to prove it), you do not have to pay National Insurance or obtain a number. These countries are: Barbados, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Isle of Man, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Guernsey, Republic of Korea, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Philippines, Serbia, Turkey, and the USA."
  23. ReplyFabian
    Hi! This month i decided to move to UK, and look for a work. I have two nationalities, italian and albanian. I am enetering the UK with my italian passport becouse with the albanian one i can't. When i get the appointment for the NI, should i tell them that i have also albanian nationality or should i hide this. I'm saying this becouse i don't have idea if telling that i'm also albanian they don't give me the NI. Thank you
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Fabian, I'm sure it is fine to tell them, always best to be honest. You just need an NI number if you're working in the UK. All the best, Amy
  24. ReplyRiley
    Can I apply for a NINO without a job? Do I have to prove I'm searching for a job?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! You only need it once you've got a job :) All the best, Amy
  25. ReplyIn
    Hello, My brother is coming to UK next month. Could we book an appointment in advance? Or can we do this online? And how much does it cost to get NINo? Thank you.
  26. Replyteo
    Hello,my question is.My parents live with me and they don't have proof of address ,how to write letters for them to proof that they live with me? Thanks
  27. ReplyDessi
    Hello, I would like apply for a NIN. I live temporarily with a friend and I will use this address when I apply for interview. My question is- if I change my address before the date of interview what should I do? For example- if I live in South London when I apply for interview and before the interview I move to North London.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey there! I think you'd just need to update them when you've moved :) All the best, Amy
  28. Replymary
    Hi, my son was born in the uk and lived there until he was 9 years old, he wants to return now to study and we need to locate his N.I number. Can you advise on how to go about this please? He will have one in the system but when they were issued at age 15 he was living abroad. Kind regards Mary
    • Simon Whittaker
      Hi Mary. If your son was allocated an N.I number, he should still be on the system. Have a look at the Lost insurance number page on the website - Alternatively, give the help line a call on 0300 200 3500 Hope that helps.
  29. Replykonstantinos
    hello. my girlfriend just moved in from greece and lives with me at the i can get her national insurance number?what she will need?i have to pay? thank you
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, She'll need a NI number if she wants to work in the UK, and no you don't need to pay as far as I'm aware!
  30. ReplyLawryn
    I have a family friend who wants to live and work in Scotland for 6 months. she's almost 18 and is an american. What should she do to obtain the right to work? and national insurance number? and anything else you might suggest for her?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Lawryn, Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not an expert on the rules in Scotland, and she'll need an address and phone number before she can get a National Insurance number. Then the NI will mean she can work. See this note from the article: However, if you come from a country that has a bilateral agreement on social security with the UK (and a certificate to prove it), you do not have to pay National Insurance or obtain a number. These countries are: Barbados, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Isle of Man, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Guernsey, Republic of Korea, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Philippines, Serbia, Turkey, and the USA.
  31. ReplyPhil
    My friend is a 94 year old Dutchman who has lived in the UK for 30 years but never worked or claimed benefits so does not have a NI No. All his income is from Holland and he pays UK tax on it. He is trying to renew his Blue Badge but they will not issue one without him providing an NI No. However, the Job Centre refuse to issue a NI No as they say he does not need one as he is not claiming UK pensions or benefits. We are going round in circles - what can be done?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Phil, That's tricky! But how did he get the blue badge in the first place without a NIN? Perhaps try to speak to someone in a more senior position about the blue badge? All the best, Amy
  32. ReplySneze
    Hi, i am mixed citizen-Bulgarian and Macedonian,as I am holder of both passports. So ,in 2009 I went to tree appointments for NI number as a Bulgarian citizen,but unfortunately I was refused all the time(as I remember they were asking for a letter from the employer where I was working that time!!!???) My question is are there any changes for getting this number for Bulgarian citizens,because I don't wanna have the same bed experience? I read that I will only need a postal address and phone line,but I am still not sure about that ? In addition I cannot understand the paragraph where it says that 'citizens from bilateral countries(Macedonia included) don't need NI Number???' Could you explain me more widely Thank you in advance Best regards
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Sneze, You only need a NIN if you are working in the UK, so that's why they asked for your employer. All the best, Amy
  33. ReplySara
    Hi :) My question is: in possession of a phone number and a correct address where I'll living, can i get an appointment for the NIN while I'm outside the UK? Thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      You can try to call and make the appointment, yes :)
  34. ReplyKaren
    Hi I just moved to London to work as an Au Pair. I have been to a couple of banks to set up a bank account but all of them wants my NI number (Which I don't have). I moved here from Denmark so I am a EU citizen. But I am not sure I get the NI number as I only in the country for a year and my weekly payment is 90£. Will I be able to get the NI number or is there any other way to open a bank account?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Karen. If you have a UK address and phone number you can now apply for a NI number. You'll need to call the Jobcentre Plus – National Insurance number allocation service to request one. Phone: 0345 600 0643 Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  35. ReplyChunku
    Hi My friend wants to move to England from Netherlands.Is it possible to Get NI within EU? Thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! It's a UK thing for people who have the right to work or study in the UK.
