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What to do if your rights as a renter are breached


What to do if your rights as a renter are breached

If you believe your renters' rights have been breached, read on to know your rights as a renter, and what to do if those rights are breached. It’s no secret that in some cases, ...

If you believe your renters’ rights have been breached, read on to know your rights as a renter, and what to do if those rights are breached. It’s no secret that in some cases, renters’ rights can be overlooked by agencies and landlords as the demand for housing still outstrips the supply. In most cases, landlords want to find good renters and keep them, so if you’ve always paid your rent on time and treated the property well, things should work in your favour if you take the right steps to settle any disputes. Follow these steps to ensure you stay within the law and don’t break the clauses in your rental agreement.

Breach of Renters’ Rights: 5 things you must do

1. Stay Calm

If a dispute arises with a landlord or agency, this is when many people make the first mistake. The first reaction many people have when they believe their landlord has breached their rights is anger. Understandably, if you feel like you’ve been mistreated it’s hard to put a cap on your emotions, but stay calm as this is the best way to solve disputes in the long run. You’re much more likely to get dragged into an argument if you let yourself become angry. It’s harder to establish a solution if things descend into a shouting match.

2. Know your rights

At the start of your tenancy you should have signed a tenancy agreement. In most cases this will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. If your landlord or agent has broken the terms of the contract then you may be able to leave the property.  Although leaving a property can be an attractive solution if you’re not happy there – in most cases, it’s preferable to try and fix the problem and leave the property at the end of the agreement with your deposit intact. You can also be held liable for unpaid rent and be sued by your agency or landlord if you leave the property before the legal contract has ended. If you have to go to court, you will be asked to prove that your landlord or agent breached the terms of the contract. You must also show that you gave them a chance to rectify the problem.

3. Write to your landlord/agent

How do you do this?

Get a copy of your rental agreement and read it again. If you can’t find your agreement then you need to ask your landlord or agent for a copy. Pull out the clauses that you think your landlord has broken and begin to write your e-mail/letter… You should include:
  • The property address
  • Today’s date (i.e. the date of writing the letter)
  • The clauses you believe have been broken
  • The date of which you would like this rectified

The letter could look something like this:

First line of rented property

Second line of rented property

Postcode of rented property

22nd July, 2014

To whom it may concern,  On inspection of the Tenancy Agreement, it clearly states that Clause X And Clause Y.   I believe you have broken the Tenancy Agreement for failing to adhere to these clauses. I would like to work with you to rectify the problem so we can come to a conclusion by the (a week from the date you send the letter).    Yours Sincerely,   

4. Write again

If you don’t hear anything back from your agent or landlord write to them again.

You should include:

  • The property address
  • Today’s date (i.e. the date of writing the letter)
  • A copy of the original letter/e-mail and a reference to the date your sent it
  • The date you sent the original letter/e-mail
  • Explain you have no other option but to issue a Notice to Quit if the problem is not fixed
  • The date of which you would like this rectified

What is a Notice to Quit?

A Notice to Quit must be given by a landlord or renter in writing. The Notice must include the date on which it is to expire (when the notice will be completed/you will move out).
  • 4 weeks notice if you’ve been in the property for less than 5 years
  • 8 weeks notice if you’ve lived in the property more than 5 but less than 10 years
  • 12 weeks notice if you’ve lived in the property for over 10 years
If you’re given a notice by a landlord but cannot move out at the end of the notice period, the locks on the property cannot be changed. The landlord or agent must apply to the court for a possession order. If you haven’t been issued a proper Notice to Quit, the court won’t make an order for possession.

Only an officer of the Enforcement of Judgements Office can remove you from the rented property. If you don’t leave willingly, the landlord must apply to have the possession order enforced.

5. Notice to Quit

Issue your landlord or agency with a Notice to Quit, explaining why you are doing so.

