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Where to live in London if you’re a young professional


Where to live in London if you’re a young professional

Last update: Where to live in London if you're a young professional is a question we're often asked here at Move bubble. Every day my team and I scour the Internet and pound ...

Last update: Aug 6, 2017 @ 12:20

Where to live in London if you’re a young professional is a question we’re often asked here at Move bubble. Every day my team and I scour the Internet and pound the streets to find out about the best events in London each month, rental prices in different areas, what people are talking about and yes, where people that are moving to in this amazing, crazy city that everyone wants to live.

Renting property for the first time as a young professional in London can be a daunting task and if you’re looking for flats and houses to rent in London (as thousands do each year), it can seem like a lot of work just to narrow down an area! The city is huge and the pressure of finding a rental quickly has reduced many a would-be-Londoner to tears.

But don’t worry, this article should help you narrow down your search and send you well on the way to finding your dream London home. Click on the links to find out more about each area.  If you’re new in London don’t forget to check out the best places to live in London and coolest places to live in London!

There are also a whole stack of great articles from finding the best hairdressers in London to the best places to eat in London and the best cocktail bars in London – as well as our individual area guides! We constantly update these so make sure you check them out or join the newsletter to get each month’s exclusive content!

North of the Thames is where most young people live, with two thirds of 25-35 year olds living in what is seen as the trendier, more established side of the river. Of that age bracket, 90% choose to live in Zones 1, 2 and 3 of the underground. This is mainly because it’s a cheaper and simpler commute whilst also offering a massive choice of cultural hotspots and evening activities.  If you’re moving you’ll definitely find the fabulous ultimate guide for newbie Londoners really helpful!

Where to live in London if you’re a young professional:

Click on the links to view individual area guide!

East London

East London is famous for it’s bohemian, cool, arty residents. As West London became more expensive, hoards of graduates and people involved or employed in the lower paid creative industries flocked east and have never looked back. The resulting gentrification has been a topic of debate as residents saw the demographic of their beloved area rapidly changing to accommodate new tastes.

Artisan coffee shops, galleries, bars and restaurants began popping up and that in turn has made prices rise in what had been a much less expensive area to live.  East London now is still very much a vibrant and eclectic scene. Mostly, it’s still cheaper to eat, drink and live in East London but prices are rising.

Some great places to live in East London are:

Shoreditch and Dalston

Image credit: James Mitchell

Image credit: James Mitchell

If you’re looking for somewhere with a bohemian, eclectic and downright awesome mix of people, look no further than Shoreditch. The E1 postcode is one of London’s most original and unique areas where the sophisticated moneymaking Liverpool Street and City bankers work alongside market traders, fashionistas and silicon roundabout entrepreneurs. It’s a true mix of the financial, creative and media centres in London. 

If Shoreditch is a little expensive then take a look at Dalston. In the borough of Hackney (Hackney is a borough so don’t confuse it with the area Hackney, which is also inside the borough of Hackney – just to  be confusing). Heralded as the coolest place in London by Italian Vogue, the area has become more and more popular over the last few years.

Rental prices start at around £2,900 per month in Shoreditch and £1,900 in Dalston (based on a 2 bedroom property). Living in or near Shoreditch will put you in Zone 2 of the underground.

Search for properties to rent in Shoreditch

Search for properties to rent in Dalston

For other great East London areas check out the best places to live in East London which also include: Haggerston Shadwell Hackney Wick Hackney Central Stoke Newington (North East)

West London

West London is known for being more expensive, housing the London boroughs that reflect what most people imagine as the grand, traditional London architecture. TV shows like Made in Chelsea do nothing to dispel this image, with wealthy Londoners depicted running around the cobbled, mansion-lined streets sipping cocktails and carrying small dogs and much larger shopping bags.

No matter what anyone says though, West London is charming. Tree-lined streets and well-manicured parks are fitting for the area where Her Majesty the Queen resides (Buckingham Palace is West London’s most famous house).

Some great places to live in West London are:

Maida Vale

Maida Vale offers a quieter lifestyle, where kids can play in the street and it makes “home” a place far removed from the hustle and bustle of Central London. It is of course the home of Abbey Road studios and tourists can often be seen recreating the iconic Beatles album cover on that zebra crossing!

Little Venice boasts a wealth of cosmopolitan bars and restaurants where a canal cruise or a brisk walk will take you to Camden Lock. The laid-back attitude and lifestyle may make Maida Vale the perfect choice for any country folk looking to move to the city without jumping in at the deep end! 

2 bedroom flats can be rented from around £2800 a month. 

Search for properties to rent in Maida Vale


If you want a completely different contrast from Maida Vale, look no further than Acton. The area could be described as more gritty than its West London counterpart, yet offers a certain charm through the diverse crowd that inhabit the area.

The W3 postcode is one of London’s larger areas and is broken down into West, North and East Acton. Rental prices are cheaper than in Maida Vale and the area offers a good transport network which includes tube lines, train stations, regular bus routes and, from 2018, the Elizabeth Line will run through Acton. So get in now before the prices jump.

2 bedroom properties rent for around £1,750 per month.

Search for properties to rent in Acton

If you think West rocks then check out some of the best places to live in West London including: Kensington and Chelsea Notting Hill Fulham Shepherd’s Bush Holland Park Hammersmith, and Richmond (South West).

Find property to rent in London here  

North London

North London is generally a little more popular with families, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place for young professionals to live. Camden and Angel (both close to East London) are featured here and are both popular with young professionals thanks to good transport links, popular venues and a vibrant after office hours scene.  North London is one of the most beautiful areas of London and it’s easy to fall in love with. Popular areas like Belsize Park and Hampstead aren’t cheap but they remain popular with a young, (generally) higher earning demographic. 

Great places to live in North London include:

Camden Town

Image credit: Martin Pettitt

Image credit: Martin Pettitt

Camden Town and some of its surrounding areas offer affordable property along with the an alternative lifestyle. One of the greatest things about Camden is the variety of food, antiques, music, fashion and art stalls found in the market that runs alongside Regent’s Canal. The neighbouring tube stop is Kentish Town, which alongside Camden has pleasant-looking studio flats starting at £1,550 per month.

Search for properties to rent in Camden Town


Angel is in Islington, on the northern edge of central London, and is near to the action, but has its own strong cultural and creative identity without there being too many tourists after somehow managing to stay under the radar. There’s a big mix of city and artistic media types calling it home and the achingly cool canal-side cafes give everyone a place to take in all the action!

Upper Street (or ‘Supper Street’ as the Evening Standard have dubbed it) has a huge amount of restaurants and bars with varying foods, while the high-street shops of the N1 centre and vintage delights of Camden are great for shopping. Two beds are usually more expensive by the room than 3/4 beds, but as a rule, in Angel the average rent for a two-bed flat is around £2,400 pcm Also check out: St John’s Wood Belsize Park (north/west London) Hampstead (north/west London) Finsbury Park

Search for properties to rent in Angel


South of the Thames

Image credit: Supercar

Image credit: Supercar

There are some brilliant places to live south of the river for young professionals. It can be a little harder to get back to certain areas after a night out in central London – but with the tubes now running 24/7, this shouldn’t be as much of a problem for areas in South London served by the Victoria and Northern Line. Much of South London has an East London feel and areas like Brixton and Peckham are going through the same processes of regeneration and ‘gentrification’ that East London’s been through.

There are some beautiful boroughs like the Royal Borough of Greenwich in South East (popularly used on film sets) alongside artsy, Goldsmith student areas like New Cross, Deptford and Peckham that have distinctly less grand surroundings. All of these areas offer their own unique personality and if you’re a little lower on budget but want to experience London at its fullest – check these places out…   South of the Thames is where you’ll get better value-for-money. Make sure you check out: Battersea Wimbledon ClaphamClapham Junction Wandsworth New Cross,  Deptford, and  Greenwich (south/east London)


All have great restaurants, pubs and bars and many areas south of the river have large parks and open areas. Battersea is a mix of young people and nice families; the diversity is easy to see – between the commons (Wandsworth and Clapham) young mothers meet for lunch in a stretch of cafes, bars and restaurants labelled “Nappy Valley.”

Prices start from as little as £2,000 to rent in Battersea, and many of the places south of the Thames are a great place to start in London whilst still being in zones 1, 2 and 3 of the underground.

Search for properties to rent in Battersea


A busy but cool area of London, Brixton is extremely popular with young professionals who like to have a good time. Rent isn’t crazy expensive and you’ll find a lot of entertainment at your doorstep from bars and beer gardens to clubs, restaurants, food markets, shops, cinemas and more.  It’s a multicultural hub, boasting residents from all over the world and a rich culture and history to go along with it. At the end of the Victoria line, it has great transport links for overground, underground, and bus routes. You can get a 2 or 3 bedroom place in Brixton for £1,200 pcm at the cheaper end of the scale.

Search for properties to rent in Brixton

Tips and free help

We get loads and loads of you guys e-mailing and posting on the blog daily asking advice on where to live in London. We’ve all done the move before so we know exactly how confused or worried you might be feeling.  Hope you enjoy all of our blogs on London and if you have an questions then please post them in the comments below. We do our best reply to every comment quickly 🙂

To discover more area guides and exclusive content about London, make sure you download the Movebubble app.