  36. ReplyJan
    We are a married couple, over 60s , both Europeans. We do not intend to work in the UK, bought a house there to retire and will be living there soon. We have a regular pension built up and won't need to work or being on benefits. My husband might do a few jobs for old customers here in Europe (online advise etc) Do we need a National Security Number ...? We won't get a pension in the UK anyway!
    • Amy McKechnie
      He Jan, do you mean a National Insurance number? You'll need one of these if you're working in the UK.
  37. Replymanu
    Hello,I have a National insurance number and a blue card (residence permit )I am married to a UK citizen.My brother would like to apply for a national insurance number, he hasn't worked in the UK yet.Do you think that he is entitled to one if he is going to apply for it of do I have to apply for his residence card first?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! He'll only be able to apply for one if he's already got a UK address and phone number. Is that the case?
  38. ReplySara
    Hello! Above you say, "However, if you come from a country that has a bilateral agreement on social security with the UK (and a certificate to prove it), you do not have to pay National Insurance or obtain a number," and you list the USA as one of those countries. I am from the USA and have recently moved to the UK. I have UK address and phone number. I have paid this International Health Surcharge and thus acquired an international health surcharge number. In order to apply to and be accepted for a job, will I not need to present a NIN as a US citizen? From what I have experienced thus far, job applications have the NIN as a compulsory section, and you cannot submit the application until you have filled this in. Thanks for your help!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Sara, It could differ from one employer to the next! They might have NIN as a default field, but if you do need one, you can apply if you want to. All the best, Amy
  39. ReplyVita
    Hello, i have one question, i am from Lithuania, i work in UK 3 months around 9 years ago. Now I come again and in my new job i need social number. How i can to know or i still have it, because 9 years ago i think i got it, thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Vita, If you got a NI number before, it will remain the same when you return to the UK. All the best, Amy
  40. ReplyMBG
    What will happen if I don't have my birth certificate with me?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! Best to give them a call and ask if you definitely need to take your birth certificate?
  41. ReplyVictoria
    Hey! So I can definitely get a job while in the process of securing an NI number? My employer will give me a temporary one? Is this correct? Cheers
    • Amy McKechnie
      Yes you can! :)
  42. ReplyMO
    Hi, I recently made a call for my mum to apply for NI and was blatantly refused. She has only moved here recently in an indefinite leave to enter visa whereas her family's been in the UK for quite sometime. She might work here in future. What then? How is she gonna contribute NI if she's not given one in the first place. This whole thing needs to be more clearer. Thanks. (ps. the operators are rude as hell)
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! She doesn't actually need a NI until she wants to work, and she can apply for the NI once she's started working. Until then, you don't need to worry about applying :) All the best, Amy
  43. Replyanimit
    Hello. I am applying for a national insurance number, but I don't have a rental agreement/contract, I live with friends. Would it be okay to present at the job center a letter written by the owner of the place, just confirming that I live there? I am worried because normally banks don't accept such confirmation letters. Any information will be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help!
    • Nicola Carr
      We recommend calling the Job Centre and asking what information will be needed first so there are no nasty surprises! Good luck :-)
  44. ReplyFatma
    Hi, I am a marine engineering graduate from Kenya and I got a sponsorship from one UK company to get training on board their vessels. My employer is working on getting me a sponsorship certificate but I am also required to get a National Insurance Number. I have not yet come to the UK, but I am told I need to get the NI number before I come. Can I apply for the NI from Kenya?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Fatma, I'm not sure why you were told you need to get the NI number before you come; as far as I am aware you cannot apply for a NI number before you arrive in the UK, although you may get one as part of your residency permit. You can start work without one as long as you have proof of your right to work in the UK, and can then give your employer your NI number once you've applied for one after arriving in the UK. You can find more information at Good luck!
