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Movebubble sources professional renters and allows them to request viewings and make offers on specific properties. The Negotiator App allows negotiators with to book in these viewings for themselves on your iPhone. We will be releasing versions for other phones soon!


Respond to qualified viewing requests wherever and whenever you wish



Accept immediate payments when renters make an offer



Manage your upcoming schedule of viewings with Movebubble


You're in good company

It really is a joy to work with a forward thinking company with such a unique offering, which is easy to use for their clients and perfectly placed to bring agents like us good quality applicants. One of the main hurdles in what we do is converting enquiries in to viewings, so it is great that Movebubble do the hard work for us!
Canan Wood
Canan Wood
The agent app harnesses innovative technology to make the rental process slicker. The team at Movebubble understand that our knowledge and experience is fundamental to making the magic happen, and we also have a lot of fun!
Laura Ochoa
Corporate Relocations Director
Laura Ochoa

How we help your business today

We offer great service to renters, you offer them property. Straight to your negotiator's phone.
Straight to the viewing

Straight to the viewing

Our renters are referred from professional networks. We perform a search and match them to the right property.

Scheduling for negotiators

Scheduling for negotiators

The negotiator receives the request straight to their phone, together with all details of the search and info to proceed.

Qualified renters save time

Qualified renters save time

We qualify our renters to show them specific properties so you can focus on the final details and acquiring new stock.

Close on the move

Close on the move

Less time at desk, more time on viewings. Suggest different times and accept the viewing with a couple of taps whenever, wherever.

We provide renters from top companies

We provide renters from top companies

High calibre: we work for renters at London's top corporates including
  • Google
  • Mark and Spencer
  • RBS
  • KPMG
  • General Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, we have a few common questions and answers below, and you can always call us if you have questions. Contacts are listed at the bottom of this page.
Currently, the app allows negotiators to book viewings in on one specific property that the renter has requested. We are working on new features that will enable you to do much more, including accepting payments immediately whenever a renter makes an offer.

You get an exclusive 1 hour window to respond to viewings, after which the viewings can also be picked up by our Head Office team (who will then call your office). You can still respond to these viewings after the 1 hour, it's just our way of making sure it doesn't get missed in case you're unavailable.

Don't worry if you press something by accident within the app or information changes. You can always call us and quote the specific viewing reference – no information or viewing is ever lost, you will always be supported by our Head Office team led by Andrew.
If the renter wants to make an offer, we will immediately transfer you the Fee of Intent (equivalent to 2 weeks rent). In order to guarantee this immediate payment the renter must make the Offer within the app. It is quicker, easier and safer for you and for the renter in his way. Andrew at Head Office will give you a call to let you know this has happened and will be on hand to answer any questions.
The Negotiator App is now available on both iOS and Android!
In order to deliver excellent service that makes life easier for renters and keeps them coming back, we operate on a basis of viewing requests and not lead generation.

Please respond to each viewing request on the basis of that viewing alone. Nothing ever gets 'lost', so if the property is unavailable or the times are not good, please decline or call us if you have questions.
You can call the renter from the Renter Details that come with each viewing request. Once the viewing is booked, you can again access the option to call the renter in your 'Accepted' viewings tab. Typically, we expect you to do this in order to double check their attendance or to update them on the meeting location or change of time if necessary.
We are working to build this in to the app, however for now the simplest thing to do is bring any additional keys you may need on to the viewing with you.
On the 'Renter Details' screen, you can simply hit the Decline button, and then you can indicate the option 'Property is no longer available'. This keeps our renters up to date with accurate and helpful information, builds trust and keeps renters coming back for excellent service.
We work very hard to ensure the accuracy of information that renters provide us in order to book a viewing. They must tell us their employment credentials, personal information, and validate their phone number. If you have additional questions you may call the renter or us.
Select the accepted viewing from the accepted tab in the negotiator app. Tap on the cancel button within the selected viewing. Once you've cancelled you'll be able to provide a reason using the set answers or add more detail using the 'other' field.
If the renter cancels a viewing, you will get a notification on your phone, and a text message too to confirm the cancellation. We encourage you to call the renter before the viewing to ensure they are still planning to attend – you can do this by checking your 'accepted' viewings tab.
To get full functionality, yes we will need the phone number in order to enable the renters and negotiators to contact eachother when out on the viewing. It will not be published anywhere publicly but it will be displayed to the renter in their app after a viewing is booked so that they can contact her to arrange or rearrange the viewing. If this presents an issue please let us know.

Manager's dashboard

For every branch and letting agency we will send you a unique link which will let you track the viewing requests in your branch or agency.
Here are some definitions which may help:


The number of viewings requests received


A negotiator will always have the chance to respond to a viewing request. If they do not, it will eventually be picked up by our team and become 'missed'.

If the request is after office hours, the neg. will still have exclusivity until our team starts at 9am.


Where the viewing request was declined, usually if the property or negotiator was unavailable at the time.

Don't worry! The request never 'disappears' – it is always escalated to our team to rearrange.


Viewing request accepted!

Key Contacts

Specific Viewings and Renters

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