<p>As content manager for Movebubble, it’s my job to be an expert on renting and London. Being a writer (Journalism BA Bournemouth University) with a passion for food and the arts, I definitely have my dream job! I love exploring the city and researching the latest information and news to bring to our readers. I love getting recommendations from readers on their favourite spots in London so if you have one, let us know in the comments!</p>

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  1. ReplyColinFerguson
    Sorry but your rental prices are fantasy-land. You'd be lucky to get a room for the studio-flat prices you're quoting here.
    • Movebubble
      Hi Colin, thank you for the comment! We went over the article and realised we hadn't made ourselves clear so we apologise about that. Prices were quoted per room (as you rightly suspected) rather than the cost of a full 2-bedroom property, as they should have been. The new prices currently seen are based on recent Rightmove searches of prices in the area, and are the lowest prices you could expect of that area. We hope we've made this a little clearer now but thank you so much for pointing this out to us in your comment.
  2. ReplyEva
    You seem to mention expensive places. How about South Norwood - it's cheaper to rent and buy than all the places you've mentioned. You can be in London Bridge in 11 minutes from the station (Norwood Junction). If you're smart you'll get in there fast before regeneration takes off.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Eva, thanks for your comment! We couldn't mention everywhere in our article or it would get too long but we'd like to include some of the lesser known places or those that are a little further out from Central London but offer great value in our next guide. South Norwood could may well be on the list! If you've got any tips on great places to go in the area let us know too and we'll check them out :) Thanks again Eva!
  3. ReplyFlorian Paschka
    Great article and you mentioned nice areas to live in. Stoke Newington would be another one in my opinion. The rent is quite moderate, there are good bus connections and excellent (cheap) turkish restaurants. Additionally SN has been modernised in recent years and the nightlife is not bad. I wanted to ask if you are also accepting guest posts. I have written a few articles in regards to renting in London and thought this could be interesting for your readers as well. Thanks, Florian
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Florian. Thank's for your comment! We love Stoke Newington and totally agree that it should be in the list! We'll get that in there asap! Send us an e-mail or contact us on our facebook page/twitter. You can also e-mail me personally and send us a link to your articles and we'll check it out as we don't do guest posts right now but love getting recoms and contributions from our readers. Thanks for the tips Florian!
  4. ReplyTansel Adacan
    This is Brilliant. Its about time I see some good content like this. I remember when I moved to south London after uni, I had no clue where to go in London. The only advice I received was go to the west end but in many cases, it just wasn't my crowd and took forever to get home. Everyone new to London should read this guide.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Thanks Tansel, it's great to get feedback especially when it's so positive. When you move to London for the first time you realise how hard it is to know where you should live in such a big, diverse city! We try and put as many helpful things as possible into the posts so if you ever think we're missing something then please let us know. We update the articles as much as possible! Thanks again for your lovely comment :)
  5. ReplyMaeve
    I will study in UCL and I prefer take tube to school, would you suggest which area is safe and convenient with tube? Sorry this is my first time travel to London so I am very confuse for accommodation.
  6. ReplyDaisie
    Hi! I loved this article, it was so helpful! I'm moving to London from Liverpool at the end of August/beginning of September. I'll be working near St. Paul's cathedral and I'm looking for a 1 bedroom flat no more than 30 mins from work on the tube. I'd like somewhere safe, but near to the city and the attractions. I'm really nervous about moving down and finding somewhere to live so any tips on where to start would be much appreciated! Thanks! -Daisie
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there, Daisie! Thanks for your comment. I completely understand that you’re nervous about moving to a bit city like London. It can seem pretty overwhelming when you’re faced with so many decisions about where to live. Don’t worry too much though, hundreds of people are in the same position as you and I’ve got plenty of friends that have gone through this too. Before searching for property, figure out what your budget is and narrow your search down to no more than two areas or it can be overwhelming. Organising viewings across London will stress you out if you spread your search too far, so do a bit of research now. I’m not sure what your budget is but I’d recommend checking out Angel. It’s a little more expensive than some areas but it’s in a great location with lots going on and good transport links. Maybe look for a shared house with around 2 or 3 other people as living with others will help you meet people and settle in. You can also create a (free) Movebubble Renter Profile before you start looking, with all your references, job verification, requirements, a personal statement and picture. This is great to stand out from the crowd of renters when you come to ask for viewings or apply for property because people can see a little bit about you upfront. You don’t even need to find property on Movebubble to use it, you can copy the URL and send it anywhere. If Angel is a little too expensive, check out Holloway Road. We don’t have a guide for this area yet but here’s where Holloway Road is on Google maps. Hope that helps! Email us at for more help :)
  7. ReplySaini
    Hi, thanks for such a good article. I have a specific question for my case only. I will be morning to London and will be computing to canary wharf for work. I have a young son of 7 months and wish to be in a safe and nice location with some young vibe to it. I have considered zone 1 and zone 2 but ideally I wish to be in a location where I can take the stroller and go walking and no car is needed. What would be the rest for such a place for a 2 bedroom. Can you connect me to some websites that will help me look for apartments.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Saini and thank you for your comment. I know I have recommended this place a lot, I really feel like Greenwich is a great place to commute to Canary Wharf (or live in general), especially if you want to take your young son out walking. Check out the guide to Greenwich and see what you think! Hope that helps :)
  8. ReplyPedro Barreto
    Hello there! Thanks for the great article. I am about to move to London next June, with my fiancee and a small pet. We are to study at City University. Any hints for a good area for us? Thank you : )
    • Carly Klineberg
      Ah hey Pedro! That's very near the Movebubble offices actually so we know these parts extra well. If you have a small pet (a dog?) I'd say anywhere near London Fields would be perfect as it's a great place to walk little critters (Hackney, Haggerston areas). Check out Angel to, or any of the places in our article "Best places to live in East London" - there's a guide to all these places on the blog... we haven't done a full guide to Haggerston yet but that one's coming soon :) Also, check out the "Best places to live in London" article. It links to loads of our guides and it's great if you're still not sure what kind of place you'd like to live!
  9. ReplyLavinia
    Greetings, Myself, my husband and my little boy - 4 months almost - will be moving to London early March. He'll have 2 offices, one in the city centre - Cavendish Square and the other next to Heathrow airport. What would you recommend as being the best place to rent an apartment considering the fact we don't have a car, and we'll use the Tube/Train. I'd love to get my son out for walks whenever it's possible, so a park would be fantastic to have nearby. Also, the last thing I need to know, is, if it's not too much to ask:), a place with 1 or multiple shopping centre nearby. Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Lavinia
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Lavina. I'd recommend somewhere in West London as your husband will easily be able to commute to both Cavendish square and Heathrow (which has direct access via the Piccadilly line). There are some great parks in West London and all easy to get to from many of the popular places to live. Anywhere near Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens or Holland Park would be perfect. Try looking in areas near or in Notting Hill, Kensal Rise, Kensignton (and West Kensington). These areas are also really popular with families. There is no shortage of shops in these areas and all will be in easy walking distance, but London doesn't have a lot of large shopping centres. The nearest big shopping centre would be in Shepherds Bush. Check out the area guides to all these places on the blog and hopefully that will help you decide where you want to start looking!
  10. ReplyPang
    Really helpful page! My husband and I will have a baby soon and we're looking to live in a London zone 1-6 or just outside of it as hubby works in Chancery Lane. Where would you suggest the cheapest places are for a 2 bedroom place that is approximately under £1250 (if in zone 1-2), £1100 (if in zone 3-4) or just under £1000 (if in zone 5+)?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Pang. Thanks for the comment. You won't be able to get a two bedroom apartment in zones 1-2 for under £1250 a month but you could check out places like Brockley - a lovely area with a great community and loads of space - also check out Crystal Palace, Bexley which is further out still, or places in the borough of Croydon like Purley. Hope that helps! There's a guide to Croydon, Purley and Crystal Palace coming soon on the blog so keep a look out or sign up to the newsletter and we'll send it to you directly!
  11. ReplySting
    Hey, Thanks for the lovely article. I would be moving to London soon, probably early next month(March). My workplace would be around Monument, Bank tube stations. My primary concern is financial, as am yet to make a stand in my profession. I don't mind staying on twin sharing basis (a room/2) either. Which locality would you suggest considering travelling itself would incur cost. It would be of great help if you could share the approximate prices too :) Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks in advance. Regards Sting :)
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey! Thanks for your nice comment :) There are a lot of places you could live in London that will make it easy to commute to Bank and Monument as there are so many tube lines that link up around this area. You’ve got the Northern line, Central, District and Circle and also the DLR which go directly through Monument and/or Bank so living anywhere near any of those lines would be great for you. If you let me know what kind of budget you have I can try and give you some more specific locations? In the mean time you can check out some property on Movebubble or on other property websites to get an idea of prices. Try and stick to looking in areas in the outskirts of zones 2 and 3 if you’re worried about budgets. You may need to go a little further out but don’t forget to try places like Peckham, New Cross, Deptford which are all much less expensive than much of London and have good transport links and their own community too (the latter 2 you can get the DLR directly to Bank).