  45. ReplyFidelis
    Hi I am fidelis an I am holding portuguess nationality working in paris . I hv decided to move in uk to settle there for permanently. For my NI number interview I have told I am on holidays in uk an still working in paris. Once I get my NI il be lookin for job an settle in uk. Now I am worried that I might not get my NI. Can you plse advice me .
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Fidelis, you don't need to have an NI number to start work in the UK, but you need to have an address in the UK before you can apply for your NI number, so I'm not sure how you've applied already if you're not yet living in the UK. If you've already started an application, then it's probably best to call them to explain your situation and discuss it with them, otherwise you can apply once you've moved here and have a permanent address. Good luck for your move!
  46. ReplyClara
    Hello ! My Husband have been working in the uk for the last 10years , and he has been paying tax of course, he recantly change company and found our that he doesn't have NIN ! He was convinced that he had one set up but his previous company ! What does he need to do now?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Clara, it's worth checking on your husband's payslips to make sure he definitely doesn't have a NI number - it should be shown on there. If not, then first your husband should make sure he applies for a NI number as soon as possible, and once he has it, he should call HMRC with a copy of his payslips to hand, to make sure that any National Insurance contributions he has made are correctly recorded against his NI number. I hope you manage to get it all sorted!
  47. ReplyMeg
    Hi, I am a Belgium citizen and I would like to work as a Carer in UK ( don't have a job yet though). I will be living with family friends so i need an NI before going out to look for a job ? Or do I need a job first before getting an NI nr ? Which is best to do.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! You can start work without a NI number :) All the best, Amy
  48. ReplyKim M.
    I am American and recently married a British citizen. I received my Spouse Visa on Oct. 6th and received my BRP card shortly after. I applied for a NI number on Oct. 15, and have yet to get it. I'm getting nervous!! I'm reading in places that I DON'T need one because I'm American...but then I'm also reading that I cannot work WITHOUT one. So which is it?? Is that what's taking so long?? Can I be denied one because I'm American? I will be living in the UK for the rest of my life and WANT to work!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Kim, It looks like you do not need one to work - so don't worry! All the best, Amy
  49. ReplySonny
    Heya hi Just a few questions. I have been living in the UK for the past two years with my fiance. Can I apply for NIS with a French residents card (carte de séjour ) I do have an address and phone number in the UK. What should I do .
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! Check out the info above, it lets you know all the documents that you'll need to apply. All the best, Amy
  50. ReplyMaddy
    I am on visitor visa, means not working here. But my Visa is for 2 years till 2018. My daughter is studying here, has residence visa and BRP. We met with an accident while riding in the taxi last month. We need to claim for the injury we had. Insurance companies need National Insurance number. Can I apply for a temporary insurance number for that purpose. I know for my daughter I can even apply for a permanent one which I have applied. But how about me , kindly advise if I can get a temporary NINO. Thanks & regards
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Maddy, I don't think you can get a temporary number. Have you talked to the insurance company to advise of your situation? It may be that you cannot claim if you're on a visitor visa, although I hope this isn't the case. The insurance company can give you a clear answer as to what they need for the claim. All the best, Amy
    Hi! I heard that they will be some problems to get NIN from January 2017. Is that true?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Barbara, What problems did you hear about? I think our readers would be super interested to know, and we can also know where to look to update the blog post. All the best, Amy
  52. ReplyQuastin
    Dear Amy, I just got a job in a company incorporated in UK. I work from home, that means abroad. The company has no unit in Poland. Since my employer expects me to be in London twice a year (business trips) I'm wondering if it's right to apply for British NI number. Could you, please advice me, as I could not find any clue in the Internet. Thanks in advance :)
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Quastin, this is an interesting situation - since your income is coming from the UK, I think you have to pay UK taxes (looking at the information at, and therefore you should apply for a NI number. You should check about the rules regarding double-taxation to see if you can get tax relief either on UK or Polish taxes, to avoid paying twice. It's probably best to check with your employer though, if they work with remote workers then hopefully they will know how the rules work!
  53. ReplyCristina
    how long for NINO appointment?
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Cristina, Let's see if we can help you here. If you are looking for work or setting up as self-employed, you need a National Insurance number. Assuming that you have the right to work in the UK, you will need to telephone Jobcentre Plus on Tel 0845 600 0643 (lines are open 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday) to arrange to get one. They may require you to attend an 'Evidence of identity' interview. The average timelines to go through the end to end process for getting a NINO is roughly 2-6 weeks, depending on your local Job Centre Plus. If you require an interview, then this is what can cause the process to be closer to the 6 weeks timeline. We hope that this was helpful.