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  1. Replyrado
    Hi guy I am tenant in multi let house R2R and situation is terrible 3 bedroom house make 6 room and -7-8 tenant living inside no living room the house is not HMO because is 2 floor only the managing agent not manage the house accommodate any tenants unemployed and situation is terribly. I have AST agreement then the landlord not live in the house but keep his dog in and visit the house 10 time daily, not protect deposit and only interest of bigger profit overcrowded the house. I complain many time to managing agent to landlord they basically breach the agreement for example agreement say not pets permitted in property the tenants no cleaning after himself kitchen, bathroom make noise and parties, I ask to provide me name and address of landlord and copy of gas certificate they refuse. I think that the agent have management agreement with landlord ,pay guaranteed rent and subletting room by room basis landlord or agent not live in the house. After the hundred email to start manage the house do not overcrowded because, we start to have problem with house mate and to remove bad tenant with no respond I stop to pay rent and already 4 months like I say to him to remove the bad tenant or to start to manage the house and I will pay but nothing not change till now. They try to force me to leave as give me any kind of notice homemade (not 21 or 8 notice) my question is what actually they may do to me I know about section 8 and I am in arrears but who must sign the notice landlord or agent, do the agent have any power or everting depend of landlord. How can I defend myself they are incorrect breach his agreement not protect deposit, not deal with tenants problem overcrowded the house to make bigger profit, I know its better for me to leave but what are my right is as subtenant in R2R exactly. This is not business this is fraud.!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Rado, I hope you got my e-mail about this and you manage to get the situation sorted out soon.
  2. ReplyDal
    Hi I have been living in my current flat for nearly three years. I have always paid rent on time in full, and was signed to an AST which defaulted to a rolling monthly. Recently a couple moved into the other room in the flat and the noise level was unbearable. They also had people over a lot, who would make noise through the night on weekdays, and at one point the guy was sleeping on the couch as they had another girl living with them. I complained to my landlord, who spoke to them about this and it calmed things down for a while. The noise then became a problem again. During one of their frequent arguments, the girl threw something against the wall in their bedroom which smashed loudly. I told my friend who is a PC the next day about this and he said I should report this as a potential DV case. I did this and the police came over to speak to the girl alone. She denied the event, stating that this was just me complaining about the noise again. The landlord then decided to serve notice on all of us, for us to be out on the 15th of the month. I asked for an extension till the end of the month as this is when rent is also paid. He refused and only gave me an extra week. I have already now signed for a new place which I cannot easily afford, as the rental prices in London are ridiculous, but I noticed that based on the contract, I should have been given until the next day of rental payment, as I had asked for previously, and that this was not done. I wondered where I stand with this, as I have just handed over £3000 to the new landlord for a deposit which I have been forced into due to the time constraints put onto me. I have also recently found out that contrary to initial communication, he will in fact be continuing to rent this property, as he has arranged viewings to take place when I am at work. This also means he will be in my room (there is no lock) without me being present. Is there anything I can do?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi there. Last time I checked, the landlord has the right to show people around the property as long as he gives you an advanced warning of 24-hours and he should also be able to show people your room. This should be outlined in your contract. You should point out to your landlord the agreement which says you should be given to the next day of rental payment. If he still won't budge, you could take advice from Shelter who have a free helpline and centres around London that you can pop into to ask for advice.
  3. ReplyAmi
    I was part of a 12 month tenancy agreement that ended on the 30th of June this year and signed myself up for another 12 months in perhaps May. Unfortunately, by the 3rd of July I had given my 4 week notice that I was intending to leave as I could no longer tolerate the behaviour of the other tenants towards me. I have paid my rent for the month of July and my sister is urging me to cancel my direct debit as she believes the tenancy agreement was unfair but I am very concerned that this might land me in legal trouble since I signed the other tenancy. On top of that, the landlords of the property are related to one of the tenants (bought the house for her) so I am concerned that this might cause them to treat me unfairly. I don't actually have a copy of the signed rent agreement as they never got around to giving one back, so I only remember bits and pieces from it but I know that it said 'no pets' (their daughter has a pet hamster in the house and regularly brings her dog around with the permission of one of the landlords), no furniture without the written permission of the landlords (there is a brand new water fountain in the garden that just appeared one weekend) and I'm fairly certain that you're supposed to give 24 hours notice before you turn up at a tenants house but they tend to turn up for social calls so I don't know if that would count. The rent is due to increase shortly from council tax, and I was told that this would start when the landlord heard from whomever controls that thing (unless I wanted to start paying early ahead of the other tenants - HA!); according to government websites, since one of the tenants left uni in January, we might have been required to pay a subsidised council tax for the past 6 months but no mention of paying tax was made before this, so I am concerned that it might end up costing me since the tenant in question would be highly unlikely to have shouldered the cost this whole time. I don't know if there are break clauses in the contract as I can't get hold of a copy so I'm not sure where I stand on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I hated living there.
  4. ReplySanI
    Hi, one question: On AST agreement rolled on periodic one at the moment. Landlord claims he did not receive one month's rent which is incorrect, we paid. After an argument re disputed rent arrears we receive a letter from a letting agent we never had any dealings with as rented directly from a private landlord, stating the landlord is giving us notice to vacate the property. Now, my wife is 8 months pregnant therefore we can't/won't leave. Is landlord allowed to divulge our personal details to some agency that we did not agree on using? We rented directly from a private landlord, not through an agency. Is landlord allowed to do this? Also who should we respond to the landlord or the agency we received a letter from? And what should we say?! Thank you in advance for any tips.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi there Sani. Did you have any bank statements to show that you had paid the rent on time? I would advise you to contact Shelter or pop into a branch and ask advice from experts in this area. Make sure you bring any letters or documentation you have surrounding the dispute with your landlord and notice to leave. I can't give you any legal advice but they will be able to help you further. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  5. ReplySue Wright
    My daughter and 3 others are student nurses in private halls in Huddersfield. Because of the nature of their course which includes placements, they took on a 51 week tenancy rather than the usual 42 weeks believing that this was the only option to them. When my daughter took on the tenancy, one of the reasons for choosing this site was that there was a gym and swimming pool. This facility was closed before they moved in and they were not compensated for it.The gym has re-opened but the pool no longer exists. The girls have had nothing but hassle since they moved in including male members of staff walking into the apartment unannounced, loss of paid-for parking due to contractors parking in their spaces - again without warning. They reported that their fridge freezer fridge compartment was freezing their food ruining salad stuffs etc but this was never fixed. The girls agreed to allow the management staff to show their flat to potential students but they have not been given any notice of these visits despite asking for a phone call so that they could at least make sure they were dressed. When in January, the girls asked if they could cut short the tenancy because they were going to move into a student house which they would have to take from July, they were told that they could only do this if they found tenants to take their place. The staff said they would bear them in mind if anyone needed accommodation over the summer. This was the first time that they found out that the company did short-term summer lets which would have meant they could take on a 42 week agreement and, if necessary, take on a shorter agreement over the summer holidays. They have recently discovered that new students are being housed in temporary accommodation whilst awaiting their flats to be refurbished but the girls have not been approached to see if they would let them use theirs. The girls want out but don't want to pay the overlapping 2 months' rent. Would they have sufficient grounds to give notice to quit? Could they negotiate to not pay the rent for the notice period?
  6. ReplyLou
    I renewed my tenancy agreement for another 12 months I signed and estate agents signed on behalf of Landlord 2weeks later a letter came through saying they "understand I have signed a new tenancy but they are null & void it" they wanted to out the rent up from £750. To £825. I agreed to rent increase I was just about to sign another new contract and they served me a section21 where do I stand I have nowhere to move to and don't see why I should I and the other party signed a legally binding contract, I can't just null & void when I wasn't how come he can?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Lou. I can't give you legal advice but if you contact Shelter or drop in to one of their centres they should be able to advise you on the Section 21 notice. According to my research, if you've signed a contract, ask for the reasons that your agent told you it was null and void, and if you don't already have a copy of it, go in to the agent and ask for a copy that you signed. If the fixed term has expired and the document you signed was void then they are entitled to give you a section 21 with no reason, but if the document you signed was valid you may be issued a section 8 notice to leave, for which you'll have to be given a reson or "grounds" for the eviction. Hope that helps a bit.
  7. Replyjamie lewis
    hi, I have moved into a brand new property. first of all the house wasn't registered and still isn't. should the landlord have done this before we moved in? We are having loads of problems with the house including leaks through the ceiling, garage frame fallen off, back doors not locking correctly etc. I have tried calling him a number of times and sent text msgs as we have no address and no email. Please help me out on how I can get out of this unsafe house. thank you
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi Jamie. Have you signed a contract yet? Do you mean that the property or landlord isn't registered with the local authority or it hasn't been registered as a property (the council have no record of that property being built)? You can check out this link for more detailed information https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/scotland/housing/renting-a-home-s/common-problems-with-renting-s/ but also check your deposit is protected (you should have evidence of this from your landlord) and if you have signed a tenancy agreement then read it carefully.
  8. ReplyTracy Kemp
    If your landlord has breached his legal and AST contractual obligations, namely not having the Annual Gas Safety checks carried out, but you have already left the property, Is there an official course of action I can take against the landlord as the local council say they don't deal with "historical factors" and I would need to take him to court ????? This is despite the fact that he is still an active landlord with the same property... Is that not a criminal offence and can he be reported to the police? Thank you
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Tracy, I think the best place to seek advice would be from the CAB - have you tried speaking to them? https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
  9. ReplyJulie Wright
    Hi, We viewed a property for rent which was advertised by Mann Countrywide, we liked the house and signed a 12 month Assured Tenancy Agreement on 29th May 2015, we went on holiday and moved in on 14th June. A letter arrived dated 18th June from the solicitor of the mortgage company advising us of a repossession order on the property giving us 14 days to vacate, (if we had looked into this previously, I would have let the eviction go ahead). We spoke to the solicitor for the mortgage company and they gave us 2 calendar months before they apply to the court for another re-possession order. We have had 2 months of hell, living out of boxes not knowing if we are going to evicted or not. I have 4 cats and trying to find this property was hard enough. We want to secure another property so that we are not homeless, but it is difficult because we can't get out of the Tenancy. We have asked the Landlord to release us from the tenancy, but he won't do this because he is going to apply for a suspension, he doesn't want to lose his house. We have had debt collectors at the door and had to speak to the Sheriffs office today to stop them taking our stuff because the Landlord hasn't given them his new address. When we moved in we called and asked about the back door of the property, which looked to have been kicked in and repaired badly with a flimsy plastic panel stuck on the outside bottom part of the door and a hole near the lock which goes right through and has selotape over it. This was noted on the inventory and a note that the door would be changed or repaired. This hasn't happened yet. there are electrical sockets hanging off the wall. We had to re-clean the carpets which they said had been cleaned. We have all of this on pictures and videos when we moved in so they are date stamped. We have emailed the Landlord to ask for the door to be replaced or fixed properly because we don't feel safe and are worried that our property will be taken by debt collectors. I am totally stressed out, having to take time out of work, we just want out. Can we take the Landlord to court for breach of contract or is there another way out. There is a clause in the contract under Landlords Obligations, which is a declaration that he has the relevant permissions necessary for him to sign the Tenancy Agreement, I got a copy of the HM Land Registry file and it doesn't list a different address for the Landlord so I'm assuming he didn't have permission to rent the property from the mortgage company. There is also a clause that says Not to interrupt or interfere with the Tenants lawful occupation, enjoyment and use of the property and I don't think having debt collectors coming round for the Landlord qualifies as us enjoying the property. Can you help and advise. Thanks
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Julie - I think it's clear that there are several points here that you should be taking up, it appears you have been treated very unfairly. We can't offer legal advice here, however I would strongly recommend you take advice both from the public body, the CAB, and from the housing charity Shelter. They should be able to advise on next steps https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/ http://england.shelter.org.uk/
  10. ReplyAna Beleza