  12. ReplyRachel
    Hi Carly, Thanks for the great article! Me and my boyfriend are moving to London at the beginning of April and will be looking for somewhere to live. I'll be working at Chancery Lane and my boyfriend will be working in East Croydon. Any ideas about an area that will be easy for both of us to get to work? We would like somewhere with good local cafes and restaurants. Thank you!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Rachel, thank you for your comment! I think areas around Clapham Junction (or surrounding areas in Clapham) would be perfect for you both as it has brilliant cafes, restaurants and pubs. You can also both get to work really quickly and easily with a commute no longer than 30 minutes (you could get to East Croydon in as little as 13 minutes from here! It's also easy to get to everywhere else in London from this location. Check out our blog guides to Clapham and our restaurant guides too as you'll get an idea what the area is like and some great cafes and restaurants too.
  13. ReplySting
    Hey, Thanks for all the details, much appreciated. I would be moving to london soon, early march, for relatively short duration, 6 months. My office would be on 20 GraceChurch Street. Am planning to buy a bicycle and commute via same. Am looking for a cheap accommodation within the cycle'able distance on twin sharing basis. Can you please suggest few areas around my workplace where i can get cheap accommodation. Thanks in advance.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Sting. If you're looking for cheap accomodation check out places in Shadwell - we mention this area in our guide "Best places to live in East London". You should be able to cycle to your office easily from there. Also check out Wapping, Westferry, Poplar (all along the DLR or National Rail lines). Hope that helps a bit!
  14. ReplySam
    Hi, it's always been a dream of mine to be in the city. Currently I'm living in Crawley, West Sussex as it's easy to commute to work at Gatwick Airport. Would there be anywhere specific for an easy commute to the airport at cheap prices you could recommend? I.e. Under 90 minute commute times?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Sam, thank you for the comment! How will you be commuting, by train or car? Then I'll get more of an idea of suitable places you could check out! :)
  15. ReplyTommy
    Hey carly I'm currently living in London in shared accommodation but my girlfriend is moving here in April and we're looking to get a one bedroom apartment/flat within 30mins commute to London and reasonably priced our budget would be £1000. Thanks for your help.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Tommy, thank you for your comment. Have a look in areas like Stratford, Crystal Palace (great area, check the blog guide), East Dulwitch (lovely area with Overground links), Blackheath (even nicer area, Overground links), Deptford and Lewisham (good transport links via DLR and close to Overground)- all more reasonably priced London areas. Depending on where you're working in London you could also look at Croydon Town? Hopefully that helps you make a start! :)
  16. ReplyRoss
    Hey, I'll be moving from Newcastle to London in April 2015. I've been to London a bit but I have no clue where would be the best place to live for me I'm 35 year old male and will be working near Whitechapel. Hope you can help! Thanks Ross
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Ross. There are so many places to live in London the best person to decide where you'd like is you, as long as you have all the information! We have guides to loads of places on the blog so decide what your budget is, how long your commute should be (within reason - 45 minutes is fairly normal for most Londoners) and check out the blog guides. When you've narrowed it down to a couple of areas, begin your search! You can always stay in an airbnb when you first get here to do viewings but try and stay as close as possible to where you're looking for a property so you're not running round London doing viewings after work. Hope that helps!
  17. ReplyBeth
    Hi Carly, I'm moving to London in July with my boyfriend. He needs to commute to Liverpool Street but I will be working in Feltham . We are in our 20s and want to be somewhere with a nice feel and bars in south-west. Any ideas?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Beth. So, you're both going to be working at opposite sides of London! No problem. You'll need to be somewhere with good transport links so I'd recommend places in West London like West Kensington, Shepherds Bush (near Hammersmith) and maybe Chiswick. This will mean commute times for you both should be below the London average and it gives you a starting point on places to look at. There are guides to all these places (bar West-Kensington) on the blog so please check them out. Hope that helps!
  18. ReplyMaelene
    Hi Carly, I am currently working in London (Westminter) and my husband in Oxford. I am commuting everyday from Oxford (which is pretty tiring and subject to the unpredictable traffic on the M40) and we are starting to explore our options in London (my husband's commute would be mostly against the tide). We would like a place from which my husband can easily commute to Oxford. There are coaches that stop on Marylebone or in Shepherd Bush. Are these areas nice to live in? What kind of rent should we expect for a 2-bedroom? Also the coaches stop in Hillingdon. Do you have any experience of this area? Would you have any other suggestions, given that my husband is willing to travel up to 20 min by bike to reach the bus/train to go to Oxford? Many thanks in advance! Maelene
    • Rosine Lemeur
      Hi Maelene, Thanks for your comment. I'm starting to help Carly reply to the comments as we're getting so many (which is good!). The everyday Oxford-London commute isn't ideal so we definitely understand that your wish to relocate to London! Marylebone is in the borough of Westminster which is a great area of London, very touristy of course, but if you work around there you also know what it offers. The desirable Westminster post codes will set you back about £1,800 per month for a small 2 bedroom property. There is some good news though, council tax here is the second lowest in the country, behind Wandsworth, ranging from £448 to £1,345 per year. However, you might prefer to search around Sepherd's bush area, as it is definitely cheaper but also very good for commuting and easy to get to central London from there. An area like Hillingdon is cheaper again, a bit more outside of the city but also more residential. It is very convenient for the commute with London as well as it is on the Uxbridge branch of the Metropolitan and Picadilly lines. Good luck with moving!
  19. ReplyEm
    Hi! Great list! I have a question regarding living North of London. My husband's work is in Milton Keynes and mine in London. What would be a good area to live somewhere in the middle where the morning commute would be ok for both? Thank you in advance!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey. Thank you for your comment! Hope you found the list helpful! This can depend where you work in London but living close to a main train station that connects to Milton Keynes would make an easier commute for your husband. Have you looked at areas around Kings Cross or Euston? If those areas are too expensive, depending on your work location in London maybe check out Watford as an alternative?
  20. ReplyMaelene
    Hi Carly, I am currently working in London (Westminter) and my husband in Oxford. I am currently commuting everyday from Oxford (which is pretty tiring and subject to the unpredictable traffic on the M40) and we are starting to explore our options in London (my husband's commute would be mostly against the tide). We would like a place from which my husband can easily commute to Oxford. There are coaches that stop on Marylebone or in Shepherd Bush. Are these areas nice to live in? What kind of rent should we expect for a 2-bedroom? Also the coaches stop in Hillingdon. Do you have any experience of this area? Would you have any other suggestions, given that my husband is willing to travel up to 20 min by bike to reach the bus/train to go to Oxford? Many thanks in advance! Maelene
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Maelene. Marylebone is a great area to live in London although we don't have a guide on it yet. We do have a couple of guides to Shepherd's Bush on the blog that you can check out. The rent would depend on where you choose to live. Generally speaking the closer you are to central London the more expensive your rent will be. It also depends on how many rooms you're looking for in your rental property. Hillingdon is an area inside the London borough of Hillingdon. It's a more suburban area than Shepherds Bush or Marylebone but has links with the Metropolitan and Picadilly tube lines, it will also have cheaper rent than other areas mentioned. Paddington station in London is where the Oxford train commutes to and from so check out areas near there (we have guides to Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove, Maida Vale and Kensal Green on the blog). Hope that helps a bit!
  21. ReplyChints
    Hello There, Nice article, any reviews for Croydon area? Where should someone rent in that area? Thank you.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey! We just published a guide to Croydon on the blog if you'd like to check it out? Just type Croydon into the search bar on the top right and hit "enter" you should find it! Hope that helps :)
  22. ReplyRené Villela
    I feel like I stumbled on a goldmine of information with your site! I am moving to London in late July, early August of this year and wanted some personal recommendations as to where to focus my search for a flat. I will need to commute to Canary Wharf via the Metro (tube) and wanted to be somewhere where its a great place for singles and with lots to do. Thank you for this entire site! I´ll be reading quite a bit this weekend!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Thanks for the comment René, hope you enjoyed reading all the info! If you want to subscribe to the newsletter we send you our new area guides, events and other great London information once a week so you don't miss out. Really pleased you liked the post :)
  23. ReplyJace
    Hey, the article was very insightful. I am going to London later this year and would need to commute to Liverpool Street station. Any suggestions of areas to look at?
    • Rosine Lemeur
      Hey Jace, thanks for your comment. Because you’ll need to make the commute to Liverpool Station everyday, you might want to have a look at areas in East London. For example, Forest Gate has become rather smart in the last few years and is now a popular place for families. It’s a residential area in the borough of Newham that is a little under a fifteen minute overground train journey from Liverpool Street Station and seven miles North-East of Charing Cross. Landing in zone 3 of the underground means keeping costs a bit more down. Haggerston, is also an option, close to Hackney Central, the area has become popular with the creative, bohemian types of Shoreditch and Hoxton in recent years thanks to its similar vibes and better prices (though prices have risen significantly in recent years). The area’s lack of schools (although one is coming) means that prices are lower and there are less families moving here. The crux of that is that the area hasn’t yet suffered from the price increases and over-population that many areas with desired schools has. This may change in the near future. Finally Stoke Newington, just five miles outside central London is also an option for an good commute to Liverpool Street (direct buses). It’s served by plenty of bus routes including two 24-hour services and has its own Overground station. However the nearest Underground station is Manor House on the Piccadilly Line. The lively atmosphere and mix of independent shops, cafes and restaurants give the area an individual charm that many places in London can lack at times.