  54. Replyacky
    Hey , I am Acky and i am in UK for approx. 3 weeks , i applied for NINo and my appointment is tommorow (9th) . I am from Romania and i came here togheter with a Greek friend. He had the interview today and his ID CARD (greek) it was Old (they said) and they kept his id card to send it somewhere to see if it is alright(not fake i think) which will take 1 week but he traveled with that ID card . Now my question is if i am Romanian and i don't have Passport , only my ID CARD which i travel with , it will be ok ?
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Acky, Don't worry, you won't be forced to hand over your ID card if you do not wish to do so. You may not be required to hand over your card at all - not all cards require verification, but it is difficult for interviewers to recognise valid identity cards from every country hence many foreign cards need to be checked first. If you do hand over your ID card for verification, then it will be recorded and returned to you within a week. Any couriers used to transport it will be registered and track. Meanwhile, there is no legal requirement to carry an ID card in the UK and you should not require it for day-to-day life here. However, if you are due to travel within a week of your interview and require the card for this, then discuss this with the interviewer to see if there is an alternative solution.
    Hi there ,I have a question about my mom,she's here with me since I came 2008 April she's 77 of Age and I call to book an appointment for her to get the insurance number but they said can't do that because she's old ,and she need that because without that can't get any help ,she's widow with no money I take care of her now.
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi there, Sorry to hear about that difficult situation. Rather than your mother receiving anything, since you are the carer, it might be that you can look at options where you get some tax relief or benefits for yourself, which would provide you with the assistance you need. In cases like this I would recommend that you speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau. They have a broad range of experts who are very knowledgable and should be able to help provide you with some guidance or at least some next steps. All the best and I hope you get the help you need.
  56. ReplyInna
    Good morning. The 1st of Dec I received a letter with my NI number and now I am wondering when I will get a card with the number. Thank you in advance.
    • Biljana Vladichevska
      Hi Inna, thanks so much for the message! the government has decided against providing people with NI cards and instead will be sending out only letters with the NI number on them, so no need to wait for a card. just use the letter you got from them with the number.
  57. ReplyMari
    Good evening.. I am a Croatian citizen, and I applied for NIN a month ago, and I didn't get it. I was told that first I need to be self employed, but then again, if I am gonna be self employed I need NIN. Is that right? What is my next step?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Mari, you need to have a NI number if you are going to work in the UK. However, you can start work before you have your NI number as long as you have the right to work in the UK. You can find out more info about NI when you're self-employed at Hope this helps!
  58. Replymossaab
    Hi I found a link where we could apply for National insurance number I discover in last step that i have to pay 52 pounds so I leave online process. I would like to ask if aplly for insurance number could be done online or not? if yes does I pay so;e fee? thank you
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Mossaab, as the article says, you need to call 0345 600 0643 in order to apply for your NI number - there is no official online process.
  59. Reply.....
    Hi, So.... my partner is Croatian, he needs to get a nin number.... job centre won't give him one without a yellow card (self employed) and he can't get a yellow card without a nin number....... I'm going round in circles here...... any ideas?
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi there, That sounds very frustrating indeed. Having looked through the government website documents (, it would appear that in the case of self employment, they request that you provide evidence of registration. This would imply that you do not need to have successfully completed the NINO process to apply for the Yellow Card but rather show evidence of registering. Either way, it's not very easy to understand and it certainly isn't clear! In cases like this, I would usually suggest that you speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau, they would be able to provide you with much more detailed help here. I hope that this goes some way towards helping you resolve this situation. All the best.
  60. ReplyCarol
    Hi:) I am from the US but coming to the U.K. as a Portuguese citizen to live and work. Does this make the process more complicated? I also will be staying with a friend. Can I use her address when I apply for a NI number? Also I do already have a job lined up and would like to start working as soon as possible when I arrive. About how long is the process?
    • Simon Whittaker
      Hi Carol. It’s shouldn't be an issue coming to London from the US on Portuguese citizenship. If you have a job lined up, this will make the whole process a lot easier. With regards to an address when applying for an NI number: You could use your employers work address when applying for an NI number. Alternatively, I haven’t heard of anyone having issues using a friends address. Just to be safe, get a signed and dated letter from your friends saying you’re living with them - Include a couple of recent utility bills. The whole process from application to receiving your NI number will take over a month. Luckily your employer won’t need your NI number straight away. The above information is just my advice based on my own experience. I'd advise calling HMRC for more specific questions on the process - +44 135 535 9022 All the best with your move and good luck in London.