    Dear Mrs Carly Klineberg, My name is Ana Beleza, medical doctor at Guy’s. I read your article. It is very good and informative. And I would like to comment on it by telling you my story. Would you please be able to tell me what you think about it? So this is the story: I live in a 2 bedroom flat in a 2nd floor in London. I just moved in on the 19th of July 2015. I came from Brussels to work as consultant at Guy’s hospital. My husband is due to come in the end of this month. The flat revealed straight away some problems: a valve needed changing in the shower since the very 1st day; a leak in the kitchen; and a problem with the boiler. Presently the washing machine is not working for more than 1 week because the landlord damaged it when he was here trying to fix something else... This also meant that the landlord needed to come to the flat quite often, which led to me being unable to experience “quiet enjoyment”. I found out that he has not done a property inventory before I moved in. I have a MUCH bigger problem now. Since last Thursday August 13th, I spotted 3 mice in my living room. I have never had a mice problem before! I informed the landlord straight away and asked him for help. After some insistence, he came on the next day and got a pest control specialist from "Discreet Exterminator" to come over. The pest control specialist inspected the place, and one thing became clear: It was NOT my fault! Behind the cooker it was filthy! And there was evidence, behind the cooker and behind all the appliances, of substantial vermin activity (basically, loads of mice droppings; I took pictures). Furthermore, we saw mice droppings in all but one room. The pest control specialist wrote a long list of reparations that my landlord needed to do before the risk of mice infestation is reasonable low. There were too many entry spots for vermin in this flat, even in the sleeping room! It took my landlord 3 days to start doing some of the work that was recommended by the pest control specialist! Meanwhile, I was expected to live in this place!I was absolutely appalled! Moreover I was very concerned regarding my health, but above all my husband’s health. My husband is allergic to mice excrements (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laboratory_animal_allergy), as you can see in attachment. My husband and I exchanged several emails with the landlord, explaining that I could not stay in this place any longer and that I wanted to leave. In particular, on Aug 14th, my husband and I sent our landlord asking him to consider a neutral surrender and a signed rental liability. He replied asking for "a reasonable notice period of at least 2 months”. On Aug 15th, we replied telling that we needed to leave the property for health reasons ASAP and we proposed a 1 month Notice to Quit. Again, he did not accept. I must underline that in these emails, the landlord admits: 1) That he should have cleaned that filth behind the cooker " The cooker stands alone and in retrospect, we could have moved it from its base entirely." 2)) He accepts that there were mice in the flat "It is unfortunate that the mice have now appeared – especially as it seems that Ana is personally very afraid of these tiny creatures and her husband has an unfortunate allergy to their urine and stools, so she herself, is unable to feel at ease in the flat on her own.” However, after several emails exchanged, my husband and I realised that the landlord was not being reasonable and that our communication was being completely inefficient. Hence, we asked a person we know, who works as property surveyor, to mediate our dialog with our landlord. She has been great! At this point, the following was offered to him on the 17 Aug 2015: "Termination notice of one month is served immediately. It is recognised that both parties have contractual obligations and although you had no idea that the mouse infestation was apparent, it is unusual that this was not highlighted by either the professional cleaners or inventory clerk. This in turn has led to Ana being unable to experience “quiet enjoyment” (section10.1). Only this morning a mouse scurried from the lounge to the kitchen. As discussed, this mouse problem must stem from the main building. The Estate Manager should shoulder responsibility and be held to account. Ana will vacate the premises so you can not only treat the problem but re advertise and complete viewings with ease. We do hope that this is acceptable." He did not accept our proposal and he still demanded 2 months notice! In the mean while, I have received contradictory information regarding my rights. According to the The Housing Health and Safety Rating System, a home is not safe to live in if it has pests or vermin. And it is clear that this problem started before I came into this flat. This seems a fair reason to leave this place. But according to "Shelter", I am legally bound to the tenancy agreement, and liable to pay the rent for the duration of the contract (that has a break clause of 6 months), and my only option is to reach a neutral surrender accepting the landlord’s conditions. In total despair, we decided, unhappily, to accept his conditions. We didn’t seem to have a choice. If we stay here, we will be exposed to the health risks related to the vermin infestation and exposure to mice poison. And my husband allergy is serious enough for us not to want him to set a foot in this property! So, on Aug 18th, we finally gave in to the landlords proposal: [we] agree to a request by Dan and Ana, to prematurely terminate the contract at 18 Lewes House, agreeing to a two month notice period which begins today, Tuesday 18th October. If the landlords of 18 Lewes House find a tenant who can MOVE IN - i.e start payment of rent , thus taking over financial responsibility for tenancy - to 18 Lewes House prior to 18th Oct 2015 then a new exit date for Ana and Dan can and will be negotiated. Until that point, Ana and Dan are legally bound until Tuesday 18th October.” Last Thursday 20th of August, I met 3 potentially good tenants for this flat (1 couple and a friend of theirs, 3 professionals), who are looking for a property ASAP. I invited them to see this flat. They are interested in renting the property from the 1st week of September. I informed the landlord of these potential new tenants. So far, he has not answered to my emails or SMSs. He is otherwise not doing anything to find new tenants and I am sure that he is not motivated to do so! We really think that the landlord is acting with "actual malice”. There is, in my view, evidence of bad faith. Sadly, I spotted new mice droppings today, as I was cleaning the flat, and I need to tell the 3 guys to find somewhere else to live because this place is not good for anyone to live in. We have an additional proof that the vermin problem is not controlled. So, we will leave the property. We already found another flat and we are ready to move out on the 31st of August. The rent is paid until Sept 15th and I will claim my deposit back. The agreement of Aug 18th just does not seem valid anymore. Kind regards!
    • Jamie Gough
      This seems like an awful experience, I'm sorry you had to go through this Ana. Sadly, the ending of the tenancy was the correct way to go about it, as a mutual agreement between landlord and tenant is the only way a tenancy agreement can be broken without payment. I agree with you that the landlord did not act in an appropriate manner whatsoever. As you have proof that the landlord was not acting in an appropriate manner, you can register a complaint to the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) from your local council.] I hope that everything is solved now. Jamie
  11. ReplyLorraine margaret Menzies
    Hi Carly, I have been living in my private rented property for 8 years, i have just finished university so have no work at present . My son has just secured full time employment and the council are expecting him to pay for most of the rent for the house, because my sons job is minimum wage he can only give me what he can. this has left me in such a predicament as we are struggling financially until i find a job. We wont be able to pay this months rent in full and i am at my wits end. I have applied for council houses but we do not qualify as an emergency. My question is , can i make my landlord give me notice to quit? or is there anything else i can do?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Lorraine, I'm sorry to hear that you're in this difficult situation - we can't offer legal advice here at Movebubble. Housing in London is clearly at a shortage and it cannot be right that you have nowhere to live in this situation. I really suggest you try contacting Shelter, a housing charity who are much more experienced and will be able to help I'm sure. http://england.shelter.org.uk/
  12. Replyvictor aelenei
    hi, my landlord force me at the end of 6 months contract to sing a paper that I will give him two months notice if I want to leave the property not one as legal and in the tenancy contract ? now I want to leave but I don't want to stay two months after I give him the notice . is that paper legal? I been in the property only 6 months
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Victor, It's important to know your rights, and what the landlord can and cannot do. Both of you are protected by different parts of the law. We can't offer legal advice here, however we can recommend that you speak to the housing charity Shelter, who are much better placed to offer this kind of support. Good luck http://england.shelter.org.uk/
  13. ReplyDawn
    My letting agent has informed me my landlord is putting the house on the market but isn't giving me my notice until he has sold the property, therefore using me to fill his pockets with rent money. The letting agent is constantly contacting me for people to come and view the property which I believe I cannot refuse however today they have put a For Sale sign outside my house. My tenancy contract states the landlord can erect a For Sale/To Let sign out side if he has served me with my 2 months notice - which he hasn't - does this mean he has broken the agreement and if so what can i do?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Dawn, Unfortunately we can't help with direct legal advice on the contract but I would suggest you remind the landlord of his responsibilities and consider taking action through the small claims court if you believe you have a strong claim. My best advice in this situation would be to focus on new properties that may become available in the local area - you may not be able to control whether the landlord does sell the house, but at least you will have more control if you find a place you love and move on your own terms. I'm sorry it's not a more comprehensive answer - I would also suggest that you attempt to contact the CAB for more informed advice on your rights. You can find them here england.shelter.org.uk
  14. ReplyBea
    My landlord has always sent his sister sound to collect rent as they refuse direct debit. She has just told me to leave the property by December. I have two disabled children and told her that is impossible to do. She said my rent was too low and she wanted more money and that the house belongs to the council!!!!. I've lost my tenancy agreement and when I told her that my contract ends in March, she said "what contract? Where's your tenancy agreement? I didn't sign a contract!" I'm at a loss. They are denying giving me a contract. She is clearly trying to get me out. Help
    • Freddie fforde
      Bea I wish we could provide help in this situation, I really do. This is clearly a very unfair situation and you should not be treated like this. Shelter are really the experts in this type of situation, they are a great charity who can provide expert advice on this. You can find their contact here - england.shelter.org.uk
  15. Replyansh
    hi, my landlord sent us an email 2 weeks before signing contract stating there r 2 cars n rubbish in the garrage which will be taken in a week after the possession of the property and the garrage will be cleaned n given. we came on 5th after signing the contract finding out the house stinky garbage house, and went back to hotel to get it cleaned n landed with 600pounds hotel bills n got a message from landlord he will give us 1 week free rent. every week untill rubbish was taken from garrage landlord said his cousin will come weekend n remove cars for resale. but when he found out the garrage door is not opening automatically , cars r flat tyrs, we requested for towing the cars. he sent a mail after 1 month saying he will not remove the cars n will not give garrage n will not clean the garden. we r paying 1300 for the house. the contract has no terms n conditions about the cars, garrage will be under owners possession. but we have his email that he will give us the garrage n remove the cars. we r buying a car and if we dont have garrage we will be lost. just for garage we r paying 300 pounds extra. we want to go away from the property but landlord says we will not remove the cars and we will not give garrage and we will not break the contract and we will not reimburse. we want to go away from this house. how to deal with this arrogant landlord who did not give full possession of the house? we are paying double rent.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Ansh, This is a terrible renting experience, it's inappropriate and unfair for renters to be treated in this manner. I'm afraid that we can't provide you formal legal advice but we are happy to recommend the housing charity Shelter as a good first stop to get advice. I would encourage you also to speak to the CAB - you can find their website here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/
  16. ReplyMaciek
    Hi, I'm renting a flat from my landlord (privet) since 2013. Firstly I have moved into Flat number 5 then I have changed it to Flat 3 where I'm at now and never had any issues. I have always paid my rent on time and my landlord always respond whether I had any question. My monthly rent payment is included of council tax payment, it clearly states in the agreement that the landlord is liable to pay the tax for my flat. However, recently I have received a number of letters from my council with outstanding bills for the tax that has never been paid as my landlord has never registered who actually lives in his flats and hence never paid the tax even though he was receiving full rent payment! I have discussed this matter with my landlord, and to begin with, he didn't declined any responsibilities and accepted that he is liable to pay the tax, but he never confirmed how he want to resolve this issue in writing. He was supposed to sent me an email with his proposal but it never happened. After number of days waiting for any proposal I have sent him an email, proposing that I'm happy to start to pay outstanding tax bill myself but will expect him to send me a cheque to cover this payments or I can deduct those payment from the rent - but still not reply! and I can't get him to agree on the way forward! what are my rights? and what should I do to get this matter resolved? I understand that I'm liable to pay this tax bill and I want to start this repayment asap but how could I recover overpaid rent? as clearly the landlord never paid the council tax therefore I was overcharged from the very first day I paid my rent? your advise will be much appreciated, many thanks.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Maciek, It sounds like you have done everything correctly and in your power. The most important thing is to keep everything written down, with copies for yourself and back up - especially the communication from your landlord. I cannot give any formal legal advice, only suggestions. I would begin by contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau to see what they suggest. Then, I would contact your local council directly and explain the situation. Here is the link to the CAB - https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/
  17. ReplySally
    Hi! My partners signed for 6 month rent on apartment gets keys in a day or 2 but now found a home n no longer wants to rent wen has option to buy own! Does he still gotta pay 6 month rent or have right to pull out without any problem
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Sally, As you've signed the agreement already, it is legally binding and you would be required to pay the rent for those 6 months. You will need to contact the landlord and see if you can agree to end the tenancy before it begins. Hope everything goes well, Jamie
  18. ReplyBecks
    Hi. Can you please advise on this situation? Property rental in London taken out for a year with agreement of one month's notice. Renewal made 12 months later with a missed email stating terms had changed to 6 month's notice. Renewal instructions and thia onformation were in separate emails. Instructions were followed but no new tenancy conditions signed (as not known about). Renter lost their job so gave their notice, preparing to pay a month's notice only to be informed that it was 6 month's rental pay required. No job equals no money! Owner is threatening court action. Donthey have any legal grounds to do so and get anywhere? They are fully aware of the renter's situation. Thanks.
    • Freddie fforde
      Thanks Becks - this doesn't sound fun for anyone! We can't provide any formal advice of course here (you would need to consult a solicitor), however you should the support you need at the Citizen's Advice Bureau here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/ I believe that the landlord is most concerned about keeping their property let, perhaps you can try to work with them on a compromise, giving them enough time to find a replacement? It could help defuse the situation for both of you, if this is an option available to you.
  19. ReplySammyJ
    I share a house with 2 other housemates. We were informed by our letting agency, that the landlord planned on carrying out maintenance work, under the tenancy agreement 'Repair Work' and detailed plans, which included replacing tiles, a carpet, repainting ect. When work started we found the builders to be extending the back 1 floor bedroom, this was without planning permission and a neighbour reported it to the planning enforcement office, which an ongoing case is open for. Then the builders extended the ground floor bedroom/making the bathroom smaller, left us without a full working bathroom, or privacy as the bathroom/bedroom wall was removed, building equipment left in entrance hallway, dust over everything, personal belonging that were in the bathroom, removed and put in the newly extended bedroom, a new lock fitted to the property, all this without our prior knowledge, just done. I understand the Landlord has breached the tenancy contract, under the housing law covenant of 'enjoy peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property' The landlord released one housemate from the tenancy when he complained Dec 22nd with full deposit returned. When I complained Dec 29th, I have been told repeatedly from the letting agency that the landlord will not release me from the tenancy, even though I have lots of photographs of the works and details of the ongoing planning enforcement case. I have moved out but would like to know, what recourse I can take with the landlord as the agency are no help at all.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey SammyJ, This sounds like a nightmare, I'm sorry to hear that you have been through this situation. It doesn't sound like the agency or the landlord are upholding the contract, as you have rightly identified. We are not in a position to offer legal advice however I would suggest you speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, and consider making a claim via the small claims court. This is a mechanism for resolving small disputes without formally going to a physical court and typically used for disputes like this. You can find the CAB here - https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/ I really hope you are not put in this situation again, and good luck renting in London
  20. ReplyPheonix
    Hi there, I'm renting a property from Dexters putney branch and its been one disaster to another. The kitchen was poorly wired to a 15amp fuse leaving and when the fliement in the kettle blew it left me without a kitchen for a week. They had to rewire the entire kitchen to get it going again and I have since found out electrical safety regulations were not adhered to as they keep spouting that its not an HMO property therefore they dont care. I have repairs that have needed to be done before i moved in still outstanding holes in the wall from weather. and more recently actual truncate falling down from the new so called safe wiring. The fuse box is a modified 1960's fuse box thats got a mishmash of old and new wiring. The landlord is refusing all communication with me once again on the advice of the letting agents. What are my rights in this case I would also like to note that the only means of fire safety is that of a smoke detector and one dry riser to the entire floor. At one point I could turn the hob on by standing on a random floorboard in the apartment. The landlord is refusing any compensation and no time frame on when anything will be fixed if at all. Any help would be appreciated
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Pheonix, I'm really sorry to hear that you're in this situation, it doesn't sound like the kind of rental experience we would hope for. We're happy to help try and provide advice in our articles but we aren't in a position to offer formal legal advice on your rights. We generally suggest that renters should contact Shelter, a housing charity, that will be able to provide more specific advice. https://england.shelter.org.uk/ In the mean time, if there is no response to your mails, I would suggest that you try going in to your agent's branch in person. The person you meet might not be the same person who has been working with your tenancy, so it's a good opportunity to make an ally to help you advance your case. I'm sorry we can't be more specific but I hope these suggestions are a useful first step.