  24. ReplyLouis
    Hey, really interesting article. I'm moving to London in September to start a graduate job in central London. Ideally I want to live in an area where many other young professionals live and there is access to good night life and restaurants. Could you recommend me anywhere please?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Louis. Anywhere in this post would be a good choice! It depends on your budget really but if Clapham in South London is full of young professionals and very popular with people who've just moved to London. It's also got popular restaurants and nightlife. Check the Clapham guides on the blog. If you prefer a more alternative scene check out places in East London in the Borough of Hackney anywhere within easy access to the Central line which will make it convenient for getting into Central London. Hope that helps :)
  25. ReplySteven
    I have just got a job near Paddington Station which I start in a few weeks. I don't have a huge budget, so I think house share is my best option (under £900PCM). I am willing to commute from any part of London but don't want to commute from outside the city. Any ideas which areas to start my search? Stay near Paddington or are there better options with a commute?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey there Steven. Your budget is fine for a house share which is your best option for sure. Check out areas near Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Kensal Rise, Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove - all with an easy commute to Paddington (especially the first two) you should find something within your budget. Hope that helps!
  26. ReplyGraham
    Hey, I read your article a few times but I'm still not sure where to go. I am a 25-year old moving to London but my job will require me to travel around the UK and work from home in between. I don't know anyone in London, so I would sort of prefer a bit of a fun area that would allow me to make friends. Is there any place that would allow good access to trains/motorways and yet is still fun?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Graham. It's really hard to decide where to live in London as there are so many places to look at. You can travel to almost anywhere in the UK easily from London... on a train, bus or plane. It really depends where you'll be going to if you want to live close to the most convenient transport. For example, trains bound for the South of the UK usually head out of Paddington, but if you're going North, you're likely to be going from Kings Cross. If you're going to be driving, living close to Hammersmith is ideal due to Hammersmith Flyover taking you out of London. East London has good access to Stanstead but it's not recommended if you're going to be driving. If you want to be close to Paddington then check out Ladbroke Grove, Kensal Rise and Notting Hill areas which are all pretty fun and we have guides to them on the blog! You can also try out the app we've been developing, specifically designed to match people individually with the best properties for them. Check it out in the app store and let us know what you think.
  27. ReplySid
    Hi Thanks for the really useful artificial. I am currently doing a 2 hour commute from Hampshire to Moorgate and am looking to move to London with my partner for 6 months. This is mainly to experience city living for a while. Could you recommend any areas to look, we would not want shared accommodation. we have a budget of around £12500 pcm. Also do you see any issues trying to get a 6 month contract?
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi there. If that is your budget, it's quite substantial so you shouldn't have a problem finding places to rent short term if you look at companies that specialise in short term letting. If you meant £1250 then I'd suggest looking for studio apartments in zone 3, potentially on the East side of London as your commute time will be shorter and you'll have more time to enjoy London. You could also try further north in places like Stoke Newington. Check out the guide to the best places to live in East London for some ideas. Hope that helps!
  28. ReplyChris
    Hey Really great article. I was wondering if you could offer me some advice please? I'm new to London, but working right on the edge in Uxbridge in West London. Hillingdon's a bit too quiet for me though after work, so I'm trying find somewhere that's further into London with a bit more going on, but where I can still easily get to Uxbridge for work everyday. Thanks for your help in advance!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Chris. Why not have a look around Hammersmith? There's great transport, you can get to work directly via the Picadilly line and there's a lot more going on with very easy access to the rest of London via the Central, Hammersmith and City and District lines all operating from there.
  29. ReplyRose
    Hello! This article was a great find! My husband and I will be moving to London soon and are hoping to find an area that is similar to Gramercy Park in NYC--quiet, charming, non-touristy, tree-lined streets... but within walking distance to artisanal markets, eclectic boutique shops, a park for our dog (how hard is it to find a flat that allows a fairly large dog?), and most importantly, public transportation. Do you have any suggestions for a budget around £2250/month? We like the bohemian/art/food scene quite a bit but also desire a good balance of green space and sense of security. How often can you find laundry washers and dryers inside the flats? Thanks in advance for any info!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hey Rose, glad you like the article :) ok - firstly it's going to be very hard to find a place that will allow a large dog. Sometimes it's not just the owner of the flat's fault, it can be because the building regulations state that pets aren't allowed. You'll have a better chance looking at houses or houses that have been turned into flats rather than purpose built flats and apartments. You will usually be expected to pay closer to an 8 week deposit instead of 6 and potentially provide references for your dog also. If you can pay more of your rent in advance and provide a larger deposit this could help persuade property owners to accept pets. Check out places in East London near Broadway Market or Victoria Park like Hackney Central, Haggerston, Dalston etc... I love Stoke Newington with its big properties and tree-lined avenues although the public transportation isn't as good. In furnished flats you almost always find a laundry washer and often a dryer too but if you're not sure, ask before viewing. Hope that helps!
  30. ReplyRenaud
    Hey, this site is a great find ! I'm back to London having previously lived there in Soho, which obviously had me spoilt a little bit for transport, dining and shopping options! I'm now going to work near Brick Lane then probably in the Old Street / Liverpool St / Shoreditch High St triangle. What would be a good home base ? A short (and preferably walking/bike/direct bus) commute is my #1 priority but I'm not fond of the dry, high rise architecture near Liverpool St station. To give you an idea I liked Soho's little walkable streets & shops, do love a bit of green too and feel attracted to the beautiful canal walks & hip coffee shops near Haggerston/Broadway market, but I'm a little worried about transport links there and things like say, takeaway food options for someone who used to live very central. I'd also rather not have the odd trip West taking 2 hours. What would be a good compromise then ? Angel, Bethnal Green maybe ? My budget is up to around 1500pcm for a 1BR or large studio. Thanks !
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi there Renaud. I'd suggest that your idea to look in Angel and Bethnal Green is a good idea considering your budget. One of my favourite areas in London is Broadway Market and you can get into the triangle with a fairly short bus journey from those areas, or ride a bike in. You might find the area busier than you remember it if you were there a long time ago, as it's increased in popularity significantly in the last few years. There are less takeaway food options that Soho but it depends which of your preferences are most important. There's a lovely Canal walk in Angel - but the area is a little more built up than Haggerston or Hackney. Why not check out Hackney Central?
  31. ReplyHanah
    Hi, I have just moved to London and currently staying with a family member in New Cross however I am looking to move ASAP as I have just been offered a job located just off of Oxford Street. I am wondering if you could give me any advice on where would be a good area to live that is cheap, with plenty of young professionals, lively bars yet not too far of a commute to work? Thank you!
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi Hanah. There arn't really any cheap areas in London, especially if you want your commute to be shorter than your current one from New Cross (a very short 30-35 minute commute). If you look for rooms in a shared house, that should help you with costs and also you'll most likely be living with other young professionals. You could try Clapham as a start, (or Clapham Junction in Battersea) or you could check out up and coming areas like Kensal Rise that are a bit cheaper - we've got guides to both areas on the blog so check them out! :)
  32. ReplySumeet
    Hi Team.. Yours posts are very helpful & descriptive. Thanks for this wonderful compilation. I will be shifting to London by July end. Office location is New street square (central london). Can you help suggest a place/area. My requirements are: economical flatshare, nearby tube station, restaurants/shops in the vicinity, parks/ground. I am a young professional to looking for a good balanced place with young vibe to the area. I went through one of your blogs suggesting such places, but not able to shortlist the areas, Can you please help me with that? Thanks in advance.
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi Sumeet. If you have a click around some of the articles on this blog, you should get a better idea of the kind of areas you might want to look at. I suggest you read the Best Places to Live in London post and also read the comments to see if any of the advice might apply to you. If you're flatsharing then anywhere with three or more rooms plus is ideal if you want it to be more economical. Generally speaking, the more rooms, the cheaper the rent for a room works out. There are normally nearby tube stations, restaurants and shops within walking distance of any area in London - but it really depends on what kind of area you want to live as there are so many that match your criteria. You could look at South London, in Brixton - Clapham junction in Battersea or areas close to Clapham Common. You could also check out Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill in West London, or if you prefer the vibe of East London, check out places in Haggerston, Hackney or Dalston. Hope that helps you narrow your list down!
  33. ReplyAmy
    Hi, I am soon to be moving to London for a new job. I will be based across 2 offices, one close to Farringdon station and the other on Victoria Embankment between Temple and Mansion House tube stations. Where would you suggest in london that is good for young professionals with a commute that isn't so awful?! Thank you
    • Carly Klineberg
      Hi Amy.... I'll make this easy for you and only give you one area. It's easy to get to both locations from here (via one tube tine to each) and your journey won't be too long, it's also popular with young professionals. Anywhere within walking distance of Hammersmith station would be perfect. You can also download city mapper to check journey times or use the TFL website.