  61. ReplyDanijela
    Hi! I am from Serbia, and second day of my arrival to the Uk I called to apply for NINO. So, one month passed and still I am waiting because of their mistake. I must apply for Residence card too as soon as I find a job. Anyone knows how much cost Residence card?? And after I get application form on my address here in the UK for NINO, I should go to appointment or what?? Anyone knows??
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Danijel, Your experience with the NINO application process sounds frustrating, I hope they get their act together soon and get it all sorted for you! A Residence card will cost you £65 for each person included in the application, so if you are applying for just yourself then it will just cost you £65. The government website has all the details on what you will be required to provide ( and what the process is ( Based on my reading of this information it looks like you simply send off for the card with payment by post. Your card will then be sent to you by post, so it would appear that there is no requirement for an interview with the Residence card. I hope that this has helped clear up the Residence card process for you. All the best.
  62. ReplyMarius
    Hello I am UK resident and i married Philipins nationality woman. Now we live in UK , can she apply for NIN without having a job? Thank you
    • Laura Wilson
      Hi there! Yes, she can apply for a NIN without a job. She only needs a proof of identity so they can check that she has the right to work in the UK, and that should be enough. You can find more information on the government website Hope that helps!
  63. ReplyJane
    Hi, I am a British Citizen and my husband is an Italian citizen. We are hoping to move to the UK in next couple of months. My husband doesn't have a National Insurance number. I was looking at the requirements to get one, and noticed that you need a residence permit. Can you let me know how he can go about getting one of these, and how long it would take (roughly)? Also, he won't have a job when we move, does he need a job before applying for a National Insurance number? Finally, do you know if he would need a National Insurance number to access the NHS? Many thanks, Jane
    • Laura Wilson
      Hi Jane! A residence permit is not a necessary requirement to get a NI number. However if you have one it can be used as a proof of identity, along with passports, identity cards and driving licences. The more information you can bring, the better, but there shouldn't be a problem. Having a job would help get a NI number, but you do not need one to apply for a NI number. It typically takes between 2 and 6 weeks to get a National Insurance number. Also, you don’t need the NIN to access the NHS, you just need to register with a local GP. I hope that helps!
  64. ReplyVlad
    Hello, I'm Bulgarian and got NINo in April 2016. Where and when should I register even if I got a job in the autumn of 2016 (trial period fromOctober), but the contract with me just signed in January 2017?
  65. ReplyErwan
    Hi ! I'm living in Scotland, and one of my french friend is coming soon for working here and improve his English. He is going to live on my flat the firsts weeks, and as he wants to find a job quickly, can he applies to the NI number without a proof of adress with his name? Thanks in advance
    • Laura Wilson
      Hi Erwan! Thanks for getting in contact. Your friend shouldn't need to provide a proof of address if they are from the EU. Their passport should be sufficient to prove their identity and right to work in the UK :)
  66. ReplySoula
    Hello everyone, I need a small help if possible. I'm a non-EU married to EU citizen. I recently got my family and moved to the UK with my husband. I want to apply for a National Insurance Number, and as I was reading that it's possible to apply with my family permit. However I have no proof of my address as I just arrived to the UK really recently. And it's a requirement to provide a proof. The rental agreement is on my husband's name, and he has a bank account as well. Are these documents could be used as a proof of address for me? if not what could be done in this case. Your help would be highly appreciated Thank you!!
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Soula, I think it would be easiest if you could add your name to an account linked to your address, such as council tax, bank, credit card, energy or broadband suppliers. This would provide you with some third-party evidence that you are living at that address. Otherwise, it might be worth calling to ask what documents would be accepted. Hope you get it sorted soon!
  67. ReplyMarcello
    Hello everyone, I am Italian and I've just signed a contract with an UK company and I am going to move to UK in the next month. Since I don't have a NIN, is it my job to get one or is my new company's?