  21. ReplyClaire
    We have signed a tenancy agreement and 3 weeks before we are due to move in, (move in date should have been the 5th Feb)the landlord/letting agent tells us we can't move in because the previous tenants will not leave and have therefore cancelled the contract and say they are refunding our credit check money and the deposit we paid. My partner however arranged with his current landlord to leave on the 7th Feb so he will be homeless due to this. Can we make a claim?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi Claire, I'm sorry to hear that you've been caught in the middle here through no fault of your own. We can't provide legal advice however I suggest you try contacting Shelter directly, or speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau for guidance. They can be found here http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/advice_services_directory/london https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/tenancy-agreements/ Further, if you are looking in London, I would recommend you continue to look for new housing in the mean time. We have built an app to help people with their home search, with available properties to be found and updated each day. Have a look
  22. ReplyPheo
    Theres been a new development what are my rights when landlord and letting agents breach their own contract as you recall I wrote about the kitchen and thye not having done the electrical safety checks I found this in my contract which they have admitted to not doing. 3. LANDLORD’S OBLIGATIONS 3.2 Not to interrupt or interfere with the Tenant’s lawful occupation, enjoyment or use of the premises other than in an emergency or in the normal and lawful process of exercising or implementing the Landlord’s rights and obligations under this agreement and having provided at least a minimum of 24 hours prior written notification. 3.3 To comply with the requirements of section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which imposes obligations on the Landlord to repair the structure and exterior (including drains, gutters and external pipes) of the premises; to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the premises for supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences, but not other fixtures, fittings and appliances for making use of water, gas or electricity); to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the premises for space heating and heating water. In determining the standard of repair required by the Landlord under this clause, regard shall be had to the age, character and prospective life of the premises and the locality in which it is situated. 3.5 To take reasonable steps to ensure that the Landlord’s domestic gas and electrical appliances and other similar mechanical appliances in the premises for which he is responsible are safe, in proper working order and in repair both at commencement of, and during the tenancy, as may be necessary from time to time in order to comply with the Landlords obligations under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, the Plugs and Sockets etc., (Safety) Regulations 1994. I assume I can take them to court and win hands down? As they have breached their own contract?
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Pheo, Sounds like you haven't been looked after very well. We would always advise that you notify your letting agent of disputes like this, in writing, as soon as possible and as often as possible. The more evidence there is in writing, and the more chance you give the landlord or agent the chance to fix the problem, the better your chances of getting your problems resolved. We can't provide direct legal advice here I'm afraid but we have generally referred our renters to other organisations who might be able to help, including Shelter and the Citizens Advice Bureau. I hope you can get the advice you need there, good luck
  23. ReplyPetetong
    Hi Carly Your comments in point 4 of the article, make no sense to me? A landlord for an AST cannot serve a notice to quit and the time scales on the tenants notice to quit are not correct? Where did you source the information?
  24. ReplyJo
    Can you please advice me with my problem. I private rented from the 1st. May 2013 and continued to pay rent till dec 2014 even though the flat had severe damp mould and no heating . In dec 2014 I came home from work to a flood I contacted the landlord who wasn't happy because it was 6 pm on a Friday night and actually told me I should have called him through the day to Wichita I replied I didn't know I was at work . On sat morning a plumber came but refused to repair the leak due to finding rat droppings and bear live wires and that the flat wasn't earthed .Contacted landlord who then didn't get anything done till Tuesday . I contacted the environmental health team and told them has they had already been in due to the other problems. When speaking to a neighbour I was informed that that the landlord knew about the dangerous wiring in the property before I moved in I also have a letter from the contractor who carried out the survey to say the property was unsafe. I then withheld the rent wich was a mistake I have never rented before and didn't know the rules but I also wasn't informed this by the council when I contacted the homeless prevention team for help. The landlord actually did none if the works leaving me and my daughters living in a dangerous flat. Also my lease had lapsed in May 2014 I spoke to the landlord about this but nothing was done . I recieved a section 21 stating reason for eviction as lapsed lease. On 8th July I was placed in a hostel and been there since. I have now been asked to leave on the 1st feb due to me making myself indentionally homeless because if the rent. I have appealed about this and it was upheld . I have also put a formal complaint in but this wasn't looked into correctly I had 15+ errors in my complaint that the council had made through this process. I can't rent privately due to my income and being on long term sickness after a spine op , and I have no where to go . Is there any advice you can give on this and where I can go to get this overturned without going through court because I can't afford this route
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Jo, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all of this, I really hope you can get to a fair settlement soon and without further trouble. As you can see in other comments, we are not able to provide formal advice, however I do recommend that you consider contacting charities, such as Shelter, who do have better expertise in this area. You could also consider the small claims court, which is much cheaper and quicker than pursuing through the formal courts.
  25. ReplyiPixie
    Hello, I have got a problem here, wonder if anybody can advise me on that. Me and my friend were renting a flat in Doncaster, with contract for 6 months, after first month we have fallen out and while I was away she changed the locks. Called police but they said it is between you two to sort out. Anyway she wouldn't give me the keys so I was waiting till she's back from work just before Christmas. I went to my family in Birmingham same night. Then I phoned my landlord, who don't believe that the lock was changed, and I can't check it if it was changed back of something. I was advised by my landlord that i need to give formal notice so on 23rd of January they can remove me from contract, now when I phoned them to find out if anything been done, apparently because my flatmate didn't show up they couldn't change the contract and I am reliable for all the charges until 23rd of February (that's if she shows up) is it even legal? Or where can I go?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there. It sounds like you're having a stressful time! We'd advise that you speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
  26. ReplyScott McEvoy
    Been living in my rented accommodation for 2 months now. In these two months the estate agents have gained access 5x times since the last occasion, just 2 days ago without informing. I wrote them a letter explaining if this were to happen again i would have no other choice than to take legal action as i came home to find an electrician in the middle of my living room. i was then told by a neighbor my flat door was open one day whilst i was at work because she was in the shower to open the bathroom door to find two men stood in her living room! Disgusted by that i sent a letter and email to both Landlord and estate agent advising them they are in breach of contract as 48 hours notice is to be given before gaining access to any property as per there own contract. My landlord had advised the estate agent these works were being done but they had forgotten to mention it to the 5x flats that were in the building on every occasion. I also made them aware this is not to happen again and if they were to gain access they would need to inform either me or my partner. I had setup a camera as well as a small notice on my door of live camera inside the property. surprise, surprise they came into my property only a couple of days ago to have a look at radiators. Not informing me or my partner but they did tell my neighbor they were going into his. This is not on and the fifth time. I contacted my Landlord immediately who said he wasn't responsible. I contacted the estate agent who said 'oh did we not tell you! we told Flat 2?' I'm in a 2 year contract. I'm not having this anymore, my landlord said he will be happy to go private. But Is it just as simple as handing in a notice to quit because they have breached on many occasions and simply signing to the landlord direct? i don't want to pay them any fee's, i simply want them gone as they have broken there contract and have breached our privacy. many thanks please email your response also to my email address Scott McEvoy
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Scott, I think the best advice at this stage is for you to head to: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ I really hope they can help you out!
  27. Replydar
    Hi, i seek advice on my problem which is: my agency gave my notice of termination and accordingly I,ve been given 2 months to move out here is the problem i can,t move out cause got no savings, I am in full time employment got 2 kids and my wife not working to look after the kids. With the current rent prices its almost imposible to move out by time given. Is there anything i could do to squeeze more time? I've already spoke with agency to ask the landlord for a extra month , but landlord said he can't accommodate us any longer.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, my advice would be to contact the agent/landlord to explain your situation, and see if they are willing to extend your contract, or perhaps recommend another property. Wishing you all the best!
  28. Replytnt713
    I have signed a 6 month contract. ...and have been in the property for 1 week, the house is freezing cold it has electric heaters but they don't really do a good job, and they cost a fortune on run, the house stinks from the previous tenants, (the smell wasn't there when I viewed it but then the had ever window and door open) and it's generally very dirty which the promised they would fix but after 2 try haven't, can I get out of my agreement?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, this sounds like you should definitely talk to your managing agent/landlord. If you're not happy with the condition of the property, the landlord may consider carrying out some improvements for you. If you have a notice period you could hand your notice in and begin looking for another property.
  29. ReplyCamila
    Hello, i seek advice on a problem i am currently having: I have signed a 10 month contract on a room (which will end on the 30th of june) unfortunately the house is in terrible condition, and it is getting worse, there are dampness all in the walls , and paint is staring to come off, the floors in the bathroom are turning black due to the poor ventilation, my room is also become pretty bad as i have a huge damp and mouldy patch on my ceiling, and little bits of paint and wallpaper are falling onto my bed and floor everyday. Also i can here dripping from the roof to my ceiling through the attic when it rains. I have sent messages to the manager of the house many of times and she has not taken any action, in which i went straight to my landlord, he visited the house, his advice to me was if it starts dripping in my room to use a bucket. i am very unhappy with this and i wish to leave this house ASAP. i would like advise on trying to get my landlord to break the contract and let me leave early with my full deposit back.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Camila, I'm so sorry you're having all these problems, it sounds like a nightmare. We're not qualified to advise on this, but we have written another article you may find useful: http://www.movebubble.com/2014/06/tenants-rights-know-rights/ If that doesn't help, perhaps contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Good luck, and I hope you get it all sorted.
  30. Replylottie
    Hi I signed for a house a few months back but can no longer afford to live their due to circumstances of loosing part time job that was the only way I could afford to live in the accommodation. It has now caused tension between the other tenant I was going to live with and we longer get on so living at the property is definitely not ideal. It is a two-bedroom flat which contract starts 1st July 2016 for the academic year. I wanted to get in touch with you so that I have an understanding of my rights. Is it possible for me to refuse wanting to live in the accommodation? My flatmate sill wants to live in the accommodation but I wish to drop out. As the contract hasn't initially started am I able to do this on my part? I paid an admin fee which I know I will definitely not be due back but I also paid a £300 deposit on my behalf for any damages of the property. Is it possible for me to drop out of the contract as it is no longer affordable? And if so how do I go about getting my deposit? Also after looking at the website recently with reasoning to look at terms and conditions. It seems that the flat to which I have signed a contract with states that it is a £200 deposit each so I am curious to why they have took £300 deposit from me? Please get back to me when possible. , many thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Lottie, If you've not yet moved in you could look for someone to take your place on the contract. Have you already signed it? I'd recommend you go back to the agent you signed the contract with and discuss these details with them - they will be able to let you know where you stand. All the best!
  31. ReplySimone
    Good Morning Team, I am writing you in regards of my tenancy. I am now at the last month of my tenancy. My agency is carring out viewings to rent the flat and so far so good. We now are at 2 weeks of the end of the tenancy and the Landlord has already instructed his contractors to come and start to fix the flat for the new tenants (like paining and tiling job). Of course I don't mind the viewing but what about the repair work for the new tenants while I am still living in the flat? I mean, I paid the flat for the last month and I shoud be able to live my life peacefully, especially because those works are not an emergency (I know that If it as an emergency, the Landlord would have access to the property). Is it my right to refuse the entry to the property in this case? I am quite scare the Landlord will be a bitch (sorry for the term) and hold part of my deposit because I delayed his letting in terms of refusing the maintenance works for the next tenants. Looking forward to have your advise as soon as you can, Best Regards, Simone
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Simone, I think the best thing to do at this stage is discuss with your landlord/agent that you are unhappy with the work being carried out whilst you're still in the property. If they are not essential maintenance works then I'd have to agree that it should wait until you've vacated the property. I wouldn't advise that you refuse entry to the property as this could get you in trouble - always best to try and communicate in a friendly way first. All the best!
  32. Replydomain
    Right now it looks like Wordpress is the top blogging platform out there right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?
  33. ReplyKev
    I went to view a house and found damp, the electrics lamps were hanging and showing live conductors, dirty carpets as well as other faults, I was told by the agents that all will be fixed prior to move. I went to the sign the agreement at there office I signed and paid. I was told then that the landlord does all the repairs, to my horror the only work that was done was a board was put over the damp and painted, the damp was all over and leaking as was the paint on the carpet, they never used dust mats, the electrics were unsafe, garage door hanging off, a punch whole in a bedroom door hidden by a white jiffy bag and cellotape. All the agents say is contact the landlord . I handed back the keys the same day, the agents don't even have a electrical certificate. the agents keep telling me to contact the landlord for the refunds and they will try and get him to sign for the deposit back. Where do I stand
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Kev, That sounds like a nightmare! If the agent promised that all would be fixed prior to move then you should communicate this to them, and make sure you hold them to it. Did you manage to get this promise in writing? All the best, Amy
  34. Replymarci
    Hi, I have a problem. I lived in the flat, I signed an inventory list where was not mentioned a big crack on the tiles in the kitchen. I thought that it is so obvious that they had not even mentioned it in the inventory list. Now they are saying that I had done it and want me to pay for the tiles. I do not know what to do. I have not done it. Also they saying that I have not clean this and that. I was waiting for my deposit whole month and after a month they sent me an email what all I have to pay. It is right that they did it after a month? Thank you for your help.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Marci, For questions like this, you are best to call the Citizen's Advice Bureau. All the best!
  35. ReplyXxkatie_oxx
    Hi there, We have lived in our current property for the last 6 years. Last year when the renewal came through we did not sign it but did pay the suggested rent increase. We have now found somewhere else to live and would like to leave. Is the tenancy periodic?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Katie, Thanks for your message! I checked on our other article (http://www.movebubble.com/2015/11/understanding-assured-shorthold-tenancy-agreement/) and it says: After the agreed term has passed, if it isn’t renewed by the landlord it will become a Statutory Periodic Assured Tenancy, which means that the original conditions apply but the term is now on a rental basis, i.e monthly rental payments mean a monthly tenancy. Check out the full article as it might answer some other questions for you :) All the best, Amy