  34. ReplyRichard
    Hello Carly & Movebubble, At the moment I rent a nice apartment in Earls Court which costs me over £1k a month. I've recently lost my job and need to downgrade as I can't afford to pay out that amount without income. Can you advise me on areas to look? Ideally I'd like to stay in the Western area as I'm a member of sports clubs and have friends here etc, but I don't mind moving much further out ... I was thinking further along the Piccadilly line out towards Heathrow for example? If I can get my rent closer to half what I'm currently paying, it will keep me afloat longer! Richard
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Richard, Sorry to hear that you've lost your job recently, we hope you find something soon! As for your situation, I would certainly recommend looking in somewhere like Chiswick or Acton. They are both relatively cheap areas (you can find studio apartments for £800pcm), and are cool areas with good links into the City. Here is our guide to Chiswick if you're interested! Hope this helps.
  35. ReplyMilimer
    Hi Carly, I would love if you could help me pick an area to live in london that isn't crazy expensive, I've been going crazy picking an area because my boyfriend is going to work in Kingston upon Thames and I will be studying at UCL Tavistock campus, we're looking for something in the middle and also near to SW london but sometimes the prices don't change much between those and for example St. Pancras. I would much appreciate your help. Thank you.
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi there, It can be so hard to choose an area in the middle for you both, but I'd suggest somewhere like Richmond or Chiswick. The prices are relatively calmer in these areas and a lot more affordable than central London. It's about in the middle for you both as well. Hope this helps, Jamie
  36. ReplyDina
    Hey guys, Im moving to London to complete my Masters degree at UCL. Im a bit on the older side for the grad group 27, so I'd like to look at something with a young professional vibe, I would really like to be a hipper part of town. As a walker and would rather pay a bit more to avoid a long commute (cap of 700pcm). Im looking for something solidly within the Zone 1/2 range. Im looking for a place that has a lot of cafes as I tend to hate working from home but do a lot of freelance writing. Finally, Im looking with a girl who is going to Goldsmith so western and northern london aren't really an option for her. As of right now 'm looking at Angel but that may be a bit too far north. Suggestions would be really appreciated.
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey Dina, Sorry for the late reply, but maybe somewhere like Clapham or Brixton might be good for you? Lots of younger professionals tend to live in Clapham due to the nightlife. Brixton is similar and comes at a lower price that places in Clapham. Both are south of the river too, so shouldn't be an issue for your friend! Hope this helps, Jamie
  37. ReplyKen
    Hi Movebubble, Trust all is well. I came across your site in search of a few decent areas to rent in London hopefully before the end of the year. I'll be making a move from Dubai where I currently work. Originally from Sydney, Australia but am a NZ national. The move to the UK has been a long time coming and fingers crossed the visa application pulls through next month. I'll be looking for work but was thinking to give myself a head start by looking around and see where my budget fits vs. how long I'll need to rent for just in case finding a job becomes problematic. I'm all for nice areas and I welcome any suggestions. Being my first time of course I'd hate to lose myself let alone get stranded :/ Cheers.
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Ken, Congrats on the move to London, lets hope it all goes according to plan! You will definitely need to act quickly when you arrive, as the London property market moves incredibly fast. You should also decide on your budget ASAP. If it's a bit higher then areas like Clapham would be great as it has a large Australian population. Hoxton would be great too, for a lower budget. There's plenty of nice places in London, it just really depends on what you're looking for :) Hope this helps, Jamie
  38. ReplyMalcom
    Hello Movebubble Team I recently found this site. Great job thus far. I will be moving to London to work at a company that is not too far from Marlborough House. Where are the best places to live in London that will offer me easy access to this area? I am a young professional and desire to live in an area that has easy access to the tube and close to some entertainment spots such as movie theatres, pubs etc. I am willing to commute no more than 45 minutes to my workplace. Thank you in advance for your guidance
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey Malcom, Thanks for the kind words! It can be hard to decide on areas. Somewhere like Clapham is always popular for young professionals due to its entertainment spots and links into the City. It's all dependent on what your budget is! Hope this helps, Jamie
  39. ReplyMakha
    This is a great article! I'm overseas and thinking about moving to London in the near future, so this whole website is a godsend for me! I've noticed that this was written in 2014. As you well know, prices change in a heartbeat, so I was wondering if the prices in this article still reflect the current market prices in these areas. Thanks!
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey Makha, Thanks for the kind words! Although the article was written in 2014, the prices have stayed relatively similar to what they were last year.
  40. ReplyAbror
    Hello movebubble, I am currently working at Queens Park and live in West Hampstead and walk to work. However my rent is pretty high and I am looking to move somewhere cheaper, don't mind commuting, but looking into a safe but fairly connected area? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi there, Somewhere like East Acton is fairly well connected and a fair bit cheaper than where you are and is definitely safe. Same goes for Chiswick, which is a bit further out. Hope this helps, Jamie
  41. ReplyRJ
    Hi, I could really do with your help and knowledge and would really appreciate a response. I'm moving from Manchester to London in the next few weeks or so for a job I'm starting and I'm looking for a place with my friend. We both work in very different areas and are looking for a mutual place to live, if possible. I'm working in Ilford (poor transport links) and she's working in n22 and nw3. We are struggling to find something that allows us to have 40 min commute times except for Stratford which she is opposed to. Any ideas? (our budget is something like 1200 pm without bills). Let me know if this sounds impossible! Thanks so much. Ruru
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi, Somewhere like Walthamstow is right in between where you're both working. It is a nice area, and you could easily find a 1 or 2 bed flat for your budget. Hope this helps, Jamie
  42. ReplyJames B
    Hey, I'm possibly moving to north London in the next few weeks, and will be working around Alexandra palace. Any suggestions on an area where I can find somewhere affordable? (preferably within walking distance of a great northern station, as I get free travel on those services) commute time isn't a huge issue (for reference I've been looking into Cuffley and further beyond) Many thanks in advance James
    • Freddie fforde
      Hi James, Have you tried downloading our app? It's the best way to find new areas to live and see available properties that suit your lifestyle. Get in touch and let us know how this works out
  43. ReplyDebs
    Hi we are relocating to london from SAfrica at the end of October this year. We are Married with 2 teenage boys who are really looking forward to a great life of opporunity that London has to offer them on their door step ;-) Well i am a professional sales person looking for work prospects & my hubby is involved in freelance contracts. We love to be near water & excercising facility would be great. Can you suggest what areas would be best suited to our lifestyle +- 1500 -2000pm. Would really need some guidance on where to stay where my boys will be able to travel safe to school. Suggestions please
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey Debs, Firstly, welcome to London and congratulations on making the move. As for your moving situation, I might suggest somewhere like Clapham. It has a large park for running (if that's how you get your exercise kicks!), if not there are plenty of good gyms around. You could find a nice place there for your budget, and it has lots of young people around for your two boys! It is close to the river (20 mins) with great transport links too. Hope this helps, Jamie
  44. Replykattie
    hi, I am moving to London in September, 2015. I have got admission at UCL, I request you to suggest some place near the institute where I can find reasonable accommodation. I will need a small one bed room house around 500-600 GBP, as I have a daughter 8 year old will also be coming where a school is also nearby. Kindly suggest some place near by or do i need to move to other zone?
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Kattie, It would be near impossible to find a 1 bedroom flat anywhere around UCL for £600 per month, unfortunately. You may need to look a bit further out, such as Barnsbury where you may be able to find a 1 bed for that budget. If you meant £500 per week, then I would recommend somewhere in Westminster for you and your daughter. Thanks, Jamie
  45. ReplyAmily hanson
    Hi! I love the article! I am single female in my mid thirties relocating for a job. My work address is 90 Long acre, London. I do not want to spend more than £1500 a month on rent. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment by myself. I enjoy nice restaurants, happy hours, and convenience in walking To grocery stores. Where would you recommend I live where the commute wouldn't be too far?
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey there Amily, Thank you for the kind words. I would personally recommend an area like Holborn to look in. It's a 15 minute journey from your work, and is a vibrant area of London full of all the things you are looking for. You should be able to find a studio flat for around your budget too. Hope this helps, Jamie
  46. ReplyEllen
    Thank you for this great article! I am considering to take a job in Southgate and was wondering if you could advise me on an area to stay? I would be looking for a relatively cheap (eg 1000 GBP per month) 1 bedroom flat. Is Southgate a good area to get to know people? Many thanks! Ellen
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Ellen, Thanks for being in touch. I'm so glad you found the article helpful! The best answer for you I think is to try downloading our app, which will intelligently search across 1000's of available properties in London for you. It learns more about you and your needs, constantly searching new areas. You can also enter as many different areas as you like! Just search for Movebubble in the App Store on in the Google Play store Let us know how you get on
  47. ReplyCarla
    Hi! I really liked the articles (this one, the best places in London and the guide for newbies). I was wondering if maybe you could give me some advice? We are a couple of young professionals looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat. My boyfriend is going to work in the outskirts (Hemel Hempstead) and I will be working in Farringdon but also going to Luton often. So we would like to find a place where it's easy to commute to all of these places... We were thinking North or North West London? Where would you recommend us? Could you recommend me tube stations since the areas are so huge? We would like zone 1 or 2 maximum, quick to go to the centre but also with nice bars, restaurants and shopping in our neighbourhood? Thanks a lot!