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Marcello, Great news on moving to the UK and hopefully I can help you out here. You will need to apply for your own National Insurance Number, unfortunately it is highly unlikely that your company would sort that out for you. The good news is that you don't need one to start working immediately, but you will need to get it sorted fairly quickly when you do move here. If you don't you could be open to some hefty tax fines, so just make sure you sort it out when you arrive. Our government website has a lot of useful information: . There is also a helpline that you can call if you need extra advice: "National Insurance helpline for non-UK residents at +44 (0)191 203 7010". Of course when you move here, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We would love to help you find your new home. You can easily find a property through our Renter App and book in viewings for when you arrive. Our team will be able to help make that process very easy for you. If you found something you love now, we can also help you to make an offer without needing to view the property. If you do make an offer through us, we can transfer the money to the agent instantly and help you do everything you need to secure your new home. We look forward to seeing you soon! All the best.
  68. ReplyCalgarymag
    Hi, My brother and I were both born in London. We moved to Canada when I was 8 and he was 4 1/2. I returned aged 19 and got my National Insurance number through the D.S.S and he stayed on in Canada. Now, my brother is wanting to come back and wants to get his number sorted for when he arrives. How would he go about doing that???
    • Simon Banks
      Hi, If your brother has a UK address and phone number he can apply for an NI number. Alternatively, if he doesn't have permanent accommodation but has a new job in the U.K, they should provide him with a temporary one.
  69. ReplyRima
    hi , please i am a Bosnian girl and my husband is an Algerian ". a non-EU" , we want to move to the UK soon what should we do please? do I have the right to work there as i am bosnian? do he has the right too? cause he is my husband?
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Rima, Hopefully we can help you here and great news that you want to come to the UK.
      You can both work in the UK if you are aged 18 - 45. Here are some links that provide some more useful information:
      When you are ready to start looking at moving to the UK, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We are only covering London at the moment, but we will very shortly be rolling out our coverage to other major cities in the UK. We would love to help you find you new place to live. If you find somewhere that you love before you get here, we can also help you with making an offer on a property through our Movebubble App.
      We look forward to seeing you in the App really soon and all the best with the move!
  70. Replyrima
    thank u so much , When we are ready to start looking at moving to the UK, sure we will contact you. but its really hard to get a work visa from Algeria , really hard, i do not know what should he does
  71. Replysue
    Hi, hope you can help. My stepdaughter is sick and has lived in Spain for over 25 years. She has applied for sickness pension from Spain, but they will not process her claim without a letter stating she has never received benefits of any kind in this country. I've spent hours speaking to various depts. None of them will give the letter, as she has never been registered on the system for benefits!! She had worked for a very short time in the U.K. but I've discovered she was never issued a nat. ins. number. Would it be possible to be issued one - she has been registered as living in the my address for the purpose of opening a bank account. Will this be sufficient for her to be given one? I cannot think of any other way to be able to obtain proof she has not received benefits. Help needed please - can you think of anything I am at a loss..
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Sue, If she is registered at your address, she should be able to apply for an NI number. Hopefully this helps.
  72. ReplyAma
    Hi, i came to uk last month as a tier 2 dependent. Still i am not working here . Last week I received a letter from electoral registration office to register to vote for election asking about my national insurance number. But i don't have a NIN. When i contacted them they said that if i don't have a NIN i can't register to vote. So are there any special benifits when having a NIN ? If i don't get an insurance number, will it be a problem when i'm going to apply for permanent residence in uk after five years? Is the eligibility for vote in uk matters when applying for UK PR ? Thanks in advance. :)
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Ama, This isn't our area of expertise, and you may be better off visiting the NI website or calling their helpline on 0300 200 3502. Thanks,
  73. Replyjax
    we have an employee who travels from Holland on Monday and then goes home at weekends, staying in a hotel for the work nights. How would he apply for a National insurance number.
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Jax, You should be able to provide him with a temporary one. However, for more detailed information visit the NI site or call their helpline on 0300 200 3502
  74. ReplyLily
    Hi, I am moving to Scotland in May. I have a current UK Passport and Australian Passport. Am I able to work and do I need a National Insurance Card or Number? Can I start work without any of these? Also, are there other documents I need to organise to work and live in the UK?Any help appreciated ,thanks, Lily
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Lily,
      Hopefully I can help our here. Yes, if you want to work or claim benefits in the UK then you must have a National Insurance number.
      You can start work without one but you must then apply immediately, so it's definitely worth getting that sorted out if you haven't already. In terms of documents that you need, the other main ones will be proof of address and your passport.
      Hope this helps!