  36. ReplyDan
    Hi, if anyone has any advice for me then this would be very welcome! So basically before we (me and 4 friends) agreed to the contract we asked the landlord and letting agency to write in the contract that they promise to install a new shower before we moved in. They agreed to this and added it to the contract and on that basis we agreed to pay the rent and sign the contract. After the summer holidays we moved in and there was no sign of the promised new shower (it is worth mentioning we asked for a new shower because the current one was 10 years old and very grotty). So I sent our landlord and letting agency an email saying why hadn't the promised shower been installed? Emails were exchanged for a few months until Christmas. I gave them many chances to install the shower and to be fair the landlord had a plumber in once or twice however the plumber said the old shower worked fine and it would be expensive to replace the shower. The landlord also said that the current shower had never leaked and that getting a new shower might spark a leak. After the Christmas holidays we returned to find that there was still no shower. In an attempt to make the current shower look nicer he had fitted a light above the shower to make it look more 'sparkly'. QUESTIONS I HAVE: My question is has he breached the contract by not providing a new shower unit as written in the contract? And because he hasn't delivered this promise do we have the right to get some money back at the end of the tenancy (after all we have been paying for a shower we never got)? Final question, can he deduct any of our deposit at the end of the tenancy if he has breached the contract himself? (the house isn't damaged so I don't think that he would anyway) Thanks for your time. Any comments are welcome! Dan
  37. ReplyKahry
    Hi we just move to a new room and the night was horrible we can't sleep because of the traffic, when a car go by the road the walls shake. We just sign yesterday for 3 months and this is horrible. is nothing to do about it right?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Kahry, Your local council will have details on the minimum living standards, and decibel level that is acceptable. Please go and check this out, and see if you can take that information back to your Landlord. All the best, Amy
  38. ReplyPav
    Hi I've signed contract with agency for 6 mounts to let room in flat without viewing it. They only showed me photos with ware completely different form how the flat looks like in real life. I've had to find something very fast and didn't have time to look for so I decided to risk. The living standard is really bad considering price of room. My question is can i somehow make them to terminate my contract without paying early termination fee? I feel fooled by them.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Pav, Without seeing your contract in full it would be hard to advise. Check for any clauses that state the condition of the property, and perhaps you can ask the Landlord to carry out repairs and maintenance as necessary. All the best, Amy
  39. ReplyKayleigh
    Hi Amy, I am currently in a rolling contract and my landlord has sent me a letter to let me know of a rent increase commencing 23/07/16 and if it is not suitable for us to vacate the property by this time. In the letter it states that we are exemplary tenants and she hopes we stay at the property. I spoke to her on the phone and said I would be happy to renew and have found out I am 7 weeks pregnant and thought I would be honest and tell her ( there is nothing about children in the contract) she has now told me that I have to leave the property by 23rd of July and if she can't find a tenant even if I find another property she will not give me any money as I'm in contract. I have found properties but they can not wait this long. I feel discriminated during my pregnancy and this has caused me such distress. I live in London and really need advice. Also I don't wish to stay at the property(even though I love it!) as I don't want to pay rent To a person who I have no respect for anymore.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Kayleigh, This doesn't sound right to me. I'd suggest you contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau or your Local Council to get some legal advice. Please do keep us posted on how you're getting on, and if you need anything else. Wishing you all the best, Amy
  40. Replyveee
    Hi, my contract should end on 10th of June, but I don't want to sign another one for 6 months because I am planning to move at the beginning of July. My contract says that I should give a 2 months notice which is a lot of time. My question is can I stay just for 20 days paying my rent of course [because my agency does not provide a contract just for 1 moth] and if they have rights to get rid of me for those 20 days that I am in the property?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey, I think if you just leave your contract as it is it will turn into a month by month rolling one, then just give notice at the right time for you. All the best, Amy
  41. ReplyGabi
    Hi Amy! I could really use your help. I signed a 12month (ending 9th August) I always paid the rent on time, no damages to the property (it has been checked by the agency less than 2 months ago) etc. Last Thursday the landlord gave me notice because he has sold the property and I have until 9th August to leave. I was upset but that's ok, I started looking for a new place and just found one that I really liked; however, the landlord is refusing to let me leave the flat before August and also refusing to release my deposit back before I leave the property. I already offered some alternatives, he can send someone again, to check the property, as he did less than 2 months ago, they took pictures of everything and everything was fine, according to the agency. I don't have money to pay for the deposit + agency fees + rent in advance in the new place + the rent to stay where I'm now. If I could leave by the end of this month I could use rent money for the new flat (this month is already paid), I would be able to pay agency fees and if he releases my deposit, I could use this amount to make a deposit for the new flat. Considering that my contract says that I need to pay for the inventory, professional cleaning etc, why not have a pre-inventory just to confirm that the property is not damaged and to release my deposit and after I leave, the final Inventory. Is there anything you could about that I could offer and try to negotiate? I don't have direct contact with my landlord, every communication is through the agency (he lives abroad) and sometimes just feels that they say NO to everything instead of being reasonable. Thank you very much for your help. Gabi
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Gabi, My advice would be to go into the agency and speak to someone face to face. This can be time consuming but people tend to be more accommodating in person (it's very easy to just say NO on an email or the phone). If that doesn't work, try contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau. All the best, Amy
  42. ReplyConnie
    Hi Amy..I rented a house for 2 years and in the advertisement it stated that it was a 3.5 bathroom and with central vac...The third bathroom was supposed to be installed and it never was and also the central vac was never installed I payed 1600 for this home monthly stating it had 3.5 baths and central vac, never happened..So now I have moved out which was June 1st 2016 and he is wanting me to repair a carpet because it is discolored from a pet mishap...I went over there to steam clean some dirty spots and have a contractor do a seamless carpet repair on one of the spots...The landlord wants me to replace the entire bedroom carpet due to the damaged spot..Thats fine but because the lease stated that it was 3.5 baths with central vac and it didn't have that did he breach his lease contract?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Connie, Thanks for getting in touch! Check your lease to see if you're liable to repair anything you've damaged such as carpets etc. Usually this is what the deposit is for, so the landlord can make any repairs needed. I agree it's tricky if you expected other work to be done on the property and it wasn't. Did you have the 3.5 bath agreement in writing? All the best, Amy
  43. ReplyHAMSAH
    Hi Amy,I saw a property on right move, which is a four bedroom house and 3 toilets. on the advert it stated that it was refurbished, we went for viewing me and my husband but it showed otherwise, however the agent that took us to the viewing mentioned it was going to cleaned up and put in perfect condition before we moved in. we then went ahead and signed a 12 months AST and gave upfront payment. but when I got to the house it was in the same condition as we viewed it, I rang the agents and even went into their office to complain. they apologised and said all would be fixed, and the landlord offered to give me 250 pounds back because I couldn't move in due to the repairs. Am pregnant and was going through a lot, my therapist advised I don't stay in such a quiet area, so I asked the agents if I can negotiate with the landlord, which they said no problem, I should give them a date I want to move out and they would re advertise the property but i have to pay for it, i agreed and they said i have to wait until a new tenant moves into the property. i then pleaded with them to let me negotiate with the landlord, at least if I can get my six months rents back and let him hold on to the rest and my security deposit. but the agents wont reply me and currently am stranded. please advise me on what to do.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hamsah, I'm so sorry that you have had such a terrible experience, there are too many people in property who are not looking out for the needs of tenants. You'll see we've written in other places that we're not able to give legal advice and we don't want to try and be experts where we cannot be absolutely sure. Our advice is that you consider contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau (https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/) and the housing charity Shelter, who can provide more informed advice. It's important that you know your rights and you are protected, I hope these organisations can help. Good luck
  44. ReplyGoose
    Hi I moved out of a three bedroomed house last week. Handed the keys back on Thursday, by the weekend there was new tenants moving in. We lived there for two years and the decor and carpets were in a shameful condition and they were documented on the inventory as 'poor' and 'satisfactory'. The letting agent agreed that normal 'wear and tear' has occurred as a result of the two years living there. However, the landlord has refused to release our £1500 deposit stating the house needs a professional clean and carpets replaced! As a result I have opened a dispute today. But I'm wondering if he is allowed to re-let the property while the dispute is taking place. The house was already accepted by the new tenants when they came around to view, this was when we still lived there.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Goose, This doesn't sound fair, it seems a lot of money to ask back for wear and tear. Do you have photographic evidence, or a video? You should check your tenancy agreement and see whether a professional clean was part of the original contract - this can be normal for a lot of agencies. The good news is that your deposit is held by a third party, which it sounds like you know. You have a certain number of days to open a dispute and it sounds like you have. The schemes that hold on to your deposits are independent which is great and should come to the fairest conclusion. I hope this works out, and good luck. Well done for standing up for your rights.
  45. ReplyDee
    hello. can you advise? please i took keys for a new ( for me) property with the same housing association as the house im in now.....after 32 years in my council house ..that they bought from my council,..... i needed to move due to noise....never rectified...but,,,under pressure to make a decision i took the keys of a place and when i walked in after quick viewings, i realised that it was too much work ( in a mess really) for me as a single mum with a disabled /autistic child,,,i immediately called the housing association to ask to give keys back,,,i was told to wait a week and see how i felt...i gave the keys back plus a letter of quitting after 5 days.....they are now saying i owe more than £500 in rent for this other property that i never moved into and told them i didnt want after 1 day really......... i havent got £500 tog ive and i am quite upset...they say i owe due to having to give notice,.......but how can this be fair when i told them on the day i got the keys that i was not going to take up the property? thanks
    • Freddie fforde
      Dee - I'm so sorry that you are clearly experiencing these issues. There are lots of issues in housing in London today and it can be easy for some to forget that these are places we need to actually live in. At Movebubble we are unable to provide legal advice, as it's not our area of expertise. However we can recommend that you speak to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau (https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/) for help, and to contact the housing charity Shelter who are more experienced with helping people in your situation. http://england.shelter.org.uk/ I hope you get to fair outcome and I hope you are able to resolve this quickly. We wish you the best of luck.
  46. ReplyMike
    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if my Landlord is legally allowed to scream in my face if she doesn't like my language? I was raised to not find swearing taboo, I swore back and forth with my parents casually from a young age. Now, I didn't point the word at my landlord directly(of course) I was thinking of the next word in my sentence and spouted "fkn" as I was thinking of what to say. My landlord immediately postured from a sitting position, stood up and screamed with a finger in my face "Don't say that in front of me!" (She's older generation) Literally, more aggressive than I've ever seen her. I was a little shocked having never seen her so angry before, I've even heard her utilise the word a few times herself. I asked her "I can't say fuck?" but she really didn't like this and is now threatening me with eviction. I'm really confused, not sure what I can do as EVERYONE has said I'm in the wrong and she has all the vito power as the landlord so don't argue with the situation. I don't know whether to be very afraid or angry that my liberties are being molested and I have no options. I didn't swear at her, and if she had asked me to not say that particular word without being so suddenly aggressive I wouldn't have abruptly left the scene before I got angry at her posture myself. I would have not said the word ever again out of respect. I can't afford to move out, I have no alternative but to stay or make a house in the forest... What do I do about the eviction threats?
  47. ReplyPudding
    Hi, I wonder if u can help me.. Me & my family recently moved into a rental house. At the time of viewing all works hadn't been finished, but we were assured they would. This hasn't been the case, the work in the garden still hasn't been started & we have lived in the house for 9weeks now.. There was a large waste area just outside the back door where a garage had stood. We were told we would have a large patio put in its place & a new garage. We were told by the landlord that garage was to be placed in the garden & its location was flexible.. We have since been told "it will be shingle & a lot smaller area" that it had been her dream & now it isn't possible" We have also b
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey there, This is a really tricky one, did you get any of their promises in writing? All the best, Amy
  48. ReplyRandy
    Hello! I would like to know what i can do and what i should do about my current situation. About a month ago, me and a couple of other friends were researching a place to lease so we can go to college with ease. But when we moved in we noticed a lot of problems with the property and even informed the landlord. We told her that the duplex was infested with a lot of roaches and insects, but she just replied with don't worry its no problem it'll go away soon with the exterminator coming to visit. However many times he did come, the roaches just came back and back. Then we started to notice the duplex was not in range of any internet service provider and as we are college students we require internet. We text the landlord and talked about our situation and she promised that she can terminate our contract and refund us our security deposit. Soon afterwards, our situation escalated from bad to terrible as we were infested with bedbugs everywhere upstairs and downstairs and it go so bad that i have bites all over my arms and legs and so did my roommates. One of my roommates brother had so much bites on his legs it looked like it was puffy. We had to throw out all of our mattresses and sofa and take all of our clothes to the washer and get it clean. Leaving us with no beds to sleep on and a bedbug infest house, we found out that our landlord lied about getting us brand new carpets and instead got us used and old carpets which is the main reason why the bedbugs were there. Afterwards we contacted the landlord again and asked if she can refund us for this months rent because by that time we had all moved back into our parent's homes and she pulled the "im sorry, i will have to pull the contract move and will not give you a refund". Furious as we are, i researched the contract and there was a section that stated that "If the landlord fails to repair a condition that materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant as required by this lease or the Property Code, Tenant may be entitled to exercise remedies under 92.056 and 92.0561. !) terminate the lease and obtain an appropriate refund under 92.956." Basically we asked her to fix the bedbugs and roach infested house but she never did, and when we try to message her she would either dodge the question or never reply. I would like to know what we can do as we are just college students and we poured out a lot of our funds for this lease but ended up getting screwed over and would like said funds back so we can get new beds and furniture and money to get a new lease.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Randy, That sounds like a nightmare and like your landlord isn't being very accommodating. If she has breached the terms of the lease you can probably get out of the contract and I'd suggest you look for a better landlord and property without so many creepy crawlies! All the best, Amy
  49. ReplyAngryTenant