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Carla, I would probably say that your best bet would be in Farringdon. Your boyfriend would have to go to Euston Square from Farringdon by tube, then get the train out to Hemel Hempstead (takes about an hour). You can also get to Luton directly from Farringdon station, so it would be perfect for commute. There are lots of nice bars and restaurants around Farringdon and Clerkenwell, as well as being 15 minutes from Old Street where there is lots more to do. Hope this helps, Jamie
  48. ReplyBenjamin West
    Hi there, Nice article, really thorough, a nice read. I was personally wondering what your view is on the current rent prices (and their increase) in London. Where do you think would be a good place to live that has connections into the centre of town but doesn't cost the earth to rent somewhere half decent? Would love to hear your thoughts! Ben
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Ben, My personal opinion is that the London rental market is firstly, crazy! It's such an in demand City for people all over the world and we don't have enough homes to deal with the demand. That's why prices keep going up, because demand goes up with no supply. Sadly, unless new homes are built, we will see prices continuing to rise. I live in Bromley. The rent prices are a lot better here than in central London, around £800 a month for a 1 bed home. I can get to London Victoria in 20 minutes on National Rail as well. People will have different opinions of course, but that's mine! Jamie
  49. ReplyAnika
    Hi there! Great article. Thanks for all the helpful info. So I'm moving to London at the end of November and after a lot of research I think living in W9 or Maida Vale is going to be the best place for me. I'm looking for a 1 bedroom up to £1500. I'm a young single professional and I will be working in Vauxhall. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the flat hunt already and I was hoping for some guidance. I'm have a few questions: 1. Does a monthly Oyster card for zone 1-2 cover national rail as well as tube? ( i.e. Southwestern trains etc) 2. What is council tax like for a single person living alone in w9? 3. What would utilities be like for a 1 bedroom flat? ( water, heat, electric) 4. Are rent prices negotiable? If so what is the "normal" amount that is taken off? 5. Other than living costs how much should I budget for going out/entertainment in London? (I'm not a big party person but I like going out to dinners/drinks with friends) Thank you so much for all your help!
    • Jamie Gough
      Hi Anika, Thank you for the kind words. 1) A monthly travel card for zones 1-2 will cover both the tube, buses and national rail (permitting that where you're travelling to is within those zones). 2) The council tax bands in Westminster will depend on the property you're moving into. Band A is £250 a year, and Band H is £755. A one bed may be somewhere in the middle! 3) Water, heat, electric, WiFi and broadband are the utilities you should look for, but it is usually dependent on the landlord if they are included, and if they are included then it's down to the landlord to decide if the bills are included in your monthly rent or if they are separate costs. 4) Rent prices are sometimes negotiable, again it really depends on the landlord and estate agent. Usually no more than £100 is taken off if you manage to negotiate. 5) Restaurant food and pub drinks are expensive in London! If you were to go for a meal with a drink it would probably cost you double what it does now. Start getting used to £5 a pint and £12 burgers! I would say if you were to go out twice a week, I would leave £150-200 spare. Hope this helps! Jamie
  50. Replyandrea
    Hi! Very useful article, thanks! Though maybe I have the impression that things are changing so quickly in London that prices might easily be quite different now...I'd like to have a suggestion on a nice neighbourhood to live. I'm in my early 30s, female, I just moved to London. I'm looking for a double room somewhere no more than 30 min commute to work (South Kensington), in a nice lively area with pubs/restaurants/shops/markets/cinema...not too depressive! I could afford up to 800-900$ (for the perfect place let's say ;)), but hope to spend less than that...and options are too many out there!! Any suggestion for me? Thanks! :)
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Andrea, Thanks for writing in, and I hope you are able to join us here in London. Unfortunately central London is very expensive, and I think you might expect to pay up to about double your original budget to live that close to South Kensington, especially if you want to be close to a tube stop. It also depends on whether you live on your own or whether you share a flat with other people, which is much cheaper. You can download the Movebubble app today and learn more about the areas which suit your needs - search for Movebubble in the app store! Thanks and let us know how you get on!
  51. ReplyJaiden King
    Hey, thanks for the useful information. Do you have any tips on how to budget?
    • Jamie Gough
      Hey Jaidan, You're very welcome, hope you gained something from it. I would say that if you're employed, make sure that you set money aside for specific things every month. If you're earning £1300pm, make sure that you put aside enough for your rent and bills right at the start, and don't touch it. From there, do a weekly shop for food and drink, don't spend too much on unnecessary things. I would recommend making your lunches at home too, saves you spending extra at work! Set a budget for going out too, and always stick to the money you set. Hope this helps, Jamie
  52. ReplyIpek
    Hello there, thanks for the great article and for all the answers! I will be moving to London in January and working in Canary Wharf. People have suggested areas ranging from Paddington to Limehouse, all around London! I can't decide where to focus my search when I get there! Ultimately I'm looking to find a studio/1BR in a lively yet safe neighbourhood, hopefully not more than 40 minutes away from Canary Wharf. My rent budget is around 1200GBP pm. 1. Where do you think a young expat would enjoy living the most with this budget? 2. Many of my friends live in Notting Hill.. Is there a world that I can be close to them and Canary Wharf at the same time? 3. Still can't decide whether I should room with someone or get a place for myself with my budget! Any ideas? Thanks a million in advance!!!
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Ipek, Good questions, and delighted you're coming to join us in London (welcome!). The best way to explore different areas within your budget will be to use our free app, which will also show you available properties to rent today! You can download in the app store today - just search for Movebubble. As for Notting Hill, it's a great area but you might need to expect to pay a little more. How about looking south of the river from where you are, such as in Bermondsey, Peckham or Greenwich? Good luck!
  53. ReplyMadeleine
    Hi, thank you for such an informative and helpful article. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about an unusual moving situation. My boyfriend and I are moving there, but I am going to be going to school in Thurrock and he will be working in Iver. We're trying to figure out the most affordable half way point to live so that neither of us has a 2 hour long commute. Any suggestions? We are aiming for as cheap as we can get as I will not be employed. Thank you!
  54. Replyshom
    Hi, I and my spouse are moving to London on Jan16.My spouse has a job in central London. His job may need to travel(not sure if international and/or within UK). We believe with our current financial scenario we would be able to spend a max 1250GBP(all inclusive) looking at the rates of London houses. Could you please kindly help us in understanding if we would be able to get a decent accomodation near tube station in places like Hammersmith/Shephards Bush/Ealing in West London with the above said price. Can you also suggest us any other places in West London.
  55. Replyshom
    Hi, I and my spouse are relocating to London on Jan'2016. His office would be in central London(he may need to travel within/outside UK).We have a very strict budget of max of 1200 GBP all inclusive. We have selected West London as of now with Ealing/Hammersmith/ Shephard's Bush in our mind currently. Is it possible to get a decent studio flat or 1 bedroom flat within this budget in the above said places. Could you also please help in suggesting other places with good connectivity within this range. Thank you!
    • Aidan Rushby
      Hi Shom, You should be able to get a small one bed or Studio for that budget. If you download our app it should help you discover more areas. All the best, Aidan
  56. ReplyJoey
    Hi guys, Truly enjoyed reading your page! I will be making my move from Dubai to London end of Feb 2016. I am relocating for work and will be based at the Belgrave House across from Victoria Station. I need your advice on a place to live PLEASE. I am looking for a studio with a budget between 1200-1500 MAX. I am 34 y/o and not into the crazy partying scene, I also do not want either a family/kids neigbourhood area. Ideally something Urban/Trendy with the following aspects: 1- Safe/Clean/Quiet 2- Not too far from work to commute 3- I have across the street or under my door steps attractions (pubs, cafes, supermarket, etc.) 4- Nice nearby park to jog at in the morning would be ideal. I would definitely like to experience London as central as possible and take it in as a city for the first year or so. Would appreciate if you can name me a few locations to narrow my search. Hope to hear from you soon!
    • Aidan Rushby
      Hey Joey, No problem, some areas that you may find ideal are; Battersea, Fulham, Angel, Shoreditch and Clapham. If you download the app it will help you discover these areas and lovely properties. Good luck finding a new home. Aidan
  57. ReplyRob
    Hi, I am looking for a 1 bedroom flat in an area well connected to both Canary Wharf and Victoria station. Budget is around £1700-1800. Swiss Cottage and St Johns Wood might work, but they seem just above this budget? Thanks for your help.
    • Freddie fforde
      Hey Rob, Thanks for getting in touch. Simple answer here is to invite you to download our property search app which you'll find in the Apple store (and shortly, the Google Play store too). Our app will search the existing market for available properties today and give you a real sense of what you can afford. When you download the app, you will see that you can enter as many areas as you like - get started with the areas you mention, but why not also try Angel, Bermondsey and London Bridge? As the app learns more about your preferences, it will suggest more areas to you. Have a go and let us know how you get on! Thanks
  58. Replyvera
    Hi all, I got a new job in Watford Junction, but I am planning to reverse commute and live somewhere in zone 1 or 2 in London. One option is share a flat next to Euston area but I find value for money is not amazing, so considered the overground commute, even though longer, I could think about areas like South Hampstead or Queen's Park. Budgets would be max £1000 per month. For example queen's park I could even take the Bakerloo line and then the train as well ( suggested by citymapper to get to watford). As anyone commuted to Watford Junction by overground? any thoughts? It would also be half the it to slow though? I believe average time will be around 40/50 minutes vs maybe 20 by a train from Euston. Thanks for your help! Vera
  59. ReplyTiam