  75. ReplyAnita
    Hello Amy, I have NI Number but my partner who is Georgian Citizen doesn't have one., is eligible to apply for NI number? thank
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Anita, Yes he will be eligible to apply if he has a UK postal address and phone number. Thanks, Simon
  76. ReplyMilica
    Hi! I'm serbian citizen and I have spouse visa. I applied for NI number 10 days ago and I was wondering how long I will have to wait for it? I live in West Midlands.
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Milica,
      Waiting for your National Insurance Number to be generate can take from two - six weeks, so it's not really a speedy process. If you are really concerned then you can always drop them a line to see where you are in the process. A nice website that might be helpful is: .
      Hopefully you will get it delivered soon!
      All the best.
  77. ReplyDom
    Hello, I intend coming to the UK by September. Can I be given a work permit visa without a job yet?
  78. ReplySAT
    Hi, Thanks to all who are replying to each and every comment. I am a German citizen, want to move to UK. I have got few questions: (for NI interview) Do i need a UK address? Do i need a UK phone number? I have a company in Europe, if i don't work in UK, do i still need NI number to live in UK.? If i have a NI number but i am no longer resident in UK, do i have to report my income to UK tax authorities? Any rough idea what would happen after Brexit to EU nationals in UK? Thanks
    • Simon Banks
      Hi, You will need a UK address and phone number to apply for an NI number. It might be worth looking at this site for more in-depth information As for Brexit, you might like to read our latest blog on Brexit for more info.
  79. ReplyTasha
    Hi,I need a little help.. so,I am from Romania and I come to UK last year ( November) and get an NINo but I didn't use it because I didn't work. Now I find a job and I need a bank account. At the bank said that my NINo is not good,that is expired. ( I had to make a bank account in 3 months,how they said) and I have 6 months that I live in UK. so I wanted to know if I can get a new NINO and how? Thank you.
  80. ReplyLindsey
    A Belgium citizen has returned back to the UK to work - he was given a NI number etc back in 2011 will this still be valid for him to use now he is back after 6 years away?? Thank you
  81. ReplyMAC
    Hi iam irish citizen i want apply national insurance number for work but i don't have permanent address and bills i am living with some else how can i get national insurance number
  82. ReplyMAC
    Hi my wife and I have moved here about 10 weeks ago from Australia. I am here because of the sponsorship of my wife's visa but I have the ability and permission to work. I recently got a job through an employment agency - an open temporary contract with the UK government. The employment agency then requested my NI number - well isn't this fun I don't have one and they suggested I get a temporary one. (I had in fact rang the NI people three weeks ago for the paperwork and it still has not arrived). Then I was given the following ph numbers 0345600643 - 03002003500- and finally 03456415008 - one hour later and 12 people spoken to - they all denied being able to provide a temporary NI number - one suggested I make up one using TN (temporary number) until I get my proper one. Is there a simpler way to get a temporary number?
  83. ReplyKenan
    Hello I came to London as a tourist. I've been here for a week. I am only a Turkey citizen. I am willing to take an insurance number. Do I meet the requirements for this? Thank you in advance.
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Kenan, If you are planning on living here and have a postal address and phone number, you can get a national insurance number. Thanks, Simon
  84. ReplyMdeFW
    Hi. I’m 67 Years old Portuguese and British since 1975. My mother is 93, is Portuguese and last June (2016) I had to bring her to live with me in the UK. I am the only child and she now needs constant support/care. She has still got some mobility but on the occasional times she needs to go to the doctor’s or chiropodist she could do with having a ‘blue badge’ to shorten her walking distance from the car to the premises. However, she has not got a National Insurance No to get the Blue Badge, and I don’t know how to get her one. I was advised by the The AIRE Centre Institute of Advanced Legal Studies to contact 'Job Centre Plus' but thye dont provide NI no for my mother's need, then contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau but all i Got was internet links. No good for me since asks for NI Number (which is what I want to get) I seem to be going around in cicrles...
    • Simon Banks
      Hi there, It seems like the best solution will be to call 0300 200 3500, which is the official line for National Insurance enquiries. Hopefully they will be able to help with your queries.
  85. ReplyLaura
    Hey! I am coming to London to study abroad this September-December, and I am a US citizen coming from a US university. I know I don't need a visa to study in the U.K. for the 4 months I'll be there, but I really want a National Insurance Number to be able to work (the job I asked said employees must have it). Am I able to apply for a NINo? Or do I need a Tier 4 visa in order to apply?