    Me and my family lived in a house for 2 years - our landlord was always distant, never checked out the house or anything.. we were fine with that, we never bothered him to fix anything - did it all ourselves. We maintained the place well. Paid our rent well in advance, 3 months in advance, sometimes even 5 months in advance... suddenly, we receive an email around October 2015, stating our rent has increased by 12%, going from $1,700 to $1,900.. as my Father has not been well, he agreed to pay the $1,900.. we did so for approximately 2-3 months, then stopped, as my Father felt it wasn't right. We then received a letter stating we had to leave the unit and had 2 months to find a new place... this was sent to us just BEFORE CHRISTMAS time.. ruined our family gathering, basically just ruined our christmas... my Father fell even more ill due to this ridiculous news... our landlord went as far as to take us to court and use his three small children as bait as to why he needed the unit.. he stated he wanted to move in and that his kids had no home.... (even though he had JUST BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE) he was pestering us daily to find a place, well knowing my Father was ill, he had little concern for that. During this time, our stove nearly blew up, as it had a slow gas leak for months, without us even knowing... the landlord didn't show much concern for that either... he only cared that the stove was cracked... while my Father had to move the stove and unplug it, he cracked the glass with his knee.. he was frantic, as was my Mother. He then told us that he had good news and we could stay, so long as we gave him 12 post-dated cheques..... then under the same breath a few weeks later he decided that we could no longer stay and pestered us on the daily once again. Causing immense stress on all of us... my mother had panic attacks, my Father was even more ill. He called the sheriff and we had to be out.... we have no home, and yet he still pesters us about the 'mess' we left, when we had to be out in a rush.... I now find out that the little sneak is SELLING THE HOUSE... please help me. What can I do about this? He promised the courts he was moving in and is not...
  50. ReplyElena_leutzu@yahoo.com
    Hi, On 7th of May 2016, was the last day of my tenancy agreement.Normally after that date i should receive another one with the new date and the new period.But this was not happend.I was a good tenant and i was made only good things in the house.The agent saw all this good things and was very happy.But when i was telling him about the new tenancy agreement he told me that i do not need another one." No problem it will roll onto a month to month contract You are still in contract but a month to month contract with 2 months notice to either side.It's the old contract".This is what he was telling me.But i think it is not normal because in the present i don't have any available document as proof that i stay in the house, that i am the tenant and i am paying the rent.If tomorrow the agent come and get me out from the house?What i can do?The only thing that i have is the old contract which is not available anymore.Please help me with an advice or something cause i don"t know what to do.Kind regards,Elena T.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Elena, I think we have another article on this... here's the link and it should give you all the answers: http://www.movebubble.com/2015/11/understanding-assured-shorthold-tenancy-agreement/ All the best, Amy
  51. ReplyRockstarjak
    Yesterday, my landlords brother, who previously lived in the house renting, somehow managed to enter the house with friends and started drinking in the living room. He no longer lives in the house and i was shocked and surprise he actually did this. I was going to complain to the landlord and ask what the situation would be but as they are brothers I think the landlord will come up with an excuse and say he maybe just needed to visit there to pick up some old things he left or something. However i have evidence through pictures of alcohol that was left in the living room when they left. basically before i complain, i want to know my rights are as a tennant and whether I'm right in guessing he shouldn't be allowed entry as he is not a tennant in the house anymore. Please advise on this because i dont want this to become a regular occurance.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey, This isn't ideal at all! Best thing to do is check your contract and see what you've got in writing. I'd suggest a more subtle approach on this, and ask nicely to begin with, explain that it's not nice to think that someone can just enter your house at any time! All the best, Amy
  52. ReplyChris
    Hi Amy, I have recently moved into a privately rented flat. When making the application for tenancy, I stipulated that certain repair works be carried out, as well as a professional clean in advance of me moving in. This application was accepted and the terms were put into the tenancy agreement. The property manager informed me a couple of days before the move that the tenant who was in the property at the time refused them access, so the works wouldn't be done in advance. I have been hounding the property manager for 3 weeks since moving in, but still the majority of repairs nor the professional cleaning have been carried out. I am now having to pay for the cleaning myself and deduct the amount from rent (agreed in writing by the property manager), but still no sign of the repairs being completed. Do I have any rights to withhold my rent until the work has been done, or is my only course of action (other than grin and bare the delays) to service notice to quit on the grounds of the tenancy agreement not being upheld? Thanks Chris
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Chris, Was there a timeframe set out in writing? If so, then perhaps you have more leverage here to get the work done. What is the extent of the repair work? If it's making the property inhabitable then again you have more on your side to fight with. Perhaps you could write to the landlord/agent and ask for an time of when the work will be completed - and get this in writing? All the best, Amy
  53. ReplyLV
    Hello, Advise would be greatly appreciated. Hello, We have been in a rented property for a year now, and from the offset we have had various problems in getting things sorted and fixed in the house, the greatest being the boiler was condemed to be dangerous in November 2016 and it took 7 weeks for the land lord to get it fixed during the Winter months. The heaters he provided did not work as they continously triggered the electrics and he refused to supply any other alternative source. We did not withhold rent, we have also never been compensated for this. Since this we have had a number of other smaller issues, like a dripping tap (this took 7 weeks to fix), faulty electrics (again 7 weeks).., we took it upon ourselves in this case to get an electrician out to fix the problem, we sent the agent and the landlord the bill. (a mere £6o might i add). We have not dedected from the rent. We have this week been served a 2 month notice to vacate the property. Quite unbelievable really, considering how badly we have been treated by both agent and landlord, we are now the ones whom are loosing out yet again. Ofcourse we do want to move however its very inconvenient at this time for us as a family, Where do we stand with regards to only moving when we are ready and have found a suitable home for oyr family, on grounds we have not missed a payment.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey, Sounds like you'd be better off out of there - landlord hasn't been very good to you. If it's in your contract that you can be given 2 weeks notice at any time then there isn't a huge amount you can do about it now :( Check out the Movebubble app if you're moving to London! All the best, Amy
  54. ReplyTabrez
    Hi, I was in the second year of my tenancy (which has a six month break clause, subject to a 2 month notice). According to the rental contract, we were supposed to give notice on 5th June to be able to vacate the property on 6th August – otherwise the tenancy would end on 6th Feb 2017. On 5th June we had no reason to give notice but subsequent to that date my wife was verbally harassed twice by a group of individuals who were at a shop nearby (which she had to pass every day). Fearing for her safety (I travel out of town a lot on work), we decided to move out of the property to another area. We gave the landlord notice to leave on 23rd June and found another property to rent on the same day. Our move date at the new property was 30th July. Our old landlord said they would be okay to release us from the contract earlier but in the event they can’t find a tenant, which their estate agent said was unlikely, they would hold us until they could. On 30th July we moved to our new flat and continued to pay rent until 6th August in the old property (paid monthly). The old property has still not been rented and the landlord is now saying they would hold us to contract until the earlier of a new tenant being found or the 6th Feb 2017 (which is the end of the tenancy per contract). We have appealed to the landlord and estate agent that we did not know on 5th June that we needed to move but due to the circumstance we decided to move on the 23rd. We have been good tenants for 18 months and looked after the property. Could you please advise if the landlord has the right to hold me to pay rent till 6th Feb 2017, just because I did not give notice on the exact date? As a compromise, I could offer to pay the landlord 2 months rent from date I gave them notice. I would go bankrupt paying rent for two flats. Please could you send me a mail on the email address?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey! This is a tricky one for me to advise you on. The best place to go for is the Citizen's Advice Bureau. I'm really sorry we can't be of more help at this stage, and I wish you all the best. It sounds to me like you should appeal to the landlord's better nature, or alternatively you could offer to help find a new tenant to take over the rent. Amy
  55. ReplyKATSU
    We have a 6 months contract. The second day at the flat, we were cleaning our new flat, and me and my husband were victims of burglary. We asked for our contract to be suspended, due to the fact that we do not feel safe in this flat anymore, however the agency said that the landlord did not agree to our request. We then asked for the possibility to take security measures as the installation of a lock for the fence outside our flat or window grills and an alarm system for the windows as the person who stole our bag, was able to get in through the door and had a quick and easy access to our window, but we still waiting for any solution. On top of that, in the 8 day in the flat, I was returning to the flat after being out since the day before, when I noticed that the lights were on and the door was unlocked. After the incident I always make sure the windows and the door are locked and lights off when leaving our flat. I went to the agency to ask if any of the agents had entered to our flat, however they said that no one from the agency did it, which was an answer even more terrifying since it means that someone has access to our flat without any permission. The same day, late in the afternoon I got a call from the agency and informed me that the owner is selling the flat and someone entered to it, in order to show it to a possible customer. I think this incident is not acceptable, is a violation to our privacy and to our security. The door was left unlocked by someone, to the mercy of robbers. Today my neighbor informed me that last night the flat next to ours was robbed too…something that really scare me, because we don’t feel save. We really want to move to another apartment, but the agency says that the landlord does not allow us to leave, and if we do it, we must continue paying the rent. However the facts that they have come to our apartment to show to a possible customer to sell it, without our authorization was a clear violation to the contract. We have been here for 17 days….do you know if can move? There is anything I can do? Thanks
    • Simon Whittaker
      Hi Katsu. I'm really sorry to hear about the terrible experience you're having. The Landlord coming into the flat without your authorisation is a violation of the Short Hold Tenancy contract. You can't decline a visit from the landlord/agent but they do need to give you a 24hr warning before bringing people to the flat. Unfortunately it's not grounds to terminate the contract though. With regards to the security issues, the best place to go for legal advice is the Citizen Advice Bureau website, or shelter.org.uk. They both have great documentation on renter rights.
  56. ReplyJordan
    Hi Carly, I have been paying £1880 rent for a whole year to my private landlord, standing order. The tenancy was from Aug 15 - Aug 16. Tonight however I have noticed that the printed tenancy agreement states £1830 should be paid to the landlord. Therefore I have been paying £50 extra PCM. Do I have the right to ask for my money back that I have been over paying?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Jordan, that's a tough one. You could definitely ask and see what the landlord says!
  57. Replyphilfred
    Hello, I'm just moving out of my first rental property and due to working away from the house during the week means I'm only there on a weekend. My wife and I have just parted ways and she has a new house but the problem is with the old one. As she is sorted with somewhere to live and I live away means the house is empty. The landlord came in and looked around but didn't provide a list of things that he isn't happy about. I wouldn't have minded too much as we lived there for almost 10 years and I've fixed many a problem for him so he has had a very limited involvement in the house. At this time I had 1 week in which to clean and fix any issues that I could find but the landlord took it upon himself to go in there with 5 other people to clean the house and carry out some painting. 1 Why was he in my house when I'm still payed up until 1 weeks time. 2 He has now not allowed me to get the cleaning done myself. 3 He now wants to take a large proportion of the deposit for his trouble. Surely he is in breach of some laws doing this as he has denied me the opportunity and he has now gained in monetary terms by taking my deposit.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey there, This sounds like a tricky one. Do you rent direct from the landlord or through an agency? They might be able to advise you if so. Have you looked at your tenancy agreement? Does that say if the landlord needs to give you notice before coming into the property? If this doesn't help, I'd suggest contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau. All the best, Amy
  58. ReplyBob
    I am a Luminus Housing Assoc. tenant in Cambs. England. in a block of 8 flats with security entrances and communal garden/laundry area. Sounds great right? WRONG!!!! I was not informed that one of the residents of this block is a sex offender - a paedophile - worse still - a serial offending molester! I learned this fact from the community the day I moved in. As the Communal Area was an unused sun trap (just mud), a neighbour (with children) and I put down some coloured gravel and acquired a nice 2-seated chair with parasol. With the kids buggies parked beside it, the communal area transformed into a lovely, but small family garden space. Until the very next morning - the serial offending child molester had claimed the area for himself! There he was - sitting in OUR chair, in a state of undress, drinking alcohol and doing his wordsearch! He is there from 9am - 6pm if its sunny. Neither I, not the neighbour with kids, nor anybody else in this block has had the use of the communal garden area EVER. Note: the 'garden area' is right outside my (only exit) front door. His drunken voice is amplified by the stairwell as he props open the security door (which is supposed to be 'secured'). I am often woken by his voice - so loud that I fear someone is INSIDE my property! In short- I am awoken by a half drunk, half dressed serial child molester sitting in my garden furniture on my doorstep all day long - he even takes my parasol indoors with him when he is finished with 'our' garden. It gets worse - The building still has an external bin cupboard at the front entrance of the block and a huge newly built gated area on the side of the building for wheely bins, large skips etc., but these are ignored by the paedophile who instead chooses to dump his bags of refuse on the patch of grass OUTSIDE MY WINDOW on a Saturday when collection is not until Monday. Although my view is NOT a 'Defined Collection Point' the Council apparently have an agreement with the paedophile that he can leave his rubbish there 'for recycling'. (there is no recycling on a Monday). I have also learned that TWO-bedroom flats in this block are now considered 'difficult to let' and have been rented to single tenants. So Luminus have purposefully caused family dwellings to be uninhabitable or unsafe by housing paedophiles in buildings (partly) designed for families? So, I have rubbish piled up outside my window every weekend - ALL weekend. Illegal, yet allowed to continue. My garden furniture is stolen regularly (and is now damaged) - allowed to continue. Our security door (back) is constantly propped open - allowed to continue. Noise and public alcohol consumption - allowed to continue. Sex offender camped at everyones front door - allowed to continue. Neither Luminus Housing, Huntingdon District Council, my MP nor the Police have done a single thing to stop this behaviour - even though I see it as direct intimidation (I suffered abuse as a child). I cant even find legal representation.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Bob, This sounds like an awful situation to be in, and sounds like you're not getting a huge amount of support from anyone! Can you get together with the other more reasonable tenants and push Luminus Housing to support you? Strength in numbers! Alternatively I'd urge you to consider moving out - it's not ideal as moving can be stressful, but ultimately it could allow you to get settled somewhere much nicer. Another thing to do is to find things in your contract that relate to the situation (getting things in writing is the key!). I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Potentially the Citizen's Advice Bureau is a good place to go for further advice. All the best, Amy
  59. ReplyShadia
    Hello. I signed a 12 month contract after the initial 6 month contact. I always paid my rent on the due date fro the past 10 month and kept the house in excellent order. However, on this month due date I paid the rent at 9:00am and straight away I had a very rude phone call from the estate agency telling me that I missed an "8:00am time deadline" and if that happens again they will charge me late payments fees. I was really upset from the way they spoke to me and the disrespectful manner so I told them I no longer wish to stay in the house. They told me I have to agree to paying half of the new tenant finding fees, allow potential tenants to view the house with 24h notice and to move out the day before the new tenant moves in. I agreed to the first 2 conditions but I can't agree to the 3rd one. I have young children and it is extremely difficult to find a new house that except "open or indefinite" moving in date. I also can't afford paying rent for 2 houses. I paid a month in advance rent which means if i leave now, they have the rent already paid for one month and I offered to pay for an extra week on top. They said they can not confirm when an new tenant might move because they have to wait for credit check and this is what worries me if I agreed to their condition as they might prolong the process or not take it seriously. There is nothing in my contract about end of tenancy from my side. It only has the landlord side. What are my rights? I can't stand dealing with this agency for another 8 month