    Hi movebubble team, I am moving to London abt mid 2016 to live & start up an internet marketing business. Looking at areas of SoHo, Clerkenwell, Angel & Shoreditch for office (say 5 staff) and flat (2 to 3 BR). Are there properties with rental offices downstairs and rental flats upstairs? What about renting a 2 to 3 storey terrace under one lease where office & residence can be on separate floors? Would appreciate your thought & guide please.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hiya! Thanks for contacting us. We don't currently have commercial properties to rent, just residential ones. From experience, it's quite rare to find an office and the flats above it vacant at the same time - although I can see why you'd want to do that! It would be ideal! We can certainly help you find somewhere to live, have you downloaded the app? You can pop all your search preferences in there and then book the viewing directly from the app, so no wasted time on the phone giving out personal details! Good luck with your search!
  60. ReplyTiam
    Thanks Amy. Will download the app. Continuing with research in the meantime.
  61. ReplyJordan
    Hi there! I'm moving to London from San Francisco early next year (I know it's far off), but I had a question. I'm 23 years old and want to live in the center of London with other young professionals. However, my job would require a commute to Ascot Business Park in Ascot, Berkshire. Do you know of any cities right outside London that are still great to meet other people my age, still have great nightlife and entertainment but will make my commute slightly less long? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Jordan, Thanks for your questions! Have you considered Richmond? It's a lovely area where you could commute to Ascot in 30 mins, or also get into the centre of London pretty easily. Alternatively you could consider Waterloo - or somewhere near there. You can get the train out to ascot in 53mins and Waterloo is pretty central in London! Hope that helps!
  62. ReplyRick
    Hi All, I am 24 years old and I am starting soon a job in Paddington. I am looking with a friend for a specious (and modern, if possible) 1 bed apartment up to around £1400 pcm. I would like to live up to around 40min from work (using public transportation) and live close enough to a tube/overgound station. We are not much of a pubs/bars fans, but we would like to live in an area with a good compromise between a quiet place and a vibrant atmosphere, with many options for spending free time (e.g. green spaces, nice walks, running places, markets, cinema, small concerts, etc). Do you have any recommendations of areas that might suit us?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Rick, Thanks so much for your message! I've had a look based on your needs and would suggest you consider Maida Vale or Fulham. Both these areas have the amenities you need and are not too far from Paddington on the tube. Another good tube station for you would be Kilburn Park - so have a search around Kilburn (you'll get slightly more space for your money here) and check that the nearest tube station is Kilburn Park (there are a few variations like Kilburn High Road and Kilburn so it can get confusing!). Wishing you all the best :) Amy
  63. ReplyChotu
    Hi, another brilliant post from movebubble as usual.! I have got a job at Newman Street which is equidistant from tottenham court rd. & goodge street and not too far from Oxford Circus also. I have two options in my mind either walk to office (preferably not more than 2 miles) and live in a flatshare nearby under 900 pcm (inclusive of all). (travel expenses, daily commute time and expenses of going home late night in cabs also saved ) or live far away and commute in not more than 45 mins (preferably not without changing tube lines) and live in decent studio apartment in lively neighborhood area, spending not more than 600 pcm (inclusive of all). Can you suggest me some good places? living south of Thames might do some saving, Is there any negatives of living in South ? as I have got suggestions from quite a few people now.. Your detailed reply will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi Chotu, I'd suggest looking at areas such as Pimlico which might be a good compromise? Alternatively on the higher end of your budget, perhaps Marylebone, Islington, Westminster. Or if you'd be prepared to travel a little, perhaps Highbury and Islington, Finsbury Park, Camden, Tufnell Park. All the best, Amy
  64. ReplySimona
    Hello Team, I would like some advice on London's best state schools. My family- me, my husband and 2 kids, - age 3 and 7- will move to London at the beginning of August. We value education highly, so our main focus is a good State or Private school - possibly one of the best - for our daughter. This is our first priority, then the commute to work, which is Canary Wharf. Which schools make the news in London as being the best? Is this something that you can advise on? We are looking for a school that is "advanced", that is, one in which a high percentage of pupils in a primary school achieve level 5. Thanks much.
  65. ReplyJordan
    Hi Amy, thanks so much for your help! I can't figure out how to respond to your comment answering my question above re: Ascot Business Park, but your answer was perfect and just wanted to say thank you! I'm looking into Waterloo now :)
  66. ReplyEllie
    Hi! I'm moving to London at the end of August and need to start looking for places soon! I'm going to be working near London Bridge and my flatmate in Soho. What areas would you recommend and what price range are we looking at? Thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Ellie, It would be super helpful if you could give me an indication of your budget for your place. It also depends how far you are happy to travel into work. Perhaps somewhere on the central line could work for you both, around Shoreditch maybe? In this area you're looking at rent from £1800 per month for a 2 bed. All the best, Amy
  67. ReplyVictor
    Hi! I am moving to London in September with my girlfriend to work at St George's Hospital in Wandsworth council. We think that the best idea is to find a place near the Hospital (max 30-40 minutes far) close to public transport. Some colleagues recommended the area of Tooting or Clapham but we have no clue which is best near the area. Taking into acount that my sallary will be 2300 pounds per month and that my girlfriend will have to look for a job, what area would you recommend us to start? We would like to find a nice 1-bed apartment near to public transport. Thanks guys!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Victor! It sounds like your colleagues gave you pretty good advice, Clapham is a great place to start. If you wanted to be slightly away from Clapham and Wandsworth, (perhaps your girlfriend will work in a different area), you could look at Brixton, Vauxhall, Peckham, or Fulham. Best of luck with your search, and do use the app to book viewings when you're ready - it really is the quickest and easiest way to do it. You can now make your offer in the app too when you find the one you want. All the best, Amy
  68. ReplyVicky
    Very useful! What kind of places would you recommend for someone who works near London Bridge? I currently live in Hendon, but I want to be somewhere closer to work... ideally a 30-40 minute commute to work. Our budget is around 1500 a month, and we don't necessarily need a big place; just a small flat in a nice, quiet area will do. Any ideas? Thank you!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Vicky! Check out Canada Water, North Greenwich, New Cross, Camden, Kennington and West Hampstead :)
  69. Replydabdb1
    Hey! I'm looking to relocate to a new job based in Crystal Palace. I'm looking to live fairly near to it, at least somewhere near a stop on the overground line that runs to it. Where is best to head to? I have friends in Brixton but don't want to be that far away from work. Thanks for this article, it's great.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there! You’ve got few options here, so let’s see if you like any! - You could live in Crystal Palace itself, being a nice area with Crystal Palace Park, which is quite famous in London. - If you wanted to live a bit more North, but keeping the Overground connection, you could try out New Cross, which has a train connection to London Bridge, that can be quite handy! You could try Canada Water, which would be close to Central London. - Another option you could try, but not on the Overground, would be Streatham Hill. It’s half way between Brixton and Crystal Palace, and then you have a train that would easily get you to work. Hope that helps :)
  70. ReplyBeeMobile
    Hi, your section under Peckham has no relevance to the area at all, and talks about Battersea and Wimbledon - Nappy Valley is definitely not Peckham! Peckham is the best place to live in London (in my biased opinion!) and deserves fuller attention, there is so much going on there and still on the cheap side (for now)! Thanks :)
  71. ReplyWickiboy
    Hi, I'm moving to London early next year and my work is located close to Old street. I'd love to live in a place not to far from work (15-30min commuting), with young professionals and a lot of bars and restaurant, an area which looks busy most of the time. I'm not too much into bohemian stuff though. Would you have any specific recommendation for me?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hi there, Great to hear that you are coming to London, we would love to see if we can help get you into your next home. The good news is that Old Street seems to be a very popular place to work right now. In terms of connectivity, Old Street is on a rather awkward part of the northern line (any service via Bank), but don’t worry, that just means that North London is probably the place I would recommend because it will really open up your options in terms of transport options. Based on your location, my recommendation would be Holloway. The area itself is coming on in leaps and bounds and has all of the key amenities on your doorstep. I actually lived there for 2 years on “Eburne Road” and loved it. Now Holloway doesn’t necessarily tick the boxes for you in terms of bars and restaurants, but Islington and Angel are on your doorstep and that’s a really good thing! There are more restaurants and bars than you could want, it’s full of young professionals and it’s a 15 / 20 minute stroll from Holloway. In terms of transport, it works well too. You can nip down to Kings Cross on the Piccadilly Line and then get the Northern a couple of stops to Old Street. Alternatively, you can grab one of many buses from Holloway to Old Street in about 30 mins. If you fancied cycling then it would be super quick and to be honest, you could do it in 45 mins if you really felt like it! Anywhere around there could work well for you though. It would be worth checking out Caledonian Road, Archway and Finsbury Park too. I’d recommend avoiding Seven Sisters, it’s cheaper round there but it’s definitely not as nice as the other places I have recommended. Hope this is helpful
  72. ReplyEli
    Hello, this is a very nice article! I am moving to London for an internship, If I were to work in Ealing Broadway and wanted to live in a vibrant area with more students, bars, music, art, cafés... where would be best to live? Budget around 800 for a room a month.. Thanks :)
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Eli, Let's see if we can help you here! The West is generally a bit less "studenty", but Hammersmith rates the highest in terms of student population and general atmosphere. You have some other options around there for your budget though. Essentially you have Ealing itself, which is generally considered to be a very pleasant place to live and the same can be said for Chiswick. As always, with London it's about finding the right balance between where you live and accessibility to amenities and activities. Based on your monthly budget for a room, I would recommend either Hammersmith or Chiswick as a good option. I hope this has been helpful. Will
  73. ReplyDonna-Marie
    Hi, my brother and I will be moving to London in May (from Ireland after completing our final exams in college) and we're struggling to find an area to move to. We were thinking Ealing but it's a little outside of our budgets. In terms of location we're flexible. We have a budget of about £600 each (incl council tax). I know that it isn't a big budget by any means but we're hopeful that we'll find something that meets our budgetary requirements. We're not looking for something special, just a nice friendly, safe neighbourhood with some good transport links. Though it would be nice to stay together, we understand it may not be possible and that we may need to consider shared accommodation. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you :D
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Donna, Have you tried Beckenham? It doesn't have a London postcode but is less than two miles from South London and has transport links into Victoria in just 20 minutes, which is shorter than many areas. Rents range from between £1,000 to 1,2000 per month. Thanks, Simon
  74. ReplyGriselda
    Hi, I'm moving to London this February and my work is located in Barking area, what will be a nice area to look for anapartment, muy budget is up to 700 (including bills and other charges) Anything will be so much appreciate it! I heard about Bethnal Green, but I am little worry regarding the transit time from there to Barking...
    • Laura Wilson
      Hi Griselda, thanks for getting in touch with us! Bethnal Green or Mile End are great places to live - the commute on the tube to Barking would probably be about 20-30 mins depending on how close you live to the station. Walthamstow and Leyton are nice areas and from February 2017, there will be a direct overground route from Walthamstow Queens Road and Leyton to Barking. You can check out our guides on Walthamstow, Bethnal Green and Mile End for more info too. Good luck with your search!
  75. ReplySaha
    HI there! I am going to be working at Holborn office and my wife has her office in Slough.. What would be an ideal area to stay in considering both of us wouldn't want to travel for more than an hour and our rent affordability is around 1100£? Thanks, Saha
    • Adrian Lowdon
      Hi Saha, if your wife is going to be travelling to Slough and you're looking to live in London then you want to choose somewhere close to Paddington e.g. somewhere like Maida Vale, Bayswater or Marylebone. For your budget you'd probably be looking at a studio, otherwise you may have to look further afield depending on how long you're prepared for your commute to be. If you use the Movebubble app, you'll be able to set your budget and compare properties from lots of different areas at once, and you can make an offer through the app as soon as you've found somewhere you like. Good luck in your search!
  76. ReplyVauxhall
    Wow, you guys are amazing that you answer every single question! THANK YOU! So very helpful! So here is my dilemma - husband and I can afford up to about 1650 in rent between the two of us, and we have a small dog. We are looking for somewhere that feels "villagey" and not as chaotic as central London, seeing as though we both work in a very central area and want to escape the chaos at end of day and at the weekends. We absolutely don't want to commute more than 40m door to door. Do you think Kew is a good option? Are there any other well connected, quiet "village' type areas of London that you could recommend? Thank you kindly in advance :)
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi there
      Thanks for your kind words, we do our best to answer everyone's questions and help where we can!
      It sounds like you have a clear understanding of what you want from your next home. Let's see if we can help you out here!
      Kew is certainly a nice area of London and obviously you are right next to the gardens, which are lovely. It's quite well known for being a very family friendly place, with many articles quoting that once you live in Kew you rarely want to live that's certainly a nice endorsement.
      In the same sort of area you are not far away from Chiswick and Richmond. Both areas are also really nice places that feel like a much calmer area of London. The classic "village" feel is a challenge to find inside the North and South circular but certainly with somewhere like Kew you are definitely surrounded by a lot of green and there's plenty of space for your dog to run around.
      We hope that Movebubble can help you find your next dream home. Don't forget to book your viewings in through our Movebubble App and make an offer through the App too. It's super simple and the best way to get your holding deposit paid instantly and let's not forget that we will give you a free deliveroo when you move in!
      All the best
  77. ReplyMel
    Hello, thanks so much for the super helpful information. I am sure you get asked many questions, but coming from the US I find myself a tad bit more confused with where to live in London! Ha!Anyways, I have a job offer that would essentially lead me to be in London sometime late summer early fall. As I will be working in the banking district/ City of London my goal is to find something that is away from all the hectic city life, but also an area that has parks, restaurants, cafes, etc. I am in my early thirties professional, single gal who is trying to get a feel what would work best and not have to commute an hour each way. Also, what would a studio or 1 bedroom flat cost lets say between zone 2 and 3? I am thinking the first few months I would have a flatmate so I can at least get to know people and afterwards would like to at least have a place to myself so when I have friends visiting from the US I would be able to host them. My budget would be around 1,200 per month. Also, any recommendations on which websites to use for flat hunting and flatmate hunting? I was recommended spare room for a shared flat and zoopla when I am on a hunt for my own flat? In advance thanks for all the wonderful help!
    • Boris
      Hey Mel, We are happy to hear that the information was helpful to you. Thank you! For finding and renting your own flat in London, there is a simple answer: our own mobile app! ;) Have a look here: And let us know if anything is unclear. We are constantly improving our service thanks to the feedback from our community of renters. By the way, very soon we will release a property search tool for desktop computers. Stay tuned!
  78. ReplyAnna
    First of all, I want to thank you for these articles, they are a godsend! I've read so many of them and the app is fantastic. I'd love your advice on my situation.... I'm a 29 y/o professional relocating to London from the US. My office is near the Farringdon statin and I'd love a commute less than 30 minutes. I want to live in a nice safe area that's pretty to walk around and has cute/independent shops and restaurants. A couple of my friends live west in Fullham and I really like that area, but it is a bit far from my office. I know Angel would be a logical choice since it is nearby, but I've heard from others that it's a little bit "grubbier" than the west. I want to be around other single young professionals rather than families, but I also don't want to be right in the center of a "party" zone. Luckily, price is not a key issue for me, but I don't want to pay more than 2500 for an upgraded 1br or small 2br. I really like the sound of Marylebone and Fitzrovia, but people I ask say that "Londoners" don't really live there, do you agree? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Anna,
      Great to hear that you are moving over to London! I am sure that we can help to find you somewhere great to live.
      Farringdon Station is one of those slight awkwardly situation stations, but luckily it's still easy enough to commute to and you have a number of amazing food markets nearby that I am sure you will love to explore. Look out for Exmouth Market and Leather Lane market! They are both great lunch spots.
      If you want to stay reasonably central, i.e. close enough for a 30 minute commute and near to the single crowds then I think the best options to suggest to you would be North London. Personally, Angel is one of my favourite places and I wouldn't really describe it "grubby". London, like a lot of major cities, can provide a different experience street to street, even in the same area! If you want a close commute, access to lots of restaurants and places to go out my shortlist of places for you to consider would be:
    • Angel Holloway Dalston Archway Stoke Newington
    • Your budget should be more than enough for these areas and they would likely satisfy the majority of the requirements you have. Marylebone and Fitzrovia would be far too central and not to mention expensive. Another area you could try would be Pimlico.
      Whatever you decide (I hope that these suggestions have been helpful) we would absolutely love to help you find your new home in London. You can book in viewings easily with our app and we have an amazing team that you can speak to if you have any questions along the way. When you find your new home, don&#039;t forget that you can save money by making your offer through the Movebubble app!
      We look forward to seeing you in the Movebubble app really soon!
      All the best
  • ReplyAl
    My daughter is moving to the UK to work in the Liverpool Street area. Disposable income after incomer taxes leaves her about 2,100 GBP per month so she may have to share (?). But she would rather not. Can you recommend an area that is reasonably nice for young professionals, safe, not too boring, and restaurants and pubs?
  • Replykhaty
    Hi I have 2 daughters that are at university in London. One of them goes to city university and the other to Goldsmiths. They are looking to rent a 2 bedroom flat which areas would you recommend?
  • ReplyLEE
    Hi I might be moving soon, the job will be in Heathrow Airport, where can I find a cheap and safe borough these days (and that is not too far from the tube)?
  • ReplyRachel
    Hi! Thank you for putting together this article – it’s extremely helpful in describing different areas of the city. I'm a 26 year old young professional from the US who's going over to the UK for a work assignment in January. I'd love to live in an area with other young professionals (not families) who enjoy going out to eat and drink after work and who like to have a good time on the weekends. Let’s just say that the occasional night out until 5 am doesn’t scare me! Thankfully my budget is flexible but I’m aiming to spend ~£1700 / month and since my office is in Bracknell I need to live near a station that makes this commute relatively painless (I’ve already accepted that it will be long). I’ve been told that Angel, Camden, and Clapham are good areas to look but am trying to get more advice from actual Londoners. Any recommendations for me?
  • ReplyNickname ( required )
    Super helpful article, thank you!
  • Replyrach
    Hi, I'm really hoping you can help me narrow my search down! I've just moved to London, working between Bank and Liverpool st stations so can access Cannon st, Moorgate etc too. I'm after a one-bed place for my partner and I, in our mid 30s looking to spend under £1500 pcm max. Priorities include transport links (preferably not underground) within an hour door-to-door of work, open green space/trees, nice cafes and restaurants, 'cool' bars. Most places that seem to fit the bill are over our budget - can you advise please??
  • ReplyAidan
    If you want to know more or get answers to some questions please come and check out our community section ->
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