  86. ReplyZhoem
    Hi, My Father has been living outside of the UK for all of his life but he does have a British passport as my Grandfather was British and had lived in the UK for most of his life but had moved to Egypt later in life where my father was then born. If my Father moved back to the UK (now at the age of 69) would he be able to apply for a National Insurance number ?
  87. Replyleonard
    hey! my friend told me to book one appointment but he don't arrive yet in uk. and i said he is here in uk now should be problem?
  88. ReplyMary
    Hi my friend is from Brazil but she holds an Italian passport can she work in UK can she get a nin does she need anything else other than a national insurance number to be able to work here she jas an address and phone number
  89. Replyss
    HI I just find job but I do need Nino number if I can apply for it with marriage certificate plz help thanks
  90. ReplyBarbora
    Hi there, I got a job offer for a seasonal work in France and the agency is asking me to get NI to employ me through UK employment system. Could you please advise me what process should I follow if I am from Czech republic and I have no intention/reason to go to UK at all. Thank you very much.
  91. ReplySaj
    Hey one of my friends has a Italian passport he's lived there for 13 years l.. What's the process of him coming here for work??? What does he need too do exactly??
  92. ReplyJennyO
    Hi. This is also a question about a Blue Badge. I am Australian, 72, and have permanent residency in the UK. I have lived here since 2010 but have never needed a NI number as I haven't worked here. I get the Australian pension and have an Australian passport, as I don't actually have citizenship here. I am wanting to apply for a Blue Badge as I have been having severe hip and knee problems all this year which are getting worse. I think I would fit the criterion for difficulty of walking, as I am finding it very painful to walk even a few steps, but it seems they require a NI number. There is no such thing in Australia, so I am a bit puzzled as to how it all works. Can anyone help? I might try the number given in the post above too.
  93. ReplyPaul
    Hi there, i`m a student from Romania and I`m studying mfa fine arts in London UK. I need a national insurance number in order to apply for a loan to be able to pay my studies. Every time i phone to that number (0345 600 0643) they are busy so how can I speak to someone ? It is imposible that every day of the week to be busy and i phone 2-3 hours per day. Are any other methods to get national insurance number ?
  94. ReplyBeatriz
    Hi, I'm in London looking for a job but I have a doubt, What documents are necessary for doing the National Insurence Number? Only the Identification ducument? So, the Proof of Address it's not necessary for de NIN? Thank you so much.
  95. ReplyIra
    Hello Everybody! I am calling 03456000643 in order to apply for a NINO for the last two days and it is constantly busy. Is there any alternative way? I am in a rush to start getting paid soon and this is so annoying! Thank you!
  96. ReplyAlena32
    Hi, I am originally from Slovakia. I have - Isle of Man National insurance Number. I came to work to Isle of Man in 2008, applied for a NIN and worked and stayed there only for about 2-3 months. But then in 2009 I moved permanently to UK and since 2009 til now 2017 I have been living and working -using NIN from Isle of Man. Does it mean that all my contributions go there to Isle of Man? But what about my benefits if i want to use them in future ( like Maternity allowance, state pension etc) Do I have to make a request to Isle of Man? Do I have to use this isle of man national insurance number for the rest of my life even when planning to stay permanently here in UK? Or is it possible to change it somehow? Thank you for any advice. Many thanks. Alena
  97. Replycharlie
    Hi there, My partner is moving to the UK from Guernsey, What is the process in gaining a NI Number?
  98. ReplyBen
    Hello there, thanks for the info. I hold a dual citizenship, Australian (born there) and just recently got a British passport. Having acquired my British passport, is there a shortcut process for getting my NI number due to now being a citizen (i.e was there a number created for me when I was issued my passport/citizenship?) or do I need to still apply for one once I move to the UK? I will be moving there within a month and looking for a house and job, needing to open a bank account, phone number etc. it seems I can’t get one without the other.. haha help?
  99. ReplyCathe
    Hi, I had an idea get my father from Czech republic to England to work instead me while I am on holiday for 3 weeks on January. But there is little bit problem with national insurance number..I guess he needs to apply for it while he is in England and then an invitation for an appointment can takes few weeks and in this time maybe he will be away from England. Or is it chance go to this an appointment instead him? I think it doesnt sounds realistic, right? Thank you for your answer.
  100. Replybruce
    i have moved to UK to buy a house, retiring at 67 with a british passport. National insurance number seems to be needed for so many registration items. how do I get one when i will not be working or if so self-emplyed?

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