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Shadia, What are the terms in your contract for giving notice and moving out? I'm really sad to hear that agents are behaving in this way, there are some great agents out there and people like this are creating a bad image for the estate agency industry. I guess you could try to negotiate a set period of notice, say 1 month would be fair I think, and under the agreement that you'll accommodate viewings etc. I'm not sure what they mean about new tenant finding fees, that is something I've never heard of and you shouldn't be paying for. They should understand that you can't be expected to give your next landlord a open moving date! I'm sure they wouldn't accept that! Also it's worth talking to the Citizen's Advice Bureau for more detailed advice. Perhaps they can go through their contract with you to see if there is anything concrete in there to help your case. All the best, Amy
  60. ReplyIrene
    Good afternoon, At the end of June, me and my partner signed a tenancy agreement for a semi-furnished flat in London. We obviously visited it before but the old tenants still lived here so it was impossible for us to verify its real condition because rooms were untidy and full of stuff - we didn't imagine it couldn’t even meet the minimum standards! By the terms of the contact, the flat had to be professionally cleaned so we could move in immediately, on the August 1st, when Foxtons gave us the key. They didn't gave to me any inventory check and was not available in the web site, They sent it to me just after few days under my request. I entered the flat, was a real mess. Rooms were dirty, the old tenants’ stuff was still here (their old mattress under the new one, etc); was infested by cockroaches… the floor was (and still is) completely ruined, with many holes so big that you can see the rubbish underneath… the wall behind the fridge had been repaired putting some clothes ‘inside’, electric plugs were damaged… not to mention the kitchen, stinky, old and in a very bad condition. Even the common part of the building (the only exit in case of fire) was full of rubbish and there was a big roll of fiberglass, with fibers everywhere. We have a 2 years old daughter; they knew it. We immediately contacted Foxtons. They told us they were not managing the property anymore and that we had to address the owner. We contacted her, she was on holiday and didn’t want to be bothered, anyway at the beginning she seems available, she gave us the contact of her friend, but instead of help us, he enter in the flat and try to kill the insect on its own even if he is not a qualify person. After that she never respond me anymore. In her defense she told me she couldn’t use a wifi connection - but that was a lie because her Facebook profile was so updated. A few days later, she stopped answering and started to ignore us: she thought that was a good solution. We tried to solve it somehow (September); we even paid for the pest control (getting rid of cockroaches takes one month) but then we realized that it was impossible for us to fix the whole flat problems: we gave back the keys to Foxtons and we told them we intended to break the contract. We paid on advance 5200 for 4 months + deposit (1800) + pest control (250) + agency fee (450) we never lived here! The Landlord doesn’t want to give the money back, Foxtons consider the property vacant and force us to pay the rent until the end of the contract, in 2 years. They even told us that we had to pay for a professional cleaning in case she had to show the house to potential new tenants. We contacted the council as well, and the director of the Public Protection and Safety Officer inspected the house with me and take a notes of the repair needed, he wrote her but she said that because we saw the house before to sign the contract she doesn't care about the conditions. We didn't notice problems during our visit, as I wrote before: maybe the old tenants’ stuff hid it or the flat had been damaged later, anyway, based on the contract the house must be ready and clean for fitted us. We spoke by email, so we have the evidence of all the conversation and pictures. The landlord didn't respect her obligations, do you think we can break the contract and have our money back?
    • Nicola Carr
      Hello Irene, I’m so sorry you have had such a terrible rental experience. You’ve definitely done the right thing keeping all correspondence and evidence as this could help your case if you decide to take further action. Movebubble can’t provide legal advice but the information in these links below should provide you with some ideas on your options moving forwards. http://www.movebubble.com/2014/05/protect-yourself-against-bad-landlords/ https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-a-home/common-problems-with-renting/#h-tenant-wants-to-end-the-tenancy I hope the above information has been helpful and we wish you luck on resolving the issue soon. If we can help in any other way please get in touch.
  61. ReplyTenant withdrawl
    I found replacement to pay rental fee's from sept plus admin fee, I paid admin and first rent instalment in hopes that I would move in the next day and expressed tot he agencies it is impossible during the summer to pay three months rent instalment, The agency are requesting I pay for Aug-Sept, when I haven't lived in the property, the landlord also decreased the deposit fee when advertising and the price rental month is not clear. w
  62. Replyzina
    just to add my sister is only staying for 2nights.
  63. ReplyBig Bird
    Hi, my Landlords estate agents contacted me last week (Dec 2016) saying that they had sent me a letter back in April 2016 informing me of a rent increase; I did not receive this letter so have been paying my £550 pcm rent as normal. They have informed me that I am liable for the arrears. I have told them I am not willing to pay any arrears when I did not receive the letter and 1) are they able to evidence the letter was sent, 2) why as it taken so long for them to pick up on this. I havent heard anything back as of yet but wondered where I would stand with this. I cant afford the property anyway and I am currently looking for somewhere else. My contract expired a while ago and I am currently on a month by month.
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi there, I've also replied to your other comment but I'll copy the response here: It sounds like they might have sent you what's called a "Landlord's notice proposing a new rent", which is used to increase the rent after a fixed period contract has ended. Unfortunately, the way the form works is that it is assumed you agree unless you take action to the contrary, but I think they would have to prove that the notice was received in order to force you to pay the arrears. If you accept the new rent, then it is probably best to say that you will take this latest contact as your formal notice and pay the increased rent from the next period onwards, otherwise refuse to take the increase and look to terminate the contract. You can find more information on rent increases at https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/rent-increases, and if you want to seek further advice you could speak to Citizens Advice or Shelter. I hope you manage to sort it soon!
    Hi, can anyone give some advice. My son was given a last minute place at university and we could only find 1 room available in a 4 bedroomed house. The house was really not suitable and in a poor state, but we felt there was no option but to sign up for a 1 year lease. My son has had a lot of problems with the landlord and is thinking of giving up his course if he can not move out. The landlord's agent has not protected his deposit despite stating in the lease that he would. My son's room is small and houses the boiler, there was no carbon monoxide detectors in the house at the time and we have had to ask on many occasions for these. There was also no lock on his door, so the door could not be closed for many weeks. We have not seen any boiler emissions certificate despite constantly asking. The agent lets himself into the house (despite the usual 24 hour notice period in the lease) and throws away the students food. One weekend when my son was in the house by himself the agent invited a woman around to the property used the showers, left their dirty clothes in the lounge and the agent stayed the night in the house. My son didn't feel safe. The shower only gives 3 minute hot water at any time despite numerous complaints by the students this still has not been fixed. Is there any way we can break this contract as the agent is breaking the rules constantly?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about this situation. It's worth consulting the contract you've been given to see what terms it states - whether the door has a lock on or not for example can change the type of contract that is applicable. In general, if the terms of a contract are not being met then you have the right to terminate the contract. If you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy then the agent is acting illegally if they have not protected your deposit. If you have concerns, it might be worth contacting Citizens Advice or Shelter, who can help with legal advice. I hope you manage to get everything resolved as soon as possible!
  65. ReplyJane N
    Hi, I don't know if it's a good place to ask but here's my situation : I rented a room during 2 months in Central London. I gave 300£ in cash + 320£ (transfer) for the deposit and I paid my 2 months in time. I didn't sign a contract. The guy who was renting the rooms is the brother's landlord. When I gave my notice this guy told me he was going to give me my deposit back but that he had some problems with his bank account. I trusted him but one week after I had nothing on my bank account. I sent him a message but one week later still nothing and he won't return my calls anymore or answer my texts. I don't know a lot about British Law but is there anything I can do to have my money back? Thanks
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Jane, That does sound like a frustrating situation. When there are no official documents it can definitely make life harder when things don't go to plan. Do you have any emails or communications that indicate you had an agreement? One thing that certainly wouldn't hurt is to send a "signed-for" a letter requesting your payment and a deadline. Remember to keep a copy for yourself. At the very least you can guarantee they have received it, but it might be enough to get them to act in the short term. My best advice to you would be to speak to Citizen's Advice Bureau. They have experts who will be able to advise you what you are entitled to and how best to proceed. It's good that you paid some of the monies as a transfer, that is clearly demonstrable should you need to prove some form of transaction took place. We hope that this has helped in some way and that you get it resolved very soon and of course, we are here to help your with your next property rental when you need us.
  66. Replylondon Jo
    I moved out of my flat last month. Made sure all rent and bills were up to date. Asked my landlord for my returned deposit and he has said that he wont return it until the new tenant has paid in his deposit. Is that correct?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi there, this is absolutely not right if you were at the end of your tenancy - as soon as you leave the property you are entitled to your deposit back, unless there are any queries about how much deposit should be returned which need to be resolved first. If you had an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement, your deposit should have been protected (it is a legal requirement to do so), and you can talk to whoever the deposit is registered to (the landlord should have informed you who) in order to arbitrate and problems with the return of the deposit. Hope you manage to get it back soon!
  67. ReplyRokas
    Hello, i and my girlfriend moved to the studio flat and there was no washing machine or plumbing connection. Were was a viewing and then we asked about washing machine they said there is no washing and no plumbing connection, but landlord will let us to install this connection (verbally). And then we moved, agency said there was no washing machine connection and that we knew before moving in and landlord doesn't want to pay for any installment or that would we pay or do any installment. And agency said that no one in the team confirmed that landlord would let us install that connection. But in emails they wrote that this connection should be in flat and if there is none we knew that. We went to agency after two months (at the beginning of november) and talked with they branch manager, she offered to terminate the contract and landlord agrees, if we terminate after new year, because "december is busy time for all". Now we found new flat paid to the other company, wrote notice letter to our agency, and they emailed me, that we can't move out in january, we have to behave on contract, because landlord doesn't agree, and branch manager said that landlord can do this. What can we do in this situation?
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Rokas, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing to do is to collect all the written evidence of what was discussed - it's always a good idea to get written confirmation of anything you agree so that you have proof. Once you have that, hopefully you will have enough evidence to go back to the landlord or agency with and argue your case. If not, or if they still refuse, then you should contact Citizens Advice for further guidance on what you should do next. Good luck!
  68. ReplyMissb1983
    Hi, just after some advice, I have rented my home with the local housing association for the last 4 years with no issues whatsoever. They wrote to me to say they wanted to carry out my gas safety inspection on the 29th December, I did not receive the letter until the following day. I work full time and was not home but my daughter (13) was. She offered to let them in to carry it out as I was at work and unaware they were coming but they said she was to young. They have now written to me threatening legal action as I wouldn't allow them access to the house, which is part of my tenancy agreement, to carry out the legally required gas safety check. I have no holidays left to take and have requested them to carry it out on a Saturday morning if possible as I am not a single during the week (I work 8-5.30 and work 30 mins from home). Where do I stand? Can they take me to court because they are unflexible with appointments?
    • Simon Banks
      Hi there, Has this issue been resolved yet? It's unlikely that the council will be able to take you to court for you not being flexible. Unfortunately, most councils have automated systems which can escalate situations even if there is a credible reason. The best thing to do is speak to someone at the council's housing department. You can also seek more through Citizens Advice. Thanks, Simon
  69. Replyshila
    hi I have been at my property for 12monthes i have a 6month contract in those 12 months my landlord has done no repairs I have, taken it on myself to do repairs myself out my own pocket . I had an email from my agent at 12.30am in the morning saying they have handed me a notice I'm a full time carer for my mum who live next door I'm worried as not sure what will happen if they evict me I have put so much money in to property in the 3 months I have been in the same property for 5 years but, been with the new landlord 12 months. the agency that has issued me the notice via email have only been the manager for 2 weeks can someone advise on what to do
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Shila, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. In general, you should always try to make a request in writing to the landlord for any repairs you require them to make, and if you do not hear back from them in a reasonable timeframe you have more justification to have the work carried out yourself (at a reasonable cost) and then deduct this from the rent you pay, if the landlord should have been liable for the repairs. Obviously this can cause disagreements, so you may want to consult with Shelter or Citizens Bureau beforehand to get their advice. Unfortunately, if you're on a rolling contract, as long as the agent/landlord give you sufficient notice (usually two months, but you can check your contract) that the contract is being terminated, then there is little you can do - you could ask for clarification about why they are terminating it and whether there is anything you can do in order to extend or renew the contract. I hope you manage to get it resolved soon!
  70. ReplyNan
    hello, I have been renting property for 3 years 3 months. Had good relations with the landlord. Last year in may a new bathroom was fitted due to the last one leaking. A few weeks ago cracks appeared in the ceiling. The ceiling had been replasterd and I didn't think too much of it as they were fine and though we're cause by drying out or moment. I spend lot of time away with work and was also away caring for my uncle who died on Christmas. My daughter was taking a bath on Friday and water started coming through the crack.i took the panel off and water was running down where the seals have come away from the bath when weighted down by the water and person getting in. So then realised this was causing the cracks. I took photos and videos. And notified my landlord who came out yesterday. They were not happy as they were in process of getting the house remortgage she was particularly irate and was saying I should have said something sooner and the joists might be rotted and this is going to cost a lot of money. He looked at the bath and could see where the seals were coming away and also there was some movement. She was going on and on, I sufffer from anxiety and don't deal well conflict and I said I yes I could have said something sooner andwould go halfs just to get her off my back. I was pretty upset but once they went and I calmed down I thought about it and I am neither a plumber or a builder and I acted when it was obvious to me there was a problem. So I messaged him and said that I felt shocked and upset and was rash to offer half of the repairs and said that I didn't cause the leak he should be getting on to the person who fitted the bathroom as they haven't done the job properly . He said I had already admitted fault so I can't say change that. Surely he should approach the builder first and would he not have buildings or landlord insurance? As a good will gesture I would be willing to help towards the cost of having the ceiling re plasters I said I would take responsibility where I am deemed to be at fault, mainly because as I acted when I could see there was a problem. As I said am not a plumber or a builder . Please can you advise me. This is really aggravating my condition. I have always paid my rent on time I keep the house and garden in good order. I just scared I going to get hit with a massive bill
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Nan, This is quite a tricky situation but you should only be liable to pay for anything you have damage in a property. As you said, you're not a professional plumber, so it would be hard to have an authoritative say on what is constituted as a problem in this area. Have you spoken to your landlord since? Have they calmed down? You can alway talk to Citizens Advice for more depth information.
  71. ReplyAnnie
    Hi There. I would really like some advice. My husband and I rented a home in a peaceful location ( as marketed) 2 years ago. Three weeks ago without notice to us but to our landlord , the surrounding field adjacent to our home and sourounding us has iliigallly been turned into a building site. We have tried to get the council involved and help our landlord. The land owner says he wants to flatten our house and make sure it has no value there for the green belt marker will be changed. However the situation is now we feel deemed dangerous to our two small children. Without notice is a portaloo was on our doorstep ( ten feet away) a portacabin for 30 builders large plant machinery and fly tipping. It has all happened suddenly and its extremely noisy with trucks, builders everywhere. Sometimes blocking us in.The agent says we cannot give nitroce until May. Our solicitor says there is a breech as 'we are entitled to a quiet home life' the land lord is ignoring us and the agent has simply said he is acting for his client. Please help. We have found a property and plan to withhold rent. Our deposit is over 3 k. What should we do, no one will tak to us. The gent has not been to see what is going on. We are all on edge.
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Annie, This sounds like an absolute nightmare situation, I am really sorry that you have been subjected to this. I would highly recommend that you talk to the citizen's advice bureau, they would be able to advise you on what your next steps should be. I'm not an expert here, but it certainly seems that if you can demonstrate clearly that the landlord's actions are in direct contravention of your rental contract, then you are in a good position to withhold rent. I am sure that will open up the communication lines again at the very least, but you would want to make sure that you are comfortable with your position from a legal perspective (citizens advice can definitely help). What a horrible situation, I really hope that this gets resolved soon and that we can help you find a lovely new place to live!
  72. ReplyHarry
    Hi we rented a house and signed the agreement for six months. After six months, but we didn't signed the agreement after that, because agent agreed verbally that we can continue and vacate the house one month notice from our side and two months notice from the landlord - again I mentioned before this agreement only by verbally. We are living the house 1 and half year now. They raised the rent after 12 months and we agreed. We recently complaint for repair (this is the first time) need to be fixed. suddenly agent come back and want to raise the rent and also putting pressure on the agreement. We replied to the agent that we can accept the rent increase after 12 months like what happened last time. Agent arranged people to fix the issue but still not fixed properly. Therefore we requested to fix it properly, instead of fixing, agent come back again raised about the rising the rent and signed the agreement. we explained everything in email but they never reply back the email, just tried to talk in phone. Now they send a letter and asking us to vacate the house in 2 months i.e 31 March 2017 we need to vacate the house. We come to know yesterday that agent put the house in the market and mentioned that the house available from March. I like to have your suggestion regarding this please and looking forward to hear from you.
    • Tom Allen
      Hi Harry, Thanks for getting in touch. I'm really sorry that you're in this situation, that's really unfortunate. I'd preface this by saying that I'm not an expert, and I would always consult the Citizen's Advice or an organisation such as shelter for legal advice. However, as a first step I would recommend consulting the terms in your current (most up to date) tenancy agreement. If your current tenancy agreement is fixed term, and the term has ended then the landlord will usually be within their rights to serve two months notice. However, if you have recently signed a new fixed term tenancy agreement, and you are currently within that term, then your landlord can only serve you notice under the terms of that agreement. I hope that's helpful, and all the best getting it resolved! Tom https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ http://england.shelter.org.uk/
  73. Replydani
    Hi, I'm about to sign a contract and I've asked the real estate agency to include a tenancy swap clause. She said that it cannot be included into the contract, but decided case by case. In addition I've asked to add a break clause and 1 month notice period, but she said that the notice period must be 2 months. Is this true? Kind regards, Daniele
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Dani, Notice periods can be different between each landlord and tenant. However, four-weeks notice period is often the most common type. If you that is what you are more comfortable with, then it's important to communicate that. Thanks, Simon
  74. ReplyTina
    Hi, In October 2016, I rented a room in a house which was supposed to be shared between 3 people only. I was supposed to be living with my landlord's son and one more person. My landlady stayed in the house for the first 3 weeks before going travelling and temporarily living in Africa. Shortly after moving in, my landlady accepted another person in this house saying that she has nowhere to stay, she is a family friend and she needs to stay with us temporarily. Suddenly, it was 4 people living in the house, not 3. However, this person has been living in this house until today. Moreover, my landlord returned from her travels a couple of days ago, so it is 5 people in the house now. On top of that, my contract says that the bathroom on my floor is to be shared between me and one more person who is also living on the same floor like me. But the bathroom is being used by everyone. I currently pay £850 a month and it just doesn't seem fair. I am moving into my own flat with my partner in June 2017, therefore I don't want to start looking for another room just for a few months. My contract clearly says that the house is to be shared between 3 people and the bathroom on top floor is to be shared between myself and one more person living in the house. Is there anything I can do? I don't want to upset my landlady. Shall I ask for a rent reduction? If yes, how much should this be? Thanks you :)
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Tina, It's best to express any concerns you have about living conditions with your landlady. It may be that she is willing to negotiate on the rental price or make sure that the conditions you agreed to before moving in are fully met.
  75. ReplyBee
    Hi, My landlord refuses to communicate with me, and has asked me to communicate with her husband exclusively. We have had some disputes about the Gas Inspections. Shall I communicate with her husband, so shall I continue communicating with her? Thanks for the advice
    • Jack Ryan
      Hi Bee, I don't see any problem with communicating with her husband, especially if she has asked you to do that in writing. However I would ensure that any official communication, such as legal letters about any disputes, are sent to the landlord named on the contract, you can always send a copy to the landlords husband as well if that helps to move things along. I hope you get your disputes solved, and remember - if you do decide to move - the movebubble app is here to help!
  76. Replysally
    I have an agreement on a 12 month contract, after the first month i have experienced water issues which i have complained several times, the landlord didn't even reduce rent and its been 8 months now. The washing machine broke for 2 weeks now, the front door lock i replaced so from this month i have stopped my rent. this isnt a village, 21st century England, water completely stops weekends due to pressure in the block of flats, also weekdays from 6am to 11am and 5pm till 10pm water stops and other times it works with a very low pressure. i am having to buy 20 x 5L water bottles and boiling some in kettle and mixing in plastic bin container just to have a bath, i am using bottled water for cooking, washing dishes, flashing the w/c. He refuse to reduce rent as my expense for the bottles, electricity to boil 4 kettles per person, 4 people living here! i go to the launderette with 8 loads of washing per week, its costing us £41, a washing machine is £160 max, plus he didnt even bother to give us 2in1 machine with dryer how do landlords expect people to dry clothes in flats? Pathetic how landlords are ruling and profiting a lot of money from hard working citizens! i am within my rent and i will recover my costs, as a tenant, he as a landlord didnt give us a normal functioning flat, water supply is fundamental for human beings to live comfortably.
  77. Replyann
    Hi I'm wondering if you can give me some advice we had some work done on our house and we moved into a rental house for a month as the people letting there has were going away she sent me an email of the tenancy and said we would need to pay £1000 rent and pay the gas and electric I took the £1000 round expected to sign an agreement but she said there is no need to do that and then we moved in they had asked me to clean the property 4 times while they were away as when we moved out overs were moving in I agreed as I work as a cleaner I cleaned the house 4 times and washed and dried all the laundry for them they had been back a week before she came and spoke to me she said how much do we owe for the cleaning I said if your happy that we are quits meaning the gas and electric I'm happy to not to charge you she then said are you sure I said yes i'm fine at calling it quits later that evening I received an email saying that her husband has estimated that we owe £213 for one months gas and electric which I then spoke to her and said you agreed to us calling it quits and that is no way only a months bill as my bills are never as much as that and at no point did you ask us to take metre readings she said no you still owe for gas and electric I said I find this very unfair as its cost me time and money washing and drying your laundry I was then ignored the next evening her husband came round and said to my husband we have the estimated the bill you need to pay my husband said no we are quits my husband said to him go home and think about this and again said that the bills seems very high for only one month and that we normally only pay £105 if that a month and said all my wife has done for you he then said we have bedding missing and I had received a another email saying that I must have broke there hoover while they were away as it wouldn't work about an hour after that I received another email saying no Its okay I've manged to get it to work so three weeks went past and we thought clearly they have decided to agree with us and what we had agreed that we were quits and it was over then weds last week her husband came back round shouting that we owe them £190 for gas and electric amount has changed this time my husband said no we agreed last time you came round that it was fair that my wife's time and cleaning of all the laundry would cover the cost of the gas and electric bill my husband then asked him to leave and he put his foot in between our front door shouting he's not leaving till he gets the money we owe and then started shouting your thief's your thief's my husband said enough is enough my children are sitting the front room listening to all of this after 30 mins of both men having a shouting match he went he then turned up and the school and wouldn't let me walk into the school gate shouting we want our money you owe us your thief's I said move out my way I'm picking up my kids I'm not having this conversation with you infront of all the other parents I got past him and my 3 kids came out of school as we were leaving out the gate he started again shouting your a thief and saying we have till next Friday to pay this or else I said not infront of my kids please move I said if you want to carry this on I shall bill you for my cleaning and for all the laundry as my tumble dryer bill is higher due to having to get the washing dried as there wasn't any spare bedding he then said you stole a star wars dvd I said mine don't even like star wars I said this has to stop and you can't go round saying these things as this can affect my work and its not funny never heard anymore until this morning and have received an email saying that we need to resolve this as our kids are in the same school and we only live in a little village but they want paying I know some people reading this would say just pay it but it seems very unfair to have to do this and I don't like being bullied
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Ann,
      This is absolutely awful. I am really sorry that you have been subjected to this, the behaviour of the other party seems very concerning indeed.
      We are not experts in these types of situations, but our advice to you would be to speak to the Citizen's advice bureau as they have a wide range of experts and they will be able to give you a more accurate view from a legal standpoint. It may also be worth speaking to the police at this stage, because the other parties behaviour is definitely not acceptable.
      The fact that you have not entered into a formal contract makes any claim from the other party hard to enforce. From the sounds of it, you have mostly entered into verbal contracts that they have broken by the other party, so it does not feel like you are in the wrong here from what you have described.
      We really hope that this gets resolved soon
  78. ReplyEwe
    Hi, I'm wondering If you could advise us. We are tenants in a rented property for 4 years now and around a month ago we gave our landlord/letting agency 2 months notice all in line with the contract. Since then we had multiple viewings of the property. We always try to arrange our day to not be present and let the agency to do their job without disturbance. Recently I became really concerned of how the viewings are being conducted and I believe they are breaching our laws. Let me give you a few examples below: Saturday- 3 viewings scheduled 11:30, 13:00 & 4:30 all approved by us and we even scheduled our day to go out. Imagine my surprise when I came out of the shower at 10:50 to find someone is knocking to our door. As I've opened it I saw the letting agents with a couple saying they are here for the viewing. I mentioned to him straight away that the viewing should be at 11:30 and that we are not ready. Agent answered "oh we are a bit early, can we come in?" I answered again that we are not ready and he continued to say "we are a bit early" and asking to come in.... I did not let them to enter the property as I was not dressed. After we finally went out at 11:30 we stayed outside of the apartment and we've noticed through the window that you were viewing our property at 11:30 with a different couple... meaning - they are scheduling extra viewings without our permission, -Another day we had a pre-agreed viewing scheduled at 2:30pm which was fine, however in the morning on that day I received a phone call asking for another viewing at 18:30 on the same day. As it was a very short notice and we had a dinner with friends scheduled for that evening I asked if the viewing can be moved a bit earlier to 5pm- agent on the phone said that it is fine. I ignore the fact that at 2pm again they came 30min before the scheduled time (I was working from home) - luckily I was not taking shower at that time. At 5:10pm when nobody came for the second viewing I called the agency asking if they are on their way as I had to start cooking for the dinner. Gentleman who answered the phone said that the viewing is scheduled for 6pm...... I did write them an email with an official complaint listing the issues but I've never had a reply. What should I do? We are really flexible with the viewings but I feel like they are breaching our rights- we still do live there! Also they call me after 8pm to arrange viewings which I consider disturbance. We just want to live there normally until the end of the tenancy... I'm so annoyed I would take them to court If I knew I stand a chance.
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Ewe, Have you now moved out of the property? There should certainly be a level of understanding with the current tenants when it comes to showing the property to potential new tenants. This sounds more like an issue with the estate agents not respecting your wishes and there is a chance that the landlord is not even aware. As you have communicated your concerns to the agent to no avail, it might be best to get in direct contact with the landlord and explain the problem.
  79. ReplyAlin b
    Hello, my name is bita alin, I just rent a house a week ago, when I've seen the house with the agent apparently everything was alright, somebody was living in the house at that moment, so far so good, I've signed the contact and after moving surprised, every thing was terrible, all the house dirty, discusting, most of the tings broke, a total mess. I've done pictures, i call the agency the Lanlord, but so far nothing, they told me that they can't do nothing anymore, that they will not pay for the cleaner or for the painting. Trust me nobody can live here, I don't know what to do. I really need help. That hole house it's in infection:(
  80. ReplyGM
    gm I have moved into a preoerty in the last 2 months, the landlord had said it would be deep cleaned before I moved in - this wasn't done - nor does it seem the property had been cleaned for years! I have cleaned to a point but am not willing to do any more as its filthy beyond belief - to top this off there seems to be a nightly invasion of moths which is very stressful and stops me from having guests. I want to move out asap and need to know what I can do
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey there, We've just added a handy post from a great contact of ours who may be able to help you. Check out: http://www.movebubble.com/2017/05/how-to-get-your-deposit-back/ We have loads of helpful renters on our blog who may also be able to help you! All the best, Amy

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