I'm a Renter

Make moving personal. Search, chat directly with trusted owners, book viewings, sign and pay - all online. Then move into your dream home.”

I'm an Owner

“List, screen renters, manage and maintain your rental life from one simple dashboard… for free.

I'm a Contractor

Get access to local maintenance jobs and build a great reputation in our community.”

How does it work?

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I want a beautiful home

  • Cut the costs of moving
  • Connect directly with owners
  • Build a great rental history


I have a property I need to rent quickly

  • Find great renters
  • Save money
  • Stay safe and compliant


I want to earn a living locally

  • Earn a living locally
  • Build up a great reputation
  • Get paid immediately

Movebubble is a trusted community marketplace for owners, renters and contractors to list, find, manage and maintain rental properties from anywhere in the world and on any device.

Build up a record of your rental life history with references and recommendations so that you become a trusted community member, helping you to find the best home, renters or work.

Multi-Device Compatibility
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