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Real-time info

Get new properties and updates on your favourites sent straight to your phone

In-app chat

Talk directly to agents in the app, keeping all your conversations in one place

Rated by renters

See agent ratings from other renters, and give feedback on your own experiences

100% free for renters

We get paid by the agent to be on our platform, so you get all this for free!

All the tools you need to move easier, and rent for less

Search 26,000+ available properties

We're here to find you the perfect home, and that means giving you access to every property on the market.

Unlike other companies, we remove properties as soon as they've been rented.

Use our multi-location search tool to compare areas side by side, and keep up to date on the latest properties.

Find Your Next Home

Search 26,000+ properties Search in the Movebubble app

Easily communicate on your terms

Endless phone calls and email threads are tedious, time-consuming and hard to manage. Movebubble Messenger keeps everything in one place, allowing you to easily keep track of multiple conversations with agents and reply whenever's convenient for you.

  • Get viewings booked
  • Receive property recommendations
  • Never miss out on a property

We're only happy when you find a home

Movebubble is the only service helping you all the way from finding your new home to moving in, and you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa!

Holding fee guarantee

Holding fee guarantee

Say goodbye to dodgy agents and disappearing holding fees!

Secure transactions

Secure transactions

Pay securely in the app using your debit or credit card, whichever you prefer.

Rent it from your sofa

Rent it from your sofa

No need to travel to the agent's office in the rain. Make an offer from your sofa!

24/7 support

24/7 support

If you need assistance with your offer, just give us a call. We're here for you anytime.

Save money when renting with Movebubble

Renters save £1,160 on average when they move with us

Did you know that 40% of properties end up being rented for less than the asking price? With a combination of data, industry insights and Movebubble wizardry, we ensure you get the best price for your next home. We also work hard to negotiate exclusive discounts and offer regular promotions, to guarantee that we're always the cheapest way to rent a property!

We make money from agents to be on our platform, not from renters